Looks like for the project we’re about to do that I keep cryptically alluding to on the site, we’re about to get fucked over by Obamacare.

No surprise – it was always designed to fork more money over to insurance companies. That’s the only reason it became law; it was a bug, not a feature, that it helped anyone at all. That was absolutely incidental, no matter what Obama intended. That my fellow liberals act all rapturous about the ACA disgusts me since it’s such a corporate handout.

For us, given the amount of money we have vs. the yearly fine vs. the risk of of a bankrupting injury at this point it’d make sense to just pay the fine and pay any doctor’s expenses out of pocket since we can afford everything but, say, a kidney transplant and the like.

That’s a risk/reward scenario a lot of people our age are making now, and that’s how it’s going to come out for many of them.