Because of “designers” and their related pharisees, myrmidons and sycophants jacking around with frameworks and 10MB javascript libraries that load afresh every two seconds, web pages are now as slow as they were back in 1996 when I was still using dial-up and every so-called web master in existence thought it was totally neato to embed a five megabyte Java crapplet in each page.

This slowness is true over even a gigabit connection.

You know if design had anything at all to do with users, this would not be the result. But modern design has nothing at all to do with users.

It has to do with what is stylish and with what makes the internet more like cable television, and whatever the latest buzzword fad is that pleases technically-clueless executives in charge now of the direction of most everything on the web.

I really miss the wild west, individualist and exuberantly silly days of the early web where people were trying new things and even in spite of the 5MB Java downloads over dial-up. Then it was a rare arena where the corporate mindset hadn’t yet infected and ruined it all.

Now, it is another vast wasteland.