Oct 22

NJ Type Stuff

I’ve seen quite a few money laundering fronts like this. One was even in a building where I worked — a hair salon that was open sporadic hours and never had any customers.

Also, when I had to be in NJ for a work engagement one time, I walked into a restaurant near my hotel and saw a bunch of sketchy-looking but well-dressed dudes hanging around. I noticed there were no other customers, nodded at the sketchy guys and walked right on out. Obvious front. I believe they were Russian, though, not Italian.

I didn’t feel in danger, and I am sure someone would’ve made me some kind of food. But it wouldn’t have been worth a damn most likely. So I went elsewhere.

Oct 21

Set On

I wish there were some setting for email that was, “If you’re sending me anything about any online or virtual conference, don’t fucking bother.”

Oct 21

High Traffic

This is a really strange and interesting phenomenon, how many white mostly upper-middle-class women that most traffickers would not want to be anywhere near believe they are “almost trafficked” 3-4 times a week.

This is a progressive version of conspiracy theorizing, I believe. It makes one feel important and desirable. (“I’m so lovely and wonderful traffickers try to take me all the time.”) It’s also quite pitiful and sad and is another bit of data that makes me wonder how we’ve managed to go so wrong as a society.

Oct 21


True. The term “Deep State” became verboten when Bannon and Trump started using it. Prior to that it was a very common and accepted term and thought structure oft-discussed by the very people who later labeled it a conspirary theory.

Of course there is a deep state. In any long-lived nation there always is, without exception.

Oct 21

Not the Best Airline

Quants are weird, man. They are the only people in the world who will deny their own lived experiences (if they crawl out of their cave at all) in favor of the “data.”

“I’m not starving, some government report says there is plenty of food!” I think these types are the source of a lot of the anti-human sentiment.

Oct 21

Shelve the BS

What the hell happened to Dean Baker? I guess everyone is wrong sometimes, but all he has to do is go to a fucking store to see that he is full of bullshit.

I’ve been to grocery stores lately where entire shelves are empty. Just not a thing on them. Other stores have similar shortages. Why do these “data” types never believe any real-world evidence and only what their usually-bogus quantifications tell them?

This is a persistent problem with academics, even ones that I like. But just because I like you doesn’t mean I won’t call BS when you’re spouting it. That’s why I am such a popular guy.

Oct 20

100 to Now

Just thinking about how when I joined the Army, I had $100 in cash that my grandmother gave me and that was it.

Life is so much better now.