Aug 08


Trans ideology is mostly senseless, but it’s only marginally more senseless than the ideology it replaces.

Not that that makes it great. It just means there are two Big Stupids battling it out, while normal-ish people cringe on the sidelines.

Aug 08

La Fuck

Yeah. Fuck putting on professional airs all the time. Fuck this, fuck that, fuck all ya’ll.

Send it to my boss, his boss. I do not give a fuck.

Aug 08

Only Hobby

I agree. As with many conservatives, I think the prissiness and prudishness then becomes a devoted hobby for these types.

Aug 08


Why are libs so fucking obsessed with this identity bullshittery? They claim not to be nationalistic but cling to artificially-created utterly illusional neoliberal identities like it’s going to save them.

Ok, then, I’ll go:

1) Galactic Fucking Overlord

2) Galactic Fucking Overlord

3) Galactic Fucking Overlord

Aug 08


Grizzled veteran of the tech support wars: Solve a problem in five minutes the user and their entire IT team has been working on for weeks, then both the user and the IT team get angry at you, because you’ve embarrassed them and accidentally made them look bad in front of their bosses.

That’s my life.

Aug 08

Byoo Teeeeee

I was thinking about aesthetics today and obesity. And now that I think about it more deeply, much of the pushback against the reality of the harm of obesity is not about health, but the desire to be thought beautiful/attractive even though obesity is very destructive of that actuality and its claim to exist.

Because, as almost everyone knows, the absolute quickest, most surefire way to suddenly become hugely more attractive is to lose weight. And I suspect a lot of that is evolutionary, not cultural (though culture modifies it and its parameters, and it’s more complex than my gloss above).

So a lot of the Fat Acceptance movement truly does not care about health, but because losing weight is so hard for so many it attempts instead to cack-handedly modify the perception of others rather than to work on improving themselves.

Alas, for the most part, modifying the perception of other people who don’t really care about you or your particular psychoses is even more difficult than modifying and improving one’s self.

Aug 08


Fuck Sarah Jeong. I will always, always hate her for what she did to Naomi Wu. Again, fuck Sarah Jeong.

That she’s also a complete idiot is some sort of revenge.

Aug 08


Assclown Dems screaming about Russia; meanwhile, Chinese propaganda pervades the US. Why? China had made many, many Americans very rich, and made the already-rich wealthier.

Aug 08


Cherry Coke Zero is basically impossible to find anymore due to the pandemic shortages.

This will not stand! My blood type is Cherry Coke Zero. I need that stuff.