Young and Male

By | June 10, 2018

You can definitely tell that nearly all tech is designed by young males. My eyes are still pretty good, but because I use high-DPI and mixed-DPI monitors, I often need to change font sizes in OSes and web pages.

This has gotten much harder to do over the past few years. This must be just tragic for disabled people and those with bad eyesight. (In addition, screen readers have gotten much more difficult to use as a consequence of the attempted tabletization of PCs and use of javascript, etc., instead of just straight text.)

The trending authoritarianism in society has of course also encroached into software, meaning that according to developers what the user wants to do is seen as automatically wrong. Even apart from this, though, the fact that most software is written by under-35 men means that changing fonts and font sizes is seen as pointless extravagance, the user demanding features they don’t really “need,” instead of the absolute necessity that it in fact is.

If something has text, one should be able to adjust the font size easily, even if according to the designer/developer, it is no longer as pretty. In my world, this would be required by law as part of an ADA-like constitutional amendment because it is so vital.

Yet again, by the way, this is also an example of how designing for disability would and will help everyone.