Nov 30

Future Loss Averse

Funny how all those “superspreader events” the libs were predicting didn’t pan out, due to vaccines, ventilation and masking. And the ones that sort of did were really a big nothing because of few to no hospitalizations and no deaths.

There’s caution, and there’s the “completely safe” hooey. Get vaccinated. Live your life. You’ll be ok.

Nov 30


That word has been in use in the completely modern sense from the 14th century on, and the Romans pretty much used it the same way (except it referred to areas near Rome).

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Nov 29

Hidden Motive

So glad this time to see some effective pushback against prison countries and perpetual lockdowns. People can’t and won’t accept that again, and good on ’em.

Deepti and people like her want us all to hide inside forever until it’s “completely safe.” Fuck no.

Nov 29

Real Goals

This is fucking moronic. Elimination is IMPOSSIBLE. It was NEVER going to happen. It’s a virus that infects and spreads among many, many other species. And poorer places like India could never eliminate it. This is a loony-bin goal; all it would do is keep us locked up forever — which is the actual goal here, of course.

Nov 29

Vast Harm

Yeah, it’s truly shocking how much we’ve permanently and irreparably harmed kids and most people are either utterly uncaring, think that the gramma-to-kids exchange rate was worth it, or say that it “serves them right” because parents complained about it.

How did we get like this?

Nov 29


Good info.