Sex Exist

What’s the biggest stereotype about men that’s not true?

That we only care about sex and are just unthinking sex brutes who have no other concerns or reason to exist. And, further, that the only reason that we talk to or help women is in the hopes of getting sex.

It often puts us in a weird double bind. Be nice to a woman or help her in some way? Oh, you just did that because you want to have sex with her!

Be neutral or not that helpful to a woman? Well, then you’re a terrible person who is obviously horrible to someone who clearly needed help! But then if you actually do give in and help, you must have only done that (as noted above) because you wanted to bang her!

It really bites ass. I’ve defaulted to just not being helpful as it’s better than dealing with all the weird accusations and ideas. Look, buddy, I’m tired. It’s hard enough to make time to have sex with my own partner much less anyone else.