May 24

Social Ret

Why doesn’t children’s suffering make me sad, but I can’t even think about animals suffering?

Because you’re socially retarded, like many people are now who act and behave the same. It’s a symptom of a diseased society. Don’t get me wrong — I don’t think animals should suffer either. But I do see people say shit all the time like, “I’m fine with humans getting slaughtered left and right in this film, but if a dog gets hurt I can’t watch it!”

And you just know they’d be that way about real life, too. A sick society produces sick people.

May 24


Are commercial “third places” a dying breed?

They are. I remember when Starbucks used to have chairs and even comfy couches in the 1990s. Now they are concrete brutalist nightmares that obviously want no one to spend time there. The entire design motif is based on getting you to flee as hastily as possible.

Malls now complain and kick you out if you “loiter,” especially if you are under 18 (though I have been kicked out of a mall for sitting down when I was well over 18 and had a valid movie ticket). I remember when the whole fucking point of malls was to loiter and hang out. What the hell are we even doing here?

And a lot of PMC libs still like to believe corporations love them. It is so absurd to behold. I also was going to go on another rant about how Haidt is right about his thesis and how the above is related, but I’ll save that for another post (also, anyone who thinks Haidt is wrong is an enormous dumbass, but that is obvious).

May 23


Yes, we all receive eagles when we turn 18. The rich get bald eagles and those on the poorer side only get pygmy eagles, though you can upgrade later. It’s a whole thing here.

I called my eagle Squawkmaster.