Oct 24


She has so much energy she makes me tired. If pandemic ever eases, I’d love to see her.

Oct 24

Funny Business

Not quite. It’s just that they don’t care if you live or die. What they do want to die is the small and medium-size businesses they don’t own or otherwise control.

That’s what’s going on here.

Oct 23

Not Working

Out of Work in America.

That is some good, worthwhile journalism and I think it’s important to read these stories. Also, it shows that so many of the liberal pieties and platitudes are just so much pish-posh. (Including the “stay inside forever” one, but not only that.)

So much joblessness and pain in this country; the depression is very much still upon us.

Oct 23

Swiss Misses

Hmm, let’s see.

1) Call with Lenin.

2) Weekend with Swiss blonde twins.

I know, difficult choice. How could one ever decide what to do? I would have to spend literally femtoseconds before I made my decision (and it would not be stodgy-ass Lenin).

Oct 23

Zoom Off

Fuck Zoom. I am not social but I hate all video calls, though I understand they are better for the disabled.

But if I never did another video call or conference in my life, I’d be happy. For me it’s in person — especially for conferences and the like — or why bother. I get absolutely nothing out of video calls.

Oct 23

Systems Is

From what I’ve seen during the pandemic, high school and college should definitely scrap algebra and calculus and spend 6-8 years teaching intensive classes on systems thinking and real-world risk assessment.

That’s a great idea. Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before. We won’t, because of the illusions of quantification we wish to believe. But we should.

Oct 22


One of the reasons I like Emily and her science writing is that she’s not a “quant is all that matters” writer and doesn’t think feelings of awe, wonder and joy are the Devil’s Temptations, as many in the science and science-adjacent communities do.

I’m not an Excel spreadsheet. No one is. But some people seem to wish they were.

Oct 22


Glitter is an environmental abomination. It’s time to stop using it.

Now the libs are coming for…glitter? This is so inconsequential as to what actually matters environmentally that I’m having trouble even getting up the animus to write about it.

They just like targeting fun or useful things. Useful: plastic straws. Fun: glitter.

That’s all it’s about, performative moralizing. Can’t conquer the fucking galaxy with these assclowns.

Oct 22


It also mystifies me that so many liberals think “just stay inside forever” is a possible solution to anything.

What happened to these people to make them this way?