Jan 15


That always makes me laugh. Techbros “invent” shit all the time that I used on a BBS in 1986.

Jan 15

You Say You Want A


Of course that was the goal of the dozen or so serious people there in the scrum of galoots, galumphers and gadabouts.

It’s amazing that it takes normals more than a week to determine something I was able to acurrately assess in 10 seconds of looking at videos.

Jan 14

Shot On Goal

Lockdown goal achieved. This is exactly why it has lasted so pointlessly long.

Jan 14


Facebook should be nuked from orbit and every high-level exec there barred from doing anything in that field again.

Been saying that for years. And I’ve been right for years. Where ya’ll been at?

Jan 14


Of course they trained. The congressmembers were evacuated much faster than the insurrectionists thought would occur and some of their own people got in the way. The serious ones were using these doofuses for cover so they couldn’t advance beyond them much. It was obviously a planned op using opportunists and good-time goons to decoy themselves. As far as that goes, it was a smart tactic but it did not allow for speed and that’s why it failed.

They thought they’d get in and start taking hostages and killing within 2-3 minutes. Instead, it took them more than 10, which was both a lucky failure of mission planning, mostly due to lack of experience with understanding how such operations proceed, and an example of rare competence on the part of those coordinating the evacuation.

What I would’ve done if I’d been planning this operation is minimal weaponry and dressing like the biggest dipshits around, with light body armor concealed under my doofus regalia, and gone in with a real party goon atmosphere running through the halls as part of the first wave, encouraging those who were just there for a riot party to follow along so they could still act as clueless decoys while I moved as fast as possible. Speed is everything in these sorts of things and they didn’t take that into account.

Luckily for us, any variant of the plan above would only work once, and they blew their shot. They weren’t smart — rather stupid, actually — but their strategy overall was not bad.

Jan 13

Up Down All Around

Oh, of course. Lockdowns are showing how much power can be wielded and what it can achieve, and how easy it was to hoodwink all too many and destroy “pesky” businesses.

Lockdowns will be around a long, long time.

Jan 13

Scylla and Charybdis

Even though I support Trump and many of his violent-ass supporters being banned from most platforms, the efficacy of this shows that the large tech companies have entirely too much power and nearly full control over the public commons.

This is not a good thing at all. I don’t have a lot of practicable answers for how to correct this vast imbalance of power. Breaking up these companies, though necessary, isn’t enough. The network effect will always be what it is, inexorably.

We have created a monster we can’t tame, control, or expel. That worries me as much as an attempted coup.