Sep 21


Are people really content being fat and unhealthy? Or is that something they tell themselves? A cope?

I can’t imagine actual happiness when waddling starts being involved. Maybe I just lack imagination. The only thing that should waddle is a duck.

Sep 21


Both the libs and conservatives are obsessed with masks, which work but are only mildly effective, when what both should be demanding is better ventilation.

Other than vaccination, this is by far the most effective anti-Covid measure. And its efficacy does not wane over time and it doesn’t matter who is vaccinated for it to function. Additionally, it helps prevent scads of other diseases.

That we didn’t go all out to achieve better ventilation is an indictment of our entire society. We leave easy victories on the table while we battle over trifles. China is going to grind us into dust.

Sep 21

Opening Gambit

The people angry that the world is re-opening and things are getting back to normal in more places are hard to explain. They’re very special. Lockdown lifers remind me of those people who get upset when anyone has any fun. Hell, they are those people.

Their tears sustain me.

Sep 21


It is weird. Yeah, some of the stuff he does and his companies do is complete BS. But here’s something to think about: that’s true of anyone who has done anything major and worthwhile.

Really, liberals are mostly angry at Musk because his companies do big, hard things in the physical world, which they see as déclassé and dishonorable. Most of them are highly concerned with using the right words in the proper places and thus anyone who builds a big fucking rocket and does cool, useful shit with it is seen as no better than the (from their view) nasty, uneducated auto mechanic who works on their car.

The same for anyone who builds up an actual car company. Musk has done both.

It’s time to depose the word-slingers and let the builders and makers take over. Hopefully, though, we could do it with more government works and less Musk. He is not ideal, I’ll admit. But his actual faults are not why most liberals despise him, unfortunately. The antipathy truly does emerge from the fact that he does world-expanding hard shit that changes the shape of human possibility. And for that, in their minds, he must be destroyed.

Sep 20

Couch Ground

For kids, it’s likely that obesity-related mortality over time and related health problems (children got quite a lot fatter during the pandemic) will swamp any health problems from Covid directly.

We are not smart.