Oct 17

No Stretch

Disaster Recovery Faking, Take Two.

That is why you don’t use stretched VLANs. MBA types (and poor infrastucture engineers) say, “But it’s the same!” Sure, it’s the same and that’s the whole damn problem. Making things “the same” in a disaster recovery scenario is not what you are going for.

Routing and DNS exist for a reason, and they work. Freakin’ use them. All of this layer 2 stretched across half the continent means a world of pain when you actually need anything to work. Looks pretty on paper and to the MBAs, but in practice your DR becomes all disaster and no recovery.

And just wait till spanning tree has a problem and it’s all layer 2. That’ll be a whole other level of pain for you to enjoy!

Oct 17

Warren E Gonna Regulate

Yes. That AP “fact check” is absolute garbage and doesn’t at all match up with the best studies of the issue. Automation is not (yet) the principal problem. It is corporate power and offshoring of jobs.

Or as Matt Stoller says:

What the crap do economists know, anyway? They’ve been wrong about everything for the past 50 years, and continue to be wrong today.

Oct 17

Future Should’ve Been Cooler

I too miss these days. What we have now is far, far worse. This isn’t nostalgia — just the way software and computers/smartphones are now is utter crap.

Back then, we called them applications, or software, or sometimes just downloads. It’s hard not to drown in nostalgia over those good old internet days, when a free app almost never meant that you were the product. The industry was dominated by a few big players and a lot of software cost well over $100. But there were also independent developers making all kinds of amazing games and utilities.

Computers have been getting less useful yearly for about the last decade or so, with it really ramping up around 2014. It’s a huge loss. The “bicycle of the mind” has been melted down and smithed instead into a manacle.

I used to love computers; loved working on them, figuring out how to make them do things, and the joy of discovery. Now I mostly just tolerate them or actively hate them as they have turned into nearly-useless surveillance devices with most functionality removed.

I really did think the future would be cooler.

Oct 16


I think a lot of men avoid watching movies featuring women not because they don’t feel empathy for and identify with women, but because they do feel those things — and it scares them because that’s unmasculine.

Oct 16

Let’s Excel

Agreed. Excel is often not the right tool for the job, but a lot of the Excel hate is just snobbery against a tool that allows people to do something they otherwise could not.

Doing something in code often take 100x as long as just doing it in Excel, and even that is going to have bugs. Sure, if it needs to be reproducible code is the way to go, no question. But recognize that path is going to take at least two orders of magnitude longer. And, Jill from accounting is never going to spend all the time slogging through C# or R so that she can spend years learning something that she can already do in Excel in 10 minutes.

Oct 16


The ‘golden path,’ hidden Wi-Fi & cellular tricks behind the iPhone presentation ten years ago.

This isn’t some weird exception. This is how most corporate demos are, almost without exception. The reason is that generally products are demoed 12-24 months before they are anywhere near ready. Often, they aren’t even in alpha status yet. Good, bad, whatever — that’s just the way it is.

Apple’s iPhone demo actually had more working than a lot of product demos do. Many are little more than a simulation of what might work one day, while the iPhone demo had actual working hardware and software — it just wasn’t that stable.

Oct 16


I’m puzzled by the decisions of Mozilla (over many years) and Apple more recently to make their products substantially worse. I think in large part it is due to the fact that they actually do hate their users, at least a large percentage of them. That is, both organizations despise and disdain their users they perceive as using their products “wrong.”

Though I’m still flummoxed — even though I know the technical reasons — about how very poor Apple’s font rendering is now. And in Catalina, it’s even worse than it was before, when it was already terrible. Way to make a 5K monitor look like a 1280×1024 CRT from 1998. That takes some skills, right there. Apple has gone from far superior to the dumpster disaster that is Windows 10 to being slightly worse at fonts. Only utter gobshites could fail that hard.

Maybe they really are trying to simulate a tty from 1972 with this new font destruction initiative? You know it’s bad when even the normals are noticing, which seems to be happening.

Oct 16


On immigration, both the left and the right are just unbelievably, heinously delusional, believing (or at least virtue signaling in that direction) absurd ideas that don’t and never could work in the real world, that bear no resemblance at all to any possibly reality. At a first estimate I think the right is a great deal crueler, but how the left uses immigrants (the more “undocumented” the better) as mascots and such is also nearly as vile in some important ways. Also, the left is far more likely to ask, “But who will wipe nana’s bum?” when talking about immigration, which just makes me incandescently enraged.

The whole immigration debate causes me to despair of anyone caring about evidence or actual people rather than ticking the right ideological box in front of their peers.

Oct 16

Of the Dems

Of the Dems, I don’t really give a crap who wins the nom as long as it’s not Joe Biden. Damn that guy just makes me angry and has since the 1980s.