Pretty cool for not existing

Hey, cool, another person who doesn’t exist! Rick Perlstein is also deficient in math but widely considered not a dumbass.

I know this for a fact. I share something in common with the daughter of Carrie Buck: both of us got Ds in math. Mine was in fifth grade. I had always been deficient in math. And yet, by the second grade, I had also earned a reputation as someone who was extremely intelligent. In the “tracking” educational system I was raised in from second grade through high school, that was that. I was “placed” in the “high” classes: reading, social studies, science—and math, in which, I don’t know, maybe I cheated to get by? Then came fifth grade, when I earned that D. Maybe it was a D-.

According to STEM types, if you are not good at math, but are facile with other topics and with concepts, you don’t exist. But Stephen Wolfram and Rick Perlstein do exist. As do I.

So here’s to not existing! It’s pretty awesome!