Nov 06


I think most people would be shocked by how little time actually working out it takes to get significantly stronger and to feel better — if you work out correctly.

In the army I worked out so much (not of my own choice) that it was counterproductive. You don’t need that much.

I’ve only been working out heavily again for a few months now, and I’m already 20-40% stronger than I was, depending on exercise and if you measure weight or endurance (both matter).

In a year, most people can double their strength and more than double their endurance, all with around 45 minutes three times a week. More than that, say up to an hour a day six times a week, will still benefit you but not comparatively as much.

Not that much time spent can really improve your life a great deal.

Nov 06


It’s bothersome how Vox and credentialed folks can be consistenly wrong essentially always but never lose prestige or position.

It was obvious all along that racism was a symptom, not a cause. But not according to centrists. To hear them tell it, racism is the sole motivation anyone voted for Trump or anyone not Hillary Clinton in the history of ever. (Why a large minority of the same people voted for Barack Obama is never explained.)

Nov 05


This reminds me of my maternal grandmother’s rare skill in making things.

One time she made some chickens that looked so real a woman asked her, “How’d you get those chickens to stand so still?”

The woman wouldn’t believe they weren’t real chickens; she had to go over and touch them to make sure. I don’t recall exactly how my grandmother created them, but it wasn’t real feathers or anything like that — I think it was mostly cut paper and foam and such.

In another world, my gran would’ve been an artist rather than a 1950s housewife.

Nov 05

Rebel Rebel

It’s informative what we’ve cast as “rebellion.” These days, rebellion is foreswearing plastic straws and practicing being aggressively fat. That’s a pretty sad rebellion, to say the least.

Being fat is only rebelling against your health and your wallet while at the same time helping huge corporations sell you crap you don’t need and then charge exorbitant prices for health care that you definitely will need. What a rebel.

Nov 03


For some unknown reason, someone in a Camry (I believe) followed our car off the interstate and into our neighborhood and most of the way home this evening. My partner and I were in the car. I hadn’t cut anyone off or anything like that, so the reason for the pursuit was unknown.

I tend to notice things like that because that’s just the sort of person I am. I suspected that this car was tailing me early on and to confirm it I blew through most of the neighborhood fairly quickly. With the sort of car that I have, you have to work very hard keep up when I drive aggressively, even though in my car it was safe enough. In other words it was definitely someone following us specifically.

So, yep, it was tailing us. To not give away our address, we didn’t go home and took a different route out of the neighborhood and back to the main road.

We then crept back in to the neighborhood, pausing at a stop sign or two to determine if the other vehicle was lying in wait. Whoever it was, though, had given up at that point. I’m guessing they realized we knew we were being followed.

Good for them. I’m glad I didn’t have to bury anyone tonight.

Nov 02


I wonder why no one has really discussed those “bombs” of Cesar Sayoc were toys and wouldn’t have exploded.

Just weird to me. It was still designed to inspire terror, yes, but the difference matters.

Nov 02

Over est

Things are bad now, no doubt. But I think people overestimate just how bad. Part of it is that many journalists are young, have read little history and are paid to distort problems into disasters.

I’m just old enough to remember the early and mid-1980s. The AIDS epidemic was raging. The Cold War was looking like it might get very hot indeed and nearly everyone was fairly sure they’d perish in nuclear fire. The crack epidemic and violence were ramping up and many downtowns and inner cities were essentially no-go zones. Terrorism and hijackings were common. “Faggot” and “queer” and “tranny” and other slurs could be heard — often — on mainstream TV shows and in daily life. Yes, even in the North and other “enlightened” places.

We romanticize the past, but the past wasn’t all that great in a lot of cases. The 1980s were better in some ways and worse in others.

At least we didn’t really know about climate change then. That’s the real and true disaster that’s actually being under-reported and about the only issue medium- and long-term that really matters.

Nov 02


When you do this to someone’s finger, particularly if they are sitting down, they will tend to throw their head back — especially if they have no fighting training.

This is the perfect time to land an elbow or a fist to the throat. Then you can escape. They won’t be going anywhere for a while.

Nov 01

Bottoms Up

As one does, I was reading parts of the Federalist Papers today. I wasn’t reading them all. Again. Did that when I was 11.

Anyway, this line made me laugh:

“Impressions of this kind will naturally indicate the policy of fostering divisions among us, and of depriving us, as far as possible, of an ACTIVE COMMERCE in our own bottoms.”

No, it’s not discussing selling anyone’s ass — it’s talking about maritime commerce. BUT IT DOESN’T SOUND THAT WAY.

That’s No. 11 by the way, by Alexander Hamilton.