May 26


I think I underestimated the extent that RTO was just a sneaky lonely extrovert bailout plan. It’s not only that, of course, but it has been an unfortunately large part of the RTO push.

As I’ve said plenty of times, I will never work in an office again. I’ll return to daytrading before I’d do that. There’s nothing as destructive to productivity as in-office “work” — except perhaps being eaten by hyenas, etc.

May 25


I realized today that a lot of fields are mostly about saving people from their bad ideas. My field — IT — certainly is. I spend more of my time doing this than any other single activity.

From what I’ve heard this is also true of law, insurance, engineering, and accounting. And I am sure many others. Humans are very weird.

May 25

Not Born That Way

Most people with good social skills don’t realize that those are learned — they just don’t understand that they acquired them early, through natural interactions with peers, and in fact they were not (mostly) born that way.

Those like me who had few natural interactions with peers, who were shunned and hated, but who later learned to have high-level social capabilities know 100% that those skills are learned. Because we did it the fucking hard way when we were much older and when rejection stings that much more intensely. And it was worth doing but damn it was difficult.

The privilege of the properly-socialized is that they don’t understand they have privilege at all; try being raised by wolves in a social hellscape and see how you like it. (Obligatory “You wouldn’t last an hour in the asylum where I was raised.”)

May 25


These days if I were in the forest and had to choose between a man, woman and a bear, I’d also choose the bear. So I get it.

May 25


What immediately spoils a hamburger for you?

When a dinosaur steals it and I have to fight the dinosaur and it becomes this whole ordeal. Then after I defeat the dinosaur in honorable combat, as it lays dying I discover that it has dinosaur kids so I must become a dinosaur father and raise a family of little dino babies.

That’s what immediately spoils a burger for me personally, not sure about you.

May 24


Weighing in on “Man or Bear.”

Good article. I wanted to highlight, though, something that I think a lot of women don’t realize: men are also in danger around unknown men, though not (usually) in the sexual realm, unless in prison. Dealing with unverified men is extremely perilous for us as well. We just do stuff anyway. Is higher risk tolerance nurture or nature? I don’t know but it’s certain men in our society do have that.

For instance, my paratrooper buddies and I went to a neighborhood in Cairo we were specifically told not to enter because we were told we should not go there. (And the advice was correct! We left at a full sprint with some dudes with knives chasing us. Lord, paratrooper shit. How am I even alive.) Won’t see many women partaking of that kind of insanity, though.

I appreciate she does not paint all men as demons as so many women and as nearly all strains of modern feminism do. That is much appreciated and it really elevates my opinion of her ideas and experiences.