Jun 24

Up Time Time’s Up

This is true. I have in the past worked on more than a few systems with 5+ years of uptime. Was not unusual in the threat environment from 1995-2010 or so.

World has changed a lot since then.

Jun 24

Five Time

Five years old.

That was when I had to get myself up for kindergarten, dress myself, and try to find breakfast and money for lunch (often none) by myself. My dad left for work at 5AM and my mom was incapable of getting up due to what I learned later was most likely depression, but at the time I just thought she was too tired to help me.

Jun 24

Flu Out, Flu In

But the flu is worse, and you are racist if you say anything else.

That really aged well, yeah?

Jun 23


Imagine if our experts hadn’t told us that masks were useless and that social distancing was racist. Just imagine. That history is being erased now, but we shouldn’t let it happen.

Jun 23

Timed In

We are about to transition from the “really bad” to “oh shit fuck this is very fucking bad kill me now” phase of the Pandemic Depression.

Jun 23

Fa Dust

We truly are the stupidest people ever to live. Truly.

Jun 23

No Solace

This matches the experience of my childhood and young adulthood 100%. He’s not wrong even if I don’t agree with him politically on much.

Jun 23


Well, he’s not wrong. Much more is always done for show than for anything else. This is true at any time and in any human activity.

Jun 23


When you see clueless press headlines about SARS-Cov-2 and lack of antibody persistence, realize that antibody persistence is only one of four (or so) types of immunity, and that alone doesn’t mean much for sustained immunity to the virus.

The press doesn’t know much in general, and it shows.