This is indeed sad.

I am shocked at how much things have changed in just a few years. When it comes to data center, networking, pretty much anything you can think of, the developers won. I personally don’t think it’s the panacea that everyone else seems to, but the writing is on the wall. There is no such thing anymore as a storage guy, a network guy, a systems guy, a voice guy, a wireless guy – things like wireless, Systems administration, much of cyber have been commoditized, and everything else is a glorified development position now.

Turning everyone into a developer is a fucking terrible idea. But he’s right — the developers have won. Even though those developers most often have not the first fucking clue how anything works. It’s comical. “Oh, I’ll just spin up a thousand VMs because I don’t feel like optimizing my code. It’s an infrastructure issue.” Then they get the $200,000 AWS bill and wonder why it costs so much.

Then someone who actually knows anything about anything (me) will both have to troubleshoot their terrible code and fix their infrastructure fuck-ups. IT got a whole lot worse when developers achieved dominance. They are both clueless and arrogant (in general) — a terrible combination.