No Des

A lot of the feminist project of the past 10-15 years has been an attempt to keep undesirable, annoying, pushy, aggressive and dangerous men (roughly in that order) away from PMC liberal women. It hasn’t worked well, of course. It has in actuality resulted in exactly the opposite of its intent in most ways.

The simple fact is that annoying, aggressive, dangerous and pushy men do not know or care about feminism and do not give a crap about if women wish them to stay away or not. The net result is that now women are more often approached by those types and never by any other; hence why you see fairly-frequent posts by PMC liberal women on Reddit like, “Why Do Men Never Talk To Me?” and such.

Lady, that’s exactly what you asked for. You got it. Ride public transit, though, and many men of the kind you definitely do not want all up in your face will be there.

You chose your choice. Now live with it, just like men do.