Feb 28

General Approach

I have a really great life.

Tonight, an intelligent, beautiful and kind woman woke me up from a nap to tell me pizza was ready. Bet none of my bullies and tormentors from middle and early high school are getting that treatment. And I get it on the regular.

Yeah, the news is in: I rule.

Feb 28

Danger Close

As opposed to movies, a lot of combat looks like this. Especially if you have good close air support. Notice how much laughing and joking there is, even while they are actively being shot at. I’ve been told that “doesn’t happen” when of course it is the default state. Don’t believe movies. They are mostly BS.

God the A-10 is such a great plane. This person said it best I think:

Feb 27

Design by Clown

25+ years of exp. Rookie mistake.

I’ve turned off a prod blade server like this by accident too. Those power switches are very poorly placed. Absolute clownish design. Luckily that particular prod server was doing very little and no user noticed the issue. I still told my manager at the time I did it just in case.

Feb 27


Is there even a thing called unsolicited boob pic?

Yes. Way back when Craigslist used to have personals, a woman I’d exchanged all of two emails with decided to send me some nude photos, completely unasked for and not related to any previous interaction we’d had. No idea why — we’d barely chatted.

I told her that I wasn’t really looking for anything like that just yet as I didn’t really know her. She ghosted me after that, but so what? Obviously not a match.

But it does happen.