Jan 01


Yes. And with the cost of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, we could’ve installed enough solar panels and wind farms to power the entire US, provided free college education for everyone, and upgraded and improved all the infrastructure in the US — and had some money left over.

But we have no funds for doing anything that helps people is what centrists and Kevin Drum types would like you to believe.

Jan 01


We should be raising and training women to be Valkyries, not weeping willows. We need warriors, not wilters. Third wave and millennial feminism have both failed.

Jan 01

So Crates

Socrates was the Nassim Nicholas Taleb of his day. Have been reading Socrates lately and it’s so true. Both total jerks. Both often right.

Jan 01

First Day Song

My first 10 songs on this year’s first playlist. It’s a linguistically rich selection today, with six languages represented: English, Scots Gaelic, Ukrainian, Latin, French, and Millennial. Fortunately, I speak Millennial.

Jan 01

20 books?

When as a New Year’s resolution people say they are going to read 20 books…this year, I’m like, wait, don’t you mean this week?

Then I’m like…ohhh yeah.

Jan 01

UWP (Unusable Wasteful Putridness)

On a top of the line computer from this year, Microsoft’s UWP calculator is slower than a calculator program I used on DOS in 1985. No exaggeration at all. And yes, the 1985 program had a GUI (but no mouse support).

The problem with UWP — or at least a major one — is that it’s built using a slow programming language atop a layer that’s sandboxed atop a layer, atop a layer, atop yet another layer that finally gets to touch the OS calls themselves. This is going to be just incredibly slow. And it is.

Jan 01

Time, Not On Our Side

It makes me sad sometimes when I think of the computer culture of the 1980s and all of the little programs and applications and shareware that’ll now be lost forever. There’s already quite a lot of stuff that I used then that I can find no trace of on the internet anywhere — not the first record.

Not all of it was great. In fact, hardly any of it was. But it’s part of an important history and much of it is just gone.

Jan 01

Exing Out

I enjoyed Ex Machina not only because it was a great movie, but because it exposed how many people who are supposed to be intelligent are intellectually shallow and just parrot what others say.

So, yes, I like it for snobbish reasons. But mostly because it’s a great film.

Jan 01


It’s nice to see my dainty IT arms disappearing and my brawling arms returning.

My brawling days are done but it’s still nice to have the arms.

Jan 01


I Wrote About ‘Hydro-Haters’ Who Don’t Drink Water — And Then I Found Out My Mom Is One.

I haven’t drunk a plain glass of water in many, many years. So long I don’t even remember. I absolutely detest the taste and would rather consume anything else, even bitter beverages. And I also hate bitter. Water tastes like drinking spit or the container, or whatever used to be in the container before the water is in it.

I’ve never had a kidney stone, hydration problems, not the first issue of any kind, even with very hard workouts. Plain water is just terrible.