Jun 28

Go Back

When you think about it, it’s really fucking weird that we’re making romantic disappointment into a near crime.

Jun 28


That’s not VGA! That’s a serial (DB9) to console (RJ45) adapter, usually used to connect to routers and switches. Quite useful! I have several and used to carry them around all the time to connect to Cisco gear and such. Not as useful anymore now that laptops don’t have serial ports. Different pinout than Ethernet, too.

Jun 28


This is why we’re also supposed to pretend there’s no such thing as biological sex, that the fact that something is “just a construct” matters that much, and that all outcomes of algorithmically-mediated “choice” are equally valid.

Jun 27

Possa Bill

The idea that it’s impossible to lose weight is belied by all the people who do.

I know the statistics. But that some people do it, and fairly easily, shows that the “impossible” narrative is missing a lot. I myself lost more than 25% of my body weight more than a decade ago and have kept it off since.

It wasn’t even that hard. I know that I’m a bad comparison because I’m as stubborn as a rampaging hippopotamus, but other people do it too. Not so “impossible,” then.

Jun 27


People trying to make the virus into a moral judgement are just as delusional as the “V-shaped recovery” disphits. I am glad Zeynep is pushing back against the clueless liberal “stay inside infinitely” views. That we fucked up the pandemic response doesn’t mean we can just stay indoors forever.

That was never the plan and couldn’t work, anyway.

Jun 27

Failed It

We should be concentrating more on finding and punishing people like Larry Nassar — you just know that has to be happening at tons of other places — and less on the poor wittle hurt feelings of relatively well-off white women above the age of majority who thought they’d use their sexuality to get a leg up and failed at it.

Of course, that won’t happen. But I wish.

Jun 27


The feminist/progressive consensus is moving to the idea that women aren’t adults until 30-35. World’s a lot easier when you don’t have to take responsbility for anything.

Jun 27


All that history is being erased now. The scope of the elite/expert failure was immense. The Washington Post at the start of the pandemic averred that mask-wearing was a superstition, no different than throwing salt over your shoulder.

Those people all still have jobs.