Feb 16

5 Alive

I’m a 5, too, unless I think really hard about something visual then maybe I can kind of see it…but it’s still more of a concept than anything visual. I am just not a visual thinker in any way.

Feb 16

Algo Runs

There are dipshit mooks who argue that it’s unethical to date someone who is even in the same industry you are.

The algorithms are basically nearly literally running them. They have no independent minds at all. (And most of them are women, because they are the most interested in eliminating dating marking competition.)

Feb 16


All part of the propaganda push. You’ll see much more of this. They’re just angry they can’t tar him with the antisemitism charge as they did with Corbyn since Bernie is actually Jewish. They might try anyway, though.

Feb 16


“Polycule” is a terrible term. It’s a designation that just screams the progressive contract obsession and cognitive limitations embedded therein. It’s something you’d call the infection your cat has caught, or perhaps a barely-visible aquatic life form.

Fucking “polycule.” Give me a break. It’s a blend of Greek and Latin, too, which makes it all the more heinous. (“Poly-” is Greek and “-cule” is Latin. Shitheels.)

Feb 16

Viridian Verge

Many people rightly want to change the ways in which the world is unfair to them. What they don’t realize, though, is that they then transition into a state where they then become the receivers of ways the world has been unfair to others — others they thought they wanted to be like. Observed from the outside, the disappointment is apparent as they realize that the world is unfair on many, many different axes and the grass might be a little greener but is still full of dogshit.

Feb 16

The Rhythm

Thinking about how progressivism and feminism has become, unwittingly, about reifying the desires, simplifications and approximations of algorithms.

That might be the first truly original thought I’ve had in a few years and gives me a new lens to examine the world; the true AI threat is already here and it’s effectively invisible.

Feb 16


But some whiny-ass motherfuckers with good insurance are complaining they might have to wait in line 10 minutes longer under a system that wasn’t killing dozens of thousands of people a year.

I wonder if they know how much they sound like monsters.