Nov 14

Material Dep

Fucking nailed it. What academia writes and cares about and what’s happening in the rest of the world are often drastically far apart. Usually is, in fact. Classism means that 99.9% of people never get the opportunities they are capable of to even go into academia to write about how someone looked down on them for not knowing to use the salad fork.

Nov 14


According to Drum and Marcotte and other ACA die-hards, that’s lies, all lies! The facts are traitors and Obamacare is a flawless revelation sent to us straight from heaven. Lived experience doesn’t matter. Prices don’t matter. People dying don’t matter. What matters is that St. Obama gave us what we deserved and we should be thankful (while perishing in a slow, protracted death from lack of insulin).

Nov 13

Regressive Pro

This is the world many progressives wish for us to return to:

In most parts of the United States people were virtually without fresh fruit and green vegetables from late autumn to late spring. During this time they consumed quantities of starches, in the form of pies, doughnuts, potatoes, and hot bread, which few would venture to absorb today. The result was that innumerable Americans were in sluggish health during the months of late winter and early spring, when their diet was short of vitamins.

That’s historian Frederick Lewis Allen from The Big Change: America Transforms Itself, 1900-50. The progressive fantasy of eating local only, regressing technologically into a world that never existed is just that — pure delusion. Most people, even the ones who clamor for that, would not want to live that way. To say that there is much wrong with our current world is true. But no one, other than for performative reasons, really wants to go back to that far worse time, though progressive brain deficiencies might cause it regardless.

Nov 13


I think the biggest human mystery to me is therapy, as in psychological therapy. I just can’t understand it at all. How does talking to anyone help? Why would you want to tell some random stranger about yourself? This is nothing that’d help me in any way. I have no idea why this is useful, and I certainly don’t want to tell anyone I don’t know well anything about anything. Just a big no to that.

In some areas, I am similar to other humans. In some areas, I am really, really different.

Nov 13


What, exactly, is Hillary Clinton doing?

Oh yeah, she’s going to run. The article is wrong. 2020 will be a mess. This time, she won’t be running to win — she’ll be running to make sure Warren and/or Sanders (if they end up on the ticket together) don’t win. (If Biden gets the nom, though, she’ll stay out.)

Nov 13

Touring Turing

Exactly what I’ve noticed. So-called AI can pass the Turing Test (or variants thereof, yes I know how the original version of the Turning Test was configured) only if the person testing the AI is very stupid.

Nov 13


The left’s aversion to nuclear power and related technology is going to end up being just as dooming to technological civilization as the right’s climate change denialism. Both will be pretty directly responsible for the deaths of billions.

Nov 13


Harley-Davidson and the culture around the company is weird because it’s the largest cosplay in the world: it’s a bunch of middle-age and elderly men pretending to be rough-and-tumble, devil-may-care bikers.

This is really, really odd when you think about it.