Sep 17

Equal Low

Same. A bunch of mediocre women everywhere means that gender equality is closer. Women making mediocre movies, writing mediocre books, running companies poorly or fraudulently — shit, that’s stuff men have been doing forever. When women get in on the action and don’t have to be truly exceptional to be out there is when equality is in sight.

Sep 17

Hot Times

The myths of bodyweight training.

The basic advice isn’t bad, but I disagree with “it’s a mistake to want to be hot in the first place.” I think that shouldn’t be a primary goal of weight training, but it is a worthy goal. It makes a huge difference to one’s life. She’s reacting to past trauma and yo-yo dieting, I understand, and that’s fine but she’s largely wrong in her thoughts about motivation.

Getting strong first should indeed be your priority. I do agree with her there. But working out to look better is something I’m very, very, very glad I did and it motivates me a lot. She’s making assumptions that getting hotter will not and cannot motivate anyone, which is just completely bogus. It is extremely motivating to me and to many people.

Sep 17

The Upside

Mooks are always surprised when you up and walk out of a bad job interview. Done it at least four times in my life and it always feels good.

Sep 17


GNOME to prevent theming, wider community not happy.

Open source projects are often not better — and are often even more totalitarian — than closed ones. Gnome is total trash and has been for quite a while. Will never use it if I have any other choice.

At least they aren’t pretending it’s for “security” because of course it’s not and never truly is. It’s just about control — it is when Microsoft does it, when Apple does it, and when anyone does it. People just get a thrill out of having that power. That’s all. If you believe it has a single thing to do with security ever, you’re a fucking idiot.

Sep 16

Worked Up

That’s because the vaccines fucking work. We should have mandates everywhere and for everyone except the very few who can’t get jabbed for actual real medical reasons.

Fuck your religious exemption and truly fuck the anti-vaxxers.

Sep 16


Just found out that two more of my childhood friends from North Florida are dead now, one by drunken car accident, one by suicide. Both within one month of each other. The first one was probably suicide too, knowing what I know.

Gonna be the last one standing soon enough it appears of my friend group from back then. Damn.

Sep 16

Fail Train

And yet many orgs/govs deny this is even happening or possible. Everything is a bigger failure than I ever could’ve imagined in the optimistic 1990s.