Mar 24


Too many women’s advice to men: Date who you’re not attracted to, because it benefits me.

Women’s reaction to being told the same: You’re a horrible misogynist sexist for suggesting I date anyone I’m not attracted to! How dare you!

Makes no damn sense.

Mar 24


Maybe because I began my life in a trailer park, a lot of rich people shit just does not appeal to me. I do not need a wine cellar and seven bathrooms. How the hell am I going to use seven bathrooms? What is the point of that, even for bragging rights?

It’s not sour grapes. Just a whole bunch of crap rich people seem to be into is completely unappealing to me. It’s actively louche and horrible. Do. Not. Want.

Mar 24

Hyp Dec

How to develop attraction to post-menopausal women?

The advice mostly isn’t bad, but it is funny many women giving advice to a guy to be attracted to people he’s not attracted to, but woe fucking betide you if you suggest a woman date someone she isn’t attracted to. We’ve seen that enough, haven’t we?

But dating is all about hypocrisy and deception, so….fits.

My advice is date who the fuck you want as long as they are above the age of majority. Ignore everything else. Ain’t nobody like that, though. Which is how you know it’s right.

Mar 24

Slow Kill

It’s kind of shocking when you realize how many people are using “Fat Acceptance” and “Body Positivity” to just gradually kill themselves with food and overconsumption while hiding behind some social justification and even celebration of their slow-motion suicides.

Mar 24

I Said

Long COVID is neither as common nor as severe as initially feared.

Who said this a long time ago? Me. Who was right? Me. Funny, keeps happening.

That many (like assclown Ian Welsh) claimed Long Covid would end civilization was FUCKING LUDICROUS.

One study of patients in an Israeli health network looked at the incidence of 70 commonly reported long COVID symptoms in 150,000 patients. The researchers found that patients who’d been infected were more likely than people in a control group to suffer for extended periods from certain symptoms, in particular loss of taste and smell, concentration and memory problems, difficulty breathing, weakness, hair loss, palpitations, and chest pain. But the difference between the infected and controls largely disappeared by the end of the first year, and to the extent that they remained, they affected a relatively small number of patients. For instance, 407 of the COVID patients reported having persistent concentration and memory problems at the end of the first year, while 276 of the controls also did. That meant that for every 10,000 people, only about 13 had cognitive difficulties that were attributable specifically to COVID

Yeah, that’s about what I’d expect from a fairly standard coronavirus like SARS-COV-2. I know it makes the Covidians angry. That said, Long Covid is indeed real, but it doesn’t worry me because it’s not at all common and Long Covid is often misattributed. Hint: just because someone got Covid and they later had problems doesn’t mean Covid was causative. For instance an acquaintance got Covid and later was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Did Covid cause the cancer? Probably the fuck not.

Often, Covidian logic is as atrocious as that of the anti-vaxxers. Sadly enough.