Mar 02

Seg Fault

Yeah, I never in my life thought I’d see the left/libs advocating hard for resegregation. Now that’s just mystifying but is becoming more and more common.

Mar 02

Rules Don’t Rule

A surprising number of email issues are people creating rules that delete emails, and then calling Helpdesk and saying, “I’m not getting my emails.” One of the first things I used to check for in an Exchange/Outlook environment.

It sometimes happens by accident, but a lot of times it occurs because they think, this person never sends me anything relevant, so I will just auto-delete these emails, and then that person becomes their boss, or a co-worker, etc., and the emails become relevant…but the person forgets about the rule.

Mar 02

How To Create a BS Detector

I’ve read a lot of textbooks over the years. Far more scientific papers. Loads of books, articles, and other errata.

I remember maybe 1%. But even better than remembering, ingesting that much material gets you a sense of things. And having a sense of things means you can read some “expert” or other claim and fairly reliably think, “Huh, that sounds like complete bullshit” and be right pretty often. Then you can do the research.

There’s no way I’d have this BS detector if I hadn’t done the prep work — even if technically I remember almost nothing of what I’ve read in specific detail.

Mar 02

Next Pan

The next stage of the pandemic won’t directly really be about the pandemic at all: it’ll be an extended pitched battle between the terrified lockdown lifers and those who want to reclaim some measure of freedom as cases fall through the floor due to seasonality and vaccination.

The lockdown lifers will take the position that we must never relax restrictions because of variants, or even because of a new potential pandemic. The more normal people will assert, correctly, that there is always risk to any activity and it’s not feasible to stay inside forever.

Prepare for much scolding from the lockdown lifers. We’ll have to learn how to ignore these people. Mental illness of this type only escalates if it’s rewarded.

Mar 01


Yeah, it’s really fucking bizare. I think pandemic exhaustion combined with liberal social media doom-mongering explains most of it.

Mar 01

So Much Less

If it weren’t for Zeynep Tufekci, I’d have to do so much more of my own research. She saves me a vast amount of time because she’s nearly always correct and is a better systems thinker than I am (and I am very damn good).

Don’t get me wrong: I still do more research than nearly anyone, and probably any layperson you’ve ever met. But having her mind to rely on means I have to do so much less to avoid being a dumbass. Thankful every day I found her a year or two before the pandemic even began.

Mar 01

Hot Times In HR

I am still thinking about this infinitely moronic tweet. What was the strategy for doing something here?

Do I need to submit a photo of me having sex with someone to HR, taken in the last six months at minimum? What’s the end game of this type of thinking? Do we need to have someone tesify that we are sexually capable?

I just don’t get what the goal of this was or even could be.