Why are people so quick to label a healthy lifestyle as ‘disordered’ nowadays?

Not sure that veganism is healthy. That said, this inversion of sense has occurred because Fat Acceptance combined with food company propaganda and funding has won the day. Now, refusing to eat like an asshole so that you can avoid coming down with T2 diabetes by 35 is termed an “eating disorder.” Not snarfing three Big Macs per meal means (according to the FA nutters) that you’ll go into “starvation mode” and immediately, magically, unavoidably gain 100 pounds.

Part of it is also, of course, Tall Poppy Syndrome. Anyone who can’t muscle lard an elephant off the sumo mat must be brought down a notch. It’s an unbecoming combination of envy and jealousy that emerges when someone improves themselves. A lot of people then feel it’s their bound duty to take you down a notch.

When you are surrounded by food corp propaganda and people believing things as risible as the Fat Acceptance hogwash (and people who eat hog slop and call it “food”), not being a propaganda victim makes you anomalous. But I’ll go on ahead and continue my “disordered” lifestyle and somehow, mysteriously, I won’t lose my feet to diabetes at 50 and will be fitter than most 25-year-olds then too.

And y’all can do whatever stupid shit you’re gonna do anyway.