Jun 16


Found another mugshot of a family member on one of those mugshot sites. First cousin this time.

Last time I saw him, I think he was three or four years old.

And another brother of a close friend from that time.

I look not to make fun of those people. It’s to remind myself that I could’ve been — and used to be — those people.

Jun 13

MBAs and IT

Having MBAs in charge of IT at every level is one of the stupidest business decisions that can be made, yet it’s consistently done.

It doesn’t rein in costs, which is the intent. It probably raises them.

Yet it’s the default.

IT obviously needs business oversight. But the way it’s done it hurts the business more than helps it.

How many times could I have spent $10,000 to save a million later in my IT career? A dozen? More?

But was shot down my some MBA.

And sometimes the savings would be in weeks or months, not the long term.

Jun 13

But it’s impossible!

Actual ACA increases by large insurers.

Looks like so far it’s all double digits. This was predictable. Despite the penalties, those most likely to sign up for Obamacare are those already sick or unhealthy.

This means it’ll have a terrible risk pool.

Basically the ACA did nothing to fix the health care system, but instead applied a band-aid over a gaping wound while Democrats went around explaining how everything was all better and that blood coming out and pooling on the floor? All imaginary!

Obamacare was designed to funnel money to insurers. But it appears that for the most part it isn’t even doing that.

Shit, it can’t even do evil right.

Jun 12


By the way, still possible to get pictures of cute female corpses at Reddit.

Why? Cute female corpses don’t complain! Ain’t writing no letters. Aren’t throwing their weight around.

They can’t. They’re dead.

Fuck I hate Ellen Pao. And all capitalists, really. But particularly her at the moment.

Jun 12

The letters

Well now I can add some more letters after my name.

Got a new cert yesterday.

Here’s the ones I currently hold: RHCE, MCSE, VCP-DCV (4&5), CCNP, ITIL Foundation

ITIL Foundation is the new one.

I have many, many other certs that are intermediate, but those are my “terminal” highest-level ones.

Jun 11


So the sub /r/fatpeoplehate was banned from Reddit, at the time its 13th largest with over 150K subscribers.

I didn’t particularly spend that much time there as it was too cruel for me. But it did nothing it was accused of doing — I saw dozens of people banned from the sub by the sub’s mods who even mentioned harassment or brigading.

No, it was banned because of hurt feelings and because Reddit’s main market — the US — has a very, um, large percentage of enormously obese people. Offending them with a sub that frequently makes it to the front page is not good for the ol’ advertising dollars.

By the way, sub-reddits where you can watch people die, can look at “cute” naked female corpses and can watch animals being tortured are still up and running just fine.

You can find them yourself if you wanna look at them. I do not.

If Reddit actually cared about what it claimed to care about those would be long gone.

The whole fat acceptance movement now has enough power to cause corporate censorship. That is impressive. That so many people are so unwilling to accept that you just can’t be healthy at 300+ pounds should have disturbed us more than FPH ever did.

(Overeating to the point of morbid obesity is also an eating disorder just as much as anorexia or bulimia. And you can be crucified for saying that today, but here’s how much I care:             )

But they won. Doesn’t make them right, just whiny babies and typical Americans.

For me and many others who used to be fatasses, places /r/fatpeoplehate are motivational.

Like I said, I didn’t visit there often and I didn’t approve of its shaming of fat people, but I’m also disgusted with Reddit and Ellen Pao, and of course the couldn’t-be-bigger-morons SJW types who believe this is about anything other than money.

Like Digg and its decline, the site has another few years and it’ll be done.

Jun 11

Pao goes the Reddit

Regardless of what I think of Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination case, she is probably going to destroy Reddit, not save it.

It’s being sanitized for advertisers, not as some form of moral good as the worst of the SJWers imagine.

Why do people believe capitalists like Pao do anything for moral gain?

Answer: they don’t.

Jun 10

PHEPH to the left, PHEPH to the right

Why do you need to rationalize eating meat?

I don’t have any qualms about eating anything that has no foreknowledge of death.

Despite what this article implies, humans did evolve eating meat and to digest meat. In fact our big brains likely would not have been able to evolve without consistent meat-eating over millions of years.

Past evolution should not shape current behavior by necessity but pretending that eating meat requires some sort of huge rationalization leap speaks more about the ideology of the authors of the paper than any real scientific or even pseudo-scientific conclusion.

Is meat-eating ethical? Our descendents with lab-grown meat will probably not believe it to be. And perhaps they will be right.

But these people have not proved their point, rather only reached for evidence that matched their pre-ordained conclusion.

Post hoc ergo propter hoc and all that.

Jun 08

5K of Glory

After about four months of using a 5K monitor (in the form of a 27″ iMac), I can attest that it is simply stunningly amazing and everything I hoped it would be.

Whenever you can afford it if you use a monitor more than an hour a day, I recommend acquiring a 5K display. It makes a world of difference.

I don’t particularly care for Mac OS on the desktop but it doesn’t bother me too much. There is no Windows driver for 5K on the iMac, so that is not an option yet.

There is a Dell 5K monitor but it costs as much as the entire iMac which is itself a quite capable computer. In addition for the Dell variant you will have to buy a rather expensive video card to drive the thing.

When 5K gets cheaper overall I’ll probably switch back to Windows. But until then it’s the iMac for me.

Getting 5K is probably the best thing I’ve done in the computing space in a long time.

By the way, my iMac is indeed called “5KofGlory.”