May 13

11 Guide

Absolutely accurate.

May 13

Need Wires

Wireless headphones remain absolute fucking garbage. I have used two different models now and the audio sounds like trash, it’s such a fucking hassle to get them to pair successfully, and I can never remember to charge them. Also, they have horrific latency — sometimes one second or more. This makes watching a movie with them impossible.

My main question is how do people withstand the atrocious quality when listening to music? That alone is a dealbreaker for me.

May 12

Bridge Three Far

If this is true (I suspect it is), then the Ukrainians really do have great tactics and know how to make use of intel effectively.

May 12

Good One

Mostly agreed with this. Russia has almost made it mandatory anyone who doesn’t want to get invaded in that area join NATO. Good job.

May 12

Double Bind

If a man speaks to a woman, we’re sexually harassing her. If we don’t help when she’s in need we’re jerks, but if we do help, we’re only looking for sex or attention.

Works both ways.

May 12


I say stuff like that to the people who work for me pretty frequently.

“I know Sales told you to do it, but we don’t work for Sales, and we definitely don’t have time for their wild goose chase projects” is the kind of thing I often have to remind my team of. Usually followed by, “If they really want it, they’ll make it an actual project that can be tracked and planned.”

It seems ruthless but it’s necessary. Otherwise, your department achieves nothing but other people’s misguided and unbudgeted projects while making none of its own goals and, eventually, you get fired.