Jun 29

Told Ye Told Ye

The Long, Unhappy History of Working From Home. As the coronavirus keeps spreading, employers are convinced remote work has a bright future. Decades of setbacks suggest otherwise.

I told you the MBAs were going to push back against working from home, and hard. This is only the first shot in the propaganda campaign to come.

Within two years, most of the “work from home” gains will be reversed. Sooner if there is a vaccine before that time.

Jun 29

Mask Care Uh

No, the biggest mistake was spending two months lying about the efficacy of masks, saying that they didn’t work, all the while many “progressives” claimed wearing a mask and social distancing was racism.

This was the root of the problem.

Jun 29


Was talking with a friend of mine about another no-win bind for men.

If you help a woman out with anything, you’re assumed to have ulterior motives, no matter your actual reasons or that you happen to be a decent person. However, if you don’t help a woman, you’re then deemed a cold and uncaring bastard.

Of course, women have tons of no-win binds, too! I’m not saying they don’t. But these no-win situations for men aren’t often discussed.

There’s been more than few times I’ve not helped a woman when I could have because I didn’t want her or anyone to question my motives.

Jun 28


Great advice for dealing with cancel culture:

Very similar to what I deduced myself.

Jun 28

Knowing When

Doctors and their advice have been co-opted by various industries, so most of their general advice is wrong to only accidentally correct. Their specific advice (which is not usually doled out to civilians) is typically correct. So, they can tell you the merits of using fibrin and cyanoacrylate adhesive to seal arterial sutures, but for diet and nutrition advice they are actively harmful.

One of the most valuable twenty-first century skills is knowing enough to know when to depend on experts and when to ignore them completely.

Jun 28


Having matching plates and silverware and owning knives without rotting wooden handles from the 1940s.

Jun 28

Carpe Crisis

I think there’s some merit to this idea, though it’s more a matter of seizing an existing opportunity.

I’m starting to get the idea that some governments (okay, just about all of them) are instrumentalizing Coronavirus (however dangerous it is) to reinforce and strengthen austerity. This isn’t the end of austerity but its final victory as most societies are ruthlessly third-worlded.

The plutes will never fail to take the opportunity to hoover up more wealth if they can. In the US, Fed “stimulus” combined with de facto austerity for states and municipalities will mean that more and more of the nation is owned by the super-wealthy. This wasn’t a necessary outcome but it’s the one that occurred and is occurring. I don’t see anything standing in the way of this trend; in fact, I expect it to worsen as we’re only in the first year of the two- to four-year long Pandemic Depression.

There is not likely to be a New New Deal.

So: bad times ahead, most likely.

Jun 28

Wielding Mask

It’s a sign that feminism has won a bit that we are making romantic disappointment into a near crime. So, in a way, it’s hopeful. Those who have power inevitably misapply it, and this is no exception.

Women I think experience more romantic disappointment than men while men experience far more upfront rejection. Which letdown is seen as worse mirrors who wields power. It makes a lot of sense in that light.

Jun 28

Biz Idea

I think this is ok, but probably most of the super-spreader events occur at non-business gathering places such as private parties, church services and the like. This would help with restaurant spread, though, which is not nothing. But I bet these days not a lot of spreading is happening in restaurants so I’m only guessing a 10% case reduction or so.