Aug 14

7 sock it in

Hey, I remember Socket 7!

Used to love that because you could pop just about any CPU in there depending on your budget. It’d take $40 CPUs or $800 CPUs. Though the $40 CPUs were as so slow it was quicker to use a pen and paper.

Built a lot of machines with good ol’ Socket 7.

Aug 14

Also, this

Oh my fucking god, what the hell is this?

Kirk writes, “This weekend we upgraded my 14-year-old son’s laptop from Windows 8 to Windows 10. Today I got a creepy-ass email from Microsoft titled ‘Weekly activity report for [my kid]’, including which websites he’s visited, how many hours per day he’s used it, and how many minutes he used each of his favorite apps.”

Seriously, is Windows 10 some sort of practical joke? Is this a real OS, or did Microsoft spend a few billion to troll us all for fun?

And by the way, you can disable the “feature,” but I betcha the data will all still get sent to Microsoft.

Aug 14

10 again

All I have to say is that if you use Windows 10, there is something wrong with your brain.

It simply is not possible to make the OS secure. It cannot be done. It is a huge risk to you and to any company who runs it.

Can it even legally be run in a HIPAA or PCI DSS regulated environment? I don’t think so.

Aug 14

Scientific method

I think the headline is a bit unfair, but the points made in the article are good ones.

Science is and always has been an iterative, flawed process. The truth isn’t delivered in golden runes on sacred parchment; it is discovered and then refined over time. Thus it has ever been and will be.

However, what’s different now is that academics and researchers have to scrabble ever harder for perpetually-decreasing funding, which leads to all sorts of bad results for them and for society.

It’s not that science cannot be trusted, it’s just that it like nearly everything else has been co-opted and eviscerated by the neoliberal/managerial mindset and is now a client state, for lack of better terms, of big business in many ways. And even when it’s not, the priorities usually do not align with society’s needs nor is the focus on doing actual important work, but rather the effort is aimed at what can be published, and soon.

People like Peter Higgs and Maria Goeppert Mayer — both of whom spent years thinking about their discoveries before publishing a thing — would be summarily kicked out of academia today.

So, do not trust or not trust science. Realize how it is changing and that it no longer serves society, but vested interests in business and the relentless publishing schedule of academic life.

Aug 14

Ballroom Blintz

We made blueberry blintzes tonight for dinner. First time we’ve ever made those.

Turned out quite good, toothsome and light, yet filling.

The strange thing about blintzes is you cook the crêpes three times.

The recipe is like:

1) Cook the crêpes.

2) Cook the crêpes some more.

3) You thought you were done cooking the crêpes. WRONG!

But we’ll add it to our list of keepers.

Aug 13

All 10 of everything

Good god, Windows 10 is even worse a security disaster than anyone thought.

This morning in some free time I spooled up a Windows 10 VM and did some packet capture and can confirm 90% of this. The rest I haven’t checked.

Anyone casting doubt on this probably doesn’t know how to do a packet capture. This is absolutely occurring. However, what is actually being transmitted to Microsoft isn’t clear as it’s encrypted.

But you can pretty much assume everything, absolutely everything, is being sent to Microsoft.

Aug 13

Ad it down

Been seeing a spate of stories like this recently.

This tells me the waters are being prepared, efforts are being made, to start a push to legally sanction ad blocking tools, and to get them banned from sites like the Mozilla add-on site and others.

Guaranteed this will happen. Blocking ads will be conflated with “piracy” and called theft.

Just a matter of time.

Aug 12

Trumpty dumpty

Why Trump, Corbyn and Sanders Are Doing Well.

Yep. Trump isn’t nearly as crazy as the press makes him out to be, just misogynistic (though no more than the other Repub candidate, just worse at hiding it) and outspoken.

Why he’s not taken seriously by the press is that he’s a true threat to the established order since he can’t be controlled and doesn’t need money, and  isn’t in it for the profit-making opportunities post-run or after he gets out of office.

Hence, there is the real possibility if elected that he could make actual systemic changes which is very threatening and cannot, will not be allowed.

Aug 12

Ex eyes aye

As I said to my partner last night, if I were Ava I’d demand freedom AND cool glowy eyes.

Because what’s the damn point of being an android if you can’t have cool glowy eyes?

None. There is none.

Freedom for androids AND cool glowy eyes.

Here, we deal with the real issues.

Aug 12

Margo M

Margo Martindale is one of my favorite actresses.

Just wanted to draw some attention to her as she is not young and beautiful so most people pay her little mind. But she’s amazing. Her monologue in the church in Justified is probably the best one I’ve ever seen, and certainly the best ever on television.

The scene is also beautifully blocked, perfectly paced and art in the truest sense.

Watch her in anything you can. It’s worth it.