The Battle Between Diners and Restaurants.

I am not on the side of restaurants here, mostly. Often these days you get atrocious service, food that is bad, and extremely high prices. Almost nothing at a restaurant anymore is better than I can make at home. Then again, I am a pretty good cook. Before the pandemic, though, I could often get meals superior to what I could do in my own kitchen. Now that almost never occurs.

And defending fucking QR codes? Totally lost me there. I hate those with a burning passion and have turned around and walked out of restaurants that use those. (When I’m dining with someone I usually do not do this as it embarrasses people. But I am incapable of being embarrassed so when I am alone, hell yeah I will and tell the hostess why as I do it.)

Going to a restaurant used to be a pleasant experience. Now you can pay $100 for crap food, bogus service charges, poor service and an incorrect order to boot. No thanks to all that.