Jan 22


Fuck intuitive eating. Fuck at least half of this. Most of you do need to lose some weight.

Deliberate eating. Control yourself. Don’t be a lump. Aspire to something more than the bare fucking minimum and melding with your couch.

Why must we Americans ever strive for utter mediocrity? That might be your culture, but it’s not mine. Cancel me all you want — I’ll still be awesome and you won’t.

Jan 22

Sup Sup

All the white “supremacists” look so inferior, like something really went wrong there.

The only thing “supreme” about them is their order at Taco Bell.

Jan 22

Right There

People have no fucking idea what’s coming. I like being right, but not about this. And trust me, I’ll be right. You don’t want me to be but I will.

Jan 22

Game of Gauff

This was a great match. Coco Gauff pulled off a narrow victory against Cirstea, who hit some damn wicked aces throughout:

Brilliant play by both of them. The women’s game is so much more fun than the men’s — still more about finesse then power. Gauff really plays the net well. Always knows when to close and that’s why she won.

Jan 22


This is 80% of the reason outside consultants are hired by MBAs in IT — to pawn off blame when their ill-conceived ideas and plans go wrong.

Jan 22

Lack and Slack

The same with attraction. I never had women pay any romantic attention to me at all until I didn’t care if they did or not.

Being human is weird that way. You almost never get what you need when you need it most.

Jan 22

New York Lies

The NYT has to lie about this or no one will vote for Biden. He’s been attempting to cut Social Security since the 1980s. Everyone knows this, but a big enough propaganda operation could turn it around enough to sway perhaps enough votes.

That propaganda operation has begun.

Jan 22

Most Fun

The most fun interaction I’ve ever had as an IT person was being on vacation and getting called by someone needing help. Now, normally, it’s not fun being called on vacation but this user was very nice and we knew each other outside of work a bit so I didn’t mind.

She asked me how to set up her VPN and do some other stuff, since at this company it was all manual at the time. I walked her through it all, even giving her the IPs of some DNS servers she could use, and going step by step through a fairly complex procedure to get it all verified and working, including RDP access to several machines.

At the end, she asked me if I could remote in and look at a hard-to-describe problem with her email. I said, “Remote in? I don’t even have a computer with me and I’m 20 miles from anything.” (I was deep in the Appalachians, was lucky to even have cell signal.)

Complete silence for a moment or two and then she said, “Wait, you walked me through at least a 30 minute setup process and gave me several different IP addresses and you did that from memory?”

“Uh, yeah? That kinda stuff is just natural to me.”

Then she said that she’d see me when I got back, we said our goodbyes, and hung up. I think I blew her mind a little bit. In fact, I know I did as she told other people that story several years later.