All I have to say about this post claiming that firewalls won’t matter in a few years is an aleph-null string of LOLs filling the multiverse.

I first heard this, what, in about 1999 or so? I am sure this assertion was made before then but that is just when I started really paying attention to the professional IT world.

Most companies have enough problems just securing their firewalls much less securing their entire application stack, exploit-ridden third-party software, nearly criminally-negligent employees and random vendors who install crap on the network.

Are firewalls a panacea? No. Do they sometimes encourage in-network negligence? Of course.

Is having no firewall at the enterprise level likely even in 50 years time?

Hell to the fucking no.

As IPv6 finally gains traction, firewalls are only going to become more important. Why? IPv6 (stupidly) does not support NAT which means for security-conscious and audit-driven companies having a central point of traffic control and monitoring is going to be even more important.

And what is that central point of traffic control called?

Oh yeah, a firewall.

Some people’s speaking fees for contrarian ideas are more important than what is actually likely to occur.

Sweet gig if you can get it, but don’t confuse it with the truth.