The main issue

About my post on immigration a bit below, I don’t think it’s just the one percenters who wish to disrupt social relations. It’s the left as well. Strangely, many feminists support huge amounts of immigration (especially in Europe) from countries with highly patriarchal cultures that would destroy feminism if allowed in the numbers they espouse.

I don’t, however, think immigration is the main issue or main problem at least in the US. It just exacerbates other difficulties and is used as a cudgel by both sides for different purposes to achieve other policy goals.

The goals of the right with immigration are to lower wages, weaken societal and social relations, to break unions, etc. — whatever makes liquid capital more able to flow and to flee if needed.

The goals of the left are less clear (as the left itself is less unified and less ideologically cohesive) but they mainly seem intent on assuaging white guilt, enacting “punishment” on themselves and their culture for past sins by allowing in more “authentic” people to destroy the offending culture (their own), actual humanitarian reasons (a small but important component absent from the right) and like the right, the left wishes to transform society and its relations.

I’m more interested in these other policy goals than the immigration itself, but we are getting into dangerous territory as there is and will be a huge nativist backlash once the non-native-born level gets above 15% or so.

Has happened before, will happen again.