Why I am part of no group

Most liberal causes are just and good. However, the sanctimony often found there is a problem as well as blindness to observable facts.

Liberals believe it is racism when it is observed that when people from a culture with vastly different values and standards for treatment of human beings and women immigrate, said members of that culture shockingly continue to mistreat and abuse women.

In the liberal mind, stating that a large influx of men who believe that women are little better than cattle is going to make life worse for the women there is akin to genocide.

I personally don’t care which side is wrong in a debate. I won’t be a part of it.

Yes, the “Eurabia” of the conservatives is 99% bullshit, but at the same time pretending immigrants have absolutely no effect on anything ever is pure blatherskite. It’s only something someone with an agenda other than knowing the truth could believe.

The simple fact is that if a bunch of people with values averse to yours show up — especially if your society is already pretty damn sexist — bad things are going to happen to women.

Just as we shouldn’t believe that everyone from North Africa, Pakistan and other Muslim countries are demons, we also shouldn’t take the liberal goo goo approach and pretend they are all angels.

That way lies madness — and rape.