Politically dissect

I don’t write about politics much. Or Clinton or Sanders or Trump.

It’s because it doesn’t matter. Sure, in the short term who gets picked for the Supreme Court makes a difference to many lives. This is not nothing, I agree.

But in 70 or 90 or so years, there won’t be a Supreme Court. There probably won’t even be an America. People have no idea at all about how hard climate change is going to shatter the world. Even the clued-in are relatively clueless because no one knows much history and they can’t imagine that something like that can happen.

But it has, it can, and it will again.

Most apocalyptic prophecies are specious bullshit. But this isn’t prophecy. It’s just baked in (ha). It is the future, as inescapable as space-time itself.

I told my partner that talking much about who is going to win in 2016 is like arguing about what color underwear you’re going to wear as the house is in conflagration all around you.

Yeah, sometimes I pay attention as entertainment. But the truth is neither Clinton nor Sanders is going to do much of anything about climate change — and especially not on a global scale — and neither will anyone else.

So I get my jollies while I can, and am glad I’ll be dead before the worst comes.