Nov 29

Cast Out

I wish there were a setting for the whole damn internet to never show me or recommend me an audiobook or podcast. I don’t want either of those things ever and wish they’d just disappear from my view altogether, but leaving them where others could still enjoy them.

I need both of those things completely edited out of my reality.

Nov 29

Fly or Die

Oh fuck no:

I’m kicking the co-pilot out the plane without a damn parachute. The tech future I’d imagined as a kid was pretty great, and eminently possible; the actual future is dreadful and anti-human. The glorious solarpunk visions were actively quashed, while the “unrealistic” dismal thanatopsistic future of unrelenting surveillance and control ended up being the actual reality — the reality we made and that all too many people are perfectly content with.

It didn’t have to be this way. But it is.

Nov 28

Buff Ain’t What

Fat Acceptance dingbats be like, She’s not hefty enough to stop a charging water buffalo dead in its tracks, must have an eating disorder. Now get me three more Big Macs and a couple milkshakes, I’m going into starvation mode!

Nov 28

Don’t Aren’t

Really, fuck smartphones and fuck cloud everything.

If we lived in a better world they’d both be great. But we don’t and they aren’t.

Nov 28


I failed the salary number guessing game.

Bullet dodged. They were looking for someone desperate. That is the only reason to pull something like that. As someone in the comments points out 60 hours a week for $60K a year is about $20 per hour. Here in California (as the person also observes), you can start out at In ‘n Out Burger for that wage. At the wage they actually wanted to scam him ($50K) with you’d make a good bit more at the burger place.

Amazing companies still try this shit when salary info is comparatively easy to find.

Nov 28


I agree with this person that most of the RTO push is about this, and not the oft-proffered excuses of commercial real estate or productivity:

A whole class of sociopathic extroverts lost their way to power and are desperately attempting to get it back. That, in the main, is what is going on here.