No Such Agency

Like the NSA spying “revelations,” I am surprised that anyone was surprised that an old Southern white lady is a bit racist.

Shit, I grew up in the South. Ninety percent of everyone I knew was just like this; my closest at the time childhood friend once said, “We had ‘em in slavery once, and we can put ‘em right back in.”

About the NSA stuff, this was common knowledge as early as the mid-1990s. Where has everyone been?

The only thing it has done is made me realize that a blogger I thought was relatively intelligent was a damn idiot, so much so that I’ve now stopped reading the blog altogether.

Yeah buddy, the whole “my rights” and “fourth amendment” thing are there so that no matter what good reason the government has, it can’t just listen to my phone conversations and steal my private data. Or at least it’s not supposed to be able to.

Good fucking god, should we really have to defend this?

Those posts right there are among the two most well-written dumbass posts I have never read.

And that blog has been deleted forevermore.