I just don’t think human relationships can be made as sterile and antiseptic as many people seem to wish they could be.

Using one’s authority in improper ways is obviously bad, but lately it seems that any showing of human emotion in even intimate relationships (and if you think a mentor/mentee relationship isn’t intimate, well, you’re wrong) is absolutely verboten.

If I notice this, being fairly emotionless about most things, then it must be really bad out there. I understand, though, that it is a reaction to past and present very real abuses.

Yes, it is bad for male or female professors to harass their students. Etc.

I think where I differ or at least where I lack fear is I don’t much care about my so-called “career.”

I would burn it to the fucking ground for someone I truly cared about in an instant. If I loved someone, or even to help them if they needed it, I would not give a single shit about what anyone else thought or any rules in place.

The difference is, I wouldn’t do it to get my jollies as some vile scumbags seem to do, but denying that human emotions exist (gasp!) even at work is fucking daft, in my opinion.

That’s why I am dangerous, I guess. My principles are non-negotiable, irrational, and I’m not easily cajoled, threatened or bought out. That is a privilege I have for various reasons, but even when I didn’t have jack shit it was still true.

It’s why I got in so very many fights when I was a kid.

In other words, I will go along to get along, but I’d rather die than violate my core principles