Peace of me

Not only is the below true, but police officers should have a duty to exercise more restraint than the average person, not the same amount of restraint.

Police officers should have (and do, actually) receive training on how to defuse tense and dangerous situations, resolve situations peacefully and the like — but the whole culture and even origin of policing goes against this minimal training.

Of course in a larger context and for sociological reasons it all makes sense — the police force as an idea and a realization of that idea was created to protect the interest of the rich and to keep the proles pacified. This has not changed — if anything, it has become even more true as economic conditions have worsened and the nation-state has decreased in importance.

In a real civilization, the police would not be armed and would not be thugs with persecution complexes. But the US at least is not a real civilization, just a monkey troupe with monkey troupe rules.