Windows 10, as in 1910

Funny that Windows is still utter shit at handling 4K and 5K, even in Windows 10.

Stranger still are the text-scaling issues found even in Metro. Microsoft’s new interface design is supposed to handle high pixel densities without issue, yet some aliasing is obvious in text found on the login screen, the taskbar and the Start menu.

Metro apps suffer similar problems. The Windows Store, for example, has made little effort to ensure images scale as well.

On my 5K iMac, even old applications usually look pretty good.

I had planned to switch back to Windows when it supported 4K and 5K properly. But it looks like that will be roughly never, so Mac OS it is for the foreseeable future.

What the hell is wrong with Microsoft? It’s not like high PPI displays are going to get less common, or become less used.