Mar 27








Was slightly harder today. Took me three guesses and 1.5 minutes. Got lucky with the first guess; having a letter in the right position already makes it 1,000x  easier. This cuts down the possibility space immensely.

Mar 27

Pretty Recent

Yeah. I’m old enough now to remember when some glorious, extremely authentic ancient traditions of cultures that we should not appropriate were invented. And it was like when I 10.

As I’ve said many times before, most Extremely Ancient, Definitiely Inviolable traditions are less than 100 years old. Culture changes. Whiny babies cry. It’s just life.

Mar 27

Wish Like

What are some things you wish you liked but just do not?

Mine are audiobooks and anime. I can’t tolerate either one but I see how much many people dig them and wish I could too. But no matter how many times I try I just hate both. I’ve figured out neither one of those things is for me.

Mar 26

Life Ex

Yes! I do think that’s a large part of it. A very large part.

Many Gen Z types in their 20s remind me emotionally and maturity-wise of where earlier gens were at when age 10-13 or so. They have no life experience, don’t know how to do anything, have never been through an aversive event even once, and have relied on helicopter and snowplow parents even into their mid-20s.

So, of course, unlike previous generations even if 26 they are basically still children. Not all of Gen Z, of course. But certainly the ones most likely to write oddball crap like a 22-year-old dating a 30-year-old is child abuse. When you look at claims like that in the light of just how little actual life experience much of Gen Z has, it makes a whole lot more sense.

Because many of them are mentally children compared to past generations, no matter their chronological age.

Mar 26


I can’t remember where I saw it, but yesterday I read some crazy clown crap about how people who’ve worked hard to be fit and slim would be mad about Ozempic. Supposedly, fit people would be devastated that others could now just take a pill and achieve the same results.

As a person who has worked hard to be fit and slim, I think that people can do the same with a pill is great! I hope everyone who wants Ozempic gets it and it works very well for them. We’ve needed something like it for a long time. And that it pisses the Fat Acceptance movement off is also a nice side benefit, too.

So no, most likely no one is angry that Ozempic is helping people. Well, except the Fat Acceptance movement. Then again, they get upset about being told things like that weighing 500 pounds isn’t healthy and that eating 5,000 calories per meal isn’t actually very balanced nutrition-wise. So who really cares?

Mar 25

That Day

I’m reading an oral history of 9/11. It’s pretty good.

On 9/11 I worked at AT&T doing phone support. The TVs mounted on the walls of the call center had CNN on 24/7. I was on shift that morning and I watched the report of the first plane hitting the WTC soon after it happened. I was surprised when the network cut away to some trivial story and made a comment on that odd decision. My co-workers asked why I was bothered that CNN had gone on to something else since what had happened was just an accident. I said, “No one crashes a plane into the tallest building around on a clear blue day on accident. That was likely terrorism and we’re under some kind of attack.”

All of them scoffed at me. Twenty or so minutes later the second plane hit; the scorn came to a screeching halt and the usual questions about how I had possibly known what was very fucking obvious ensued.

Then all devolved into chaos as the federal government basically seized all of AT&T’s communication infrastructure due to the national emergency.

Mar 25


A super weird thing about the Covidians is that they insist there were no real lockdowns anywhere. When questioned about what a “real lockdown” would look like, they are maddeningly evasive and do not give a comprehensible answer.

It appears that their reasoning (if it can be called that) is happening in reverse. That is:

1) Covid did not disappear.

2) Lockdowns (somehow) would’ve eradicated Covid.

3) Therefore, there were no real lockdowns.

Of course here in the real world, we know that lockdown was an actual fact in many countries and did not eradicate Covid as, for one, humans are not the only reservoir for the virus. Not to mention the fact that lockdowns were never intended to do what the Covidians claim they were and they harmed millions greatly — which the Covidians also deny.

Once you understand that there are tons of unexpressed religious feelings needing redirection in society, you begin to understand much.