Sep 14

Venus Mars

The Problem With Terraforming Mars.

Why are we talking about terraforming Mars? Mars does not have high enough gravity to hold a fucking atmosphere long term. That’s just it. It is not a candidate.

Venus, on the other hand, is capable of being terraformed. It has high enough gravity to contain a human-friendly atmo one day. That’s where we should be looking. Also, Venus is a lot closer than Mars.

However, neither of them has much of a magnetosphere which means humans as configured now get lots of cancer and do undesirable things like die after a few years. So…need better humans and better tech before any of this ever happens on any planet.

Sep 13

Apple No More

The iPhone SE is no more, which is the only Apple phone I could use. This means I will definitely never be buying another Apple phone after this.

I hate Android, too, but at least there are phones that aren’t the size of the solar system to use still in that ecosystem.

Why people want fucking enormous phones I haven’t a clue, but I completely cannot use those and do not want them.

Sep 13


A girlfriend from a long time ago wanted to go to Carowinds and do the rides and roller coasters. Fine, I have no problem with that. They don’t really do anything for me but if she finds them fun, I like her company, so it’s all good.

After one of the supposedly intense rides I noticed the attendant was staring at me. He said, “You are the only person I’ve ever seen on this ride look bored. You ok, man?” I think he thought I was sick or something, truly.

“My day job is way more exciting,” I said. “I just came to hang out with her.”

The weird thing is he never asked me what my day job was. He just nodded. At the time I was an active paratrooper and the rides themselves were indeed boring. I got more worked up by how damn expensive the food in the park was than anything else.

Sep 12

Fight Florence the American Way

Get our your guns and show that hurricane who’s boss! Any gun will do but something with a huge, manly caliber is better. Just stand in your yard, point your big long barrel southeast, and start flinging’ ammo downrange! That hurricane will turn tail in no time at all. Only Americans can show a hurricane what’s what, and what is more American than a hail of hot lead? Yeehaw!

But don’t waste any of that ammo on climate change, since it’s fake.

Sep 12

Infinite War

They are also old enough to fight and die in our forever wars. You can join the military at 17 with parental consent (I know because I did just that).

Sep 12

Nixon…not that one

I don’t care much about the New York State governor race, but I’ve seen a few times the same argument that I saw about Bernie Sanders (from the likes of Lance Mannion and Kevin Drum et al.): that Cynthia Nixon is not corrupt enough to be governor.

They said the same thing about Sanders — that if he didn’t take loads of corporate money, this showed he “didn’t know how to play the game,” and was therefore not a real political player.

This is how far gone centrists are.