Apr 18

Down With Lockdown

That, and it signals that other vital parts of society have completely disintegrated because the “permanent lockdown” mentality is not what a collective response looks like — unless you consider solitary confinement to also be a community-oriented response.

Apr 17

Find Calc

Think about the quickest way to get a calculator because I am completely and utterly incapable of doing math of any kind in my head.

Apr 17

No Style

Lockdown lifers and pod-worshipping libs are already squirming out of the walls to tell us we will have to live lockdown style forever:

That was inevitable of course. Expect the drumbeat to get much louder. Of course, none of what they advocate is really necessary — we have the technology to live better, do better, be better. But it’s so much more appealing to many to take the diminished ascetic path, because to them penurious repentance feels like justice.

Apr 17


It’s a really weird idea that people can and should endure lockdowns for months and months at a time. No one is built for that.

So much for “flatten the curve.” Going to be some interesting long-term mental health consequences of all this.

Apr 17


I agree, Charlize Theron was very good indeed in The Devil’s Advocate.

Left to her own devices in big, scary Manhattan, a neglected Theron begins to succumb to demonic visions. As her character spirals into madness and desperation, the actress conjures a tempest of raw emotion completely out of sync with the otherwise tongue-in-cheek nature of the proceedings

She redeemed the movie for me and made me watch parts of it twice (uh, specifically, the parts with her in it). I’d already seen her in 2 Days in the Valley, but at the time — because I was younger and shallower — I wrote her off as too pretty to be serious. (Yeah, that’s the kind of stupid shit I thought then).

Anyway, she was almost unrecognizable between the two films. 2 Days in the Valley:

Devil’s Advocate:

Apr 16

How Long

How long before the liberals define any sex as “trafficking?” Doesn’t seem that far off, really.

Apr 16

Banned Aid

I remember about 25 years ago when “experts” confidently predicted we’d never have the solar and wind generation capacity that we had…a decade ago (It’s way more now).

Got banned from forums for disagreeing with those mooks.