Neoliberal Lies

What a dumbass take by a typical liberal dumbass.

Read a damn book. Or anything. Shit. The information is right there. Right there. I get so infuriated with these types because they never get any smarter.

The “confusion” (really deliberate obfuscation) really comes from the fact that immigrants raise GDP (that’s the net benefit he’s citing in poor faith) but lower wages particularly for low-income workers.

At the most basic level, immigration increases the supply of labor in the economy. More labor means more goods and services being produced, so that national output (GDP) rises.

Immigration also affects the prices of the inputs that are used to produce these goods and services. Those inputs for which immigrant labor substitutes will suffer as the prices of their services fall. Simply put, “substitutes” means two things that are very similar to one another. As a homely example, red apples and green apples are almost perfect substitutes, so that an increase in the number of red apples would not only reduce the price of red apples, but also simultaneously lower the price of green apples by about the same amount. In the context of immigration, whereas we shall see many immigrants are unskilled laborers, the strong presumption is that immigrants are substitutes for domestic unskilled labor. Therefore, an increase in the number of immigrants will generally decrease the wages of domestic unskilled workers.

In other words, immigration will raise the wages of useless whiners like Matt Blaze while lowering the wage of people like most of the people I grew up with, and anyone who does low-wage labor.

There is no hope for Democrat types at all. They are just utterly clueless.