Poor social

Those with well-developed social skills often have no idea the talents they possess, as they feel natural and self-evident to the possessor.

However, those with poor social skills have no doubt of their inability and ineptitude — those with good social skills won’t let them live down or escape their incompetence, and are punished for attempting to improve.

Having been on both sides of this, no one can tell me credibly this is untrue. I lived it.

It’s not the greatest issue of our time or anything, but I do find it darkly funny when those with high social skills condemn those with poor social skills while saying something like, “Of course a man shouldn’t talk to a woman in an elevator! I mean, DUH!”

But the thing is those with poorly-developed social skills would have no idea about this prohibition or why it exists. And even if they could reason it out later, it would not be obvious at the time.

Much of the “obvious” in the world of social relations isn’t as glaringly so as those who wish to punish the less socially developed make it out to be.

Again — been on both sides. It’s true whether you want it to be or not.