How mind-blowing do you find superposition?

Comics like this are clownish because the author also does not understand superposition but because he (or she?) has reduced it to math, thinks they understand more than they do.

But…the addition and existence of waves has consequences, real-world ones. One is that you cannot just treat those waves as any less than real though it doesn’t make sense classically. It’s certainly not true — in the sense that most people mean it — that a superpositioned particle is “in two places at once” or the usual facile lay explanations. However, the reason the idea and mathematics of superposition exists is that it is 100% true that what is happening is not the classical version of what a particle would do, or would effect.

In other words, those “waves” have real-world consequences and those wave additions — while actually a really simple equation and operation — are concomitant with causal effects on the universe that differ from a model and actuality where superposition does not exist.

STEM people are fucking idiots, mostly. They can do math but often understand little even in the mathematical context in which they operate. And in philosophy they are utter laughable dunces. “Water is just hydrogen and oxygen, man.” Sure, buddy.