If you listen to the modern pseudo-feminists and Twitter doofs, etc., it seems they believe an age gap is all that matters in a relationship — i.e, that if two people are not born on the exact same day, year, hour and minute, they can’t possibly have a single thing in common.

So fucking weird!

I think this became an obsession because age is eminently quantifiable and easy to understand, while characteristics and desires that actually make people compatible are far harder to conceptualize and observe. I’ve dated people much older than me and quite a bit younger (all above the age of majority) and it made no difference — other factors mattered far, far, far, far more.

In fact, the woman I dated who was closest in age to me was by far the worst relationship I’ve ever been in by a damn long shot. She was a horrible narcissist who, among other things, attempted to incite me into physically abusing her.