Aug 13

Mod Date

Yep. Most “liberals” seem to only want to allow people born on the exact same birth date and birth year to date — as long as they don’t work in the same industry (much less company), don’t live in the same city, don’t have the same friend group, have never been associated in any way, and don’t ever actually see each other (could create a power differential), don’t like sex and didn’t meet in person.

The sad part is that I’m only exaggerating a little above. How do people get like this? Do they just like worshipping the algorithm and corporate priorities, or do they not realize that’s what they are doing?

Aug 12

Been There

It turns out I’m not lust-proof.

I’ve been where this guy was, assuming I was innately unlovable and undesirable. These days, lots of women flirt with me because I’m pretty damn hot. It used to be very, very different, though. I’ve sometimes not realized a woman was flirting with me until years after it happened. Being bullied and treated like trash growing up will do that to you. You just learn to assume anyone being obviously nice to you or flirting with you is trying to trick you, to hurt you, to bait you into doing something that shows vulnerability. Most of the time, you just don’t notice at all.

Yeah, been there. Good for both of them.

Aug 09

Arrest Rest

Yet another thing that “couldn’t happen” happening.

Aug 07


I miss when phones had keyboards like this:

That was so vastly, vastly superior to touchscreen anything. How did we settle on such a fucking terrible default?

Aug 07

Not Found in Excel

Yep. Too many PMC types want to quantify everything, to have an Excel-spreadsheet-based reason they like something or want to do something. That’s a terrible way to live life, though, and one that doesn’t lead to happiness or fulfillment. Glad I moved past that stage of my thinking when I was like 10. Very fucking glad.

Aug 07



Cloud ideas are very old — it just used to be called something else. “Cloud” became propaganda more to seize control than cheaper/more useful in many cases.

The true advantage of the Cloud is speed of deployment, and that is real. A lot of the rest is just lies or propagandistic distortions.

Aug 07

Wheel Flaky

I matched with a kinky girl in a wheelchair. Should I go for it?

I nearly dated a woman in a wheelchair, many years ago. I say “nearly” because she flaked out on me at the last minute. I think she was more worried about me worrying about her being disabled than I was. (I didn’t care in the least.) Which, understandable, given the reactions I’m sure she’d gotten over the years.

I tend not to dwell on “what could have been” — mainly since my partner is so wonderful — but I do hope she found someone. She seemed pretty cool.

Aug 06

Declines, Inevitable

Exactly. It’ll take a few years, but red states are going to be complete hellholes compared to blue states. That’s just what’s gonna happen.