May 21

No End

The End of Meat Is Here. If you care about the working poor, about racial justice, and about climate change, you have to stop eating animals.

More doofy dipshits using the pandemic to push their preferred societal alterations.

I will never give up eating meat because I don’t enjoy feeling like garbage and being malnourished all the time. There is nothing that could make me give up eating meat.

That said, we should improve the labor and animal welfare situation. I am all for this.

May 21


I don’t know much if anything about Hayley Williams, though I like a few of Paramore’s songs. But I like this thread just because of how genuine it is. I felt this way about Tanya Donelly for many years, for much the same reasons.

May 20

Hating It

I’m a bad programmer because I don’t and probably never will understand deeply why anything works. I try things until they function and that’s all.

I really hate programming.

May 20

All The Same

We’ve been at war for almost 20 years. Most Americans have been fine with that — both all our troops dying and killing hundreds of thousands of others, mostly civilians.

Why wouldn’t they be fine with thousands more dying a little closer to home?

May 20


That’s an AK-102 clone of some sort, but yeah, total coward loser.

Also, the safety is off and the fire selector is set to “fire” (meaning that if the trigger gets snagged on something or that the kid it’s pointed out reaches out to touch it, it’d fire). And it’s pointed right at someone, as mentioned. About what I’d expect to to see with these types.

May 20

Yes I Can

This kind of shit is why I love having some money.

Not at a job but a job interview one time. It was going terribly wrong. The interviewer was a jerk and I was done with it all. I said, “Well, I’m leaving. This isn’t going to work out.”

He said, shocked, “Wait, you can’t just leave!”

I stood up, looked at him and said, “Yes I can” and walked right on out of there onto the street, smiling. Can’t pull that kind of crap unless you have funds enough that you aren’t desperate for a job. I’m incredibly lucky and I appreciate my good fortune and I will and do use it to put schmucks like that in their place.

May 20


A reminder: three months ago or so, our “experts” were telling us that masks were useless, not wanting to shake hands was racist, and restricting travel was too.

Now think about that the next time those experts tell you something.

May 20

Killing G

Why You Should Think of Risk as a Spectrum.

Finally, some sense.

But there’s no simple equivalent for our current problem, which is avoiding getting sick with COVID-19 and trying not to be a stepping stone for the virus to spread from one person to another. If you can’t abide by strict stay-at-home rules (which were only ever supposed to be a short term fix, and are certainly not an easy way to live one’s whole life), it’s time to start thinking of risk as a spectrum.

But the libs say if you don’t want to stay at home for years, you wanna kill GRAMMMMAAAAA. And why do you want to kill gramma, you gramma-killer?

More seriously, she’s right. The lockdowns were only supposed to be a temporary fix. At most, society can sustain those for 2-3 months before the economy flies apart like a washing machine that you throw a brick into when it’s on spin cycle.

I don’t really give a fuck about the deontological fantasies of the liberals. They have no clue about anything. I’ve seen many of them advocating two-year-long lockdowns. Ok, then. Hope they enjoy feasting on the leather from their own shoes at that point.