Jan 19

Fake Peeps

It’s not that — it’s that only homeowners are seen as “real” people, especially by other homeowners. Anyone who rents or is a student, etc., is seen as less than a full human being, so does not matter.

Jan 19


One of the actual points of the pandemic restrictions was to hollow out these small and medium-size businesses. It worked! The plutes love it and want to do it again. This is the reason restrictions will be resumed, if they ever are.

Jan 19


Crazy to me libs are still advocating for ridiculous restrictions and closures to, basically, help the unvaxxed.

Fuck the unvaxxed. Let ’em die, who cares. (The only reason to give a crap is hospital capacity, and we could solve that by mandating that if you’re unaxxed, here’s some oxygen, good luck at home!)

Jan 19

Prevaricate Not Great

That’s my conclusion, too. Despite the nearly-lying by epidemiologists that not all viruses evolve to lesser virulence, coronaviruses certainly trend that way as we’re seeing now. Why they insisted on their distortions about this, I know not; maybe to get people to comply with masking and such. I have no idea.

One simply cannot trust experts anymore for anything.

Jan 19

History Matters

Worry not, my friend! I was this clueless too.

I just assumed no one wanted me, so even a girl giving very clear signs like literally taking off her clothes and climbing into bed with me I took as, she must be too warm and sleepy, better let her sleep. I am sure the girl in question was very confused by my non-response but if she’d known my life history up to that point of people telling me how horrible and unattractive I was, I think she’d’ve understood better.