Aug 06

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I think there is something to the imprinting idea, but I don’t think the experience has to be at all sexual. My first babysitter is the woman I 100% know that I imprinted on as being my template of female attractiveness and she was perfectly professional. But she was tall, very slim, had lots of freckles, a fairly masculine face, and was the first woman (really, girl, but she seemed like a woman to my six-year-old self) who was not a family member or a teacher to be nice to me and to concentrate on me specifically.

Even though I know all this consciously, I don’t seem to be able to do anything about the attraction to women of this type. I simply am more attracted to women on the taller side, slim, with more masculine visages, and with freckles. Not that everyone I’ve dated has checked all of these boxes, or that is all that is desirable to me. Not at all. I’ve dated short voluptuous blondes, manic slightly chubby redheads with utterly pale skin, etc. But that babysitter definitely fixed the type of woman I saw as most attractive.

This is as close as I could find, but that babysitter looked something like this (model Mariia Kyianytsia):

Aug 06


It might be. But I do agree that it’s top-down imposed because nuclear power does not make the right people money. Costs are artificially inflated so mooks can go, “Nuclear can never work. Look how expensive it is!”

Aug 06


Solving a bad ARP behavior on a Linux router.

LOL WTF. This is why you use VLANs if you’re trying to do something like this. This isn’t bad ARP behavior. This is ARP working like it should. It’s always funny when people find “brilliant” tweaks for a completely misdesigned network that is failing as it should fail, because it’s been put together in some ridiculous way.

Aug 05


Degrowthers are now just as big an enemy as fossil fuel companies and other evil entities. Both will destroy us all, given the chance, just for different reasons.

Aug 05


It’s obesity. Mostly.

Aug 05



SHOCKED. Ok, not really.

Aug 05


To be fair, a whole heap of liberals believe this too. And it seems like these idjits are increasing in number all the time.

Aug 05

My Town

US library defunded after refusing to censor LGBTQ authors: ‘We will not ban the books.’ Residents of Jamestown, Michigan voted this week to shut down town’s library rather than tolerate certain LGBTQ books.

Lysistrata was banned in my town when I was a kid. Which of course caused dozens of us to read a 2,000 year old Aristophanes play that we otherwise would’ve had no idea even existed (well, most of us). I was passing around copies of that thing like Soviet samizdat. And I do mean literal copies, made on a Xerox machine.

That ban worked out very well. It converted many people to readers who otherwise wouldn’t have been. And it made Aristophanes a “bestseller” in my town for a little while.