On college

I’m not against college — in fact, I think anyone who can afford it should absolutely go.

If you want any sort of a decent life, rampant credentialism now demands it. Heck, I’d recommend getting a master’s if you can swing it.

However, do it as cheaply as you can — start off at a community college and transfer. Anything to lower the price, as the risk premium is very high.

These days, I see master’s degrees required for jobs that a bright fifth-grader could do, so for most people (outside of IT and a few other rare fields) if you don’t go to college you’re going to be stuck in a low-paying job all your life, guaranteed.

You might still get stuck there — even back in the 1990s I knew a very sharp dude in his 40s with a chemistry degree working at Subway — but it decreases the chances.

Just don’t try to learn anything. Concentrate on graduating. Focusing on actually learning is not something to optimize in current society.