Dec 03


Canon “L” glass. Some of those lenses are marvels.

Dec 03


A lot of so-called smart people annoy me not because they are competition, but because I wish they actually were competition.

Dec 03


Many technologies are getting worse now: the internet, operating systems, browsers, even basic infrastructure tech. There is no one explanation, but a lot of it is monopoly and pretend “free” markets.

Dec 02


Figuring out which fictions to most ardently adopt and believe in will occupy the next 20-30 years of the human experience. Humans can’t exist without the irrational, without guiding narratives, and most of these are not and cannot be based in fact.

I hope we choose wisely.

Dec 01

Fire and Remember

True. They are the only ones with any valid battlefield tactics and awareness. “Just charging in” might look cool on the screen but that’s not how real battles are fought.

Even in books this happens. For instance, a milfic book I am reading now has an armored train as part of the plot. Some combat aircraft attack it directly, despite it having extensive and effective air defense, instead of doing the logical fucking thing of blowing the tracks all to hell in front of and behind the train. Do that, it’s not going anywhere, and then you send a few JDAMs its way at your leisure without risking valuable low-flying aircraft.

But it’s way more dramatic to have the A-10s attack it directly.

In another scene in the novel, three A-10s engage in a dogfight with two SU-57s and win (destroying one and causing the other to flee). No, just no. That would never happen. Never. First of all, there’s basically no dogfighting anymore. Second, an A-10 against an SU-57 is like a kindergartner fighting Bruce Lee. The kindergartner would get punted into the sun. (The A-10 is a great combat aircraft, probably the best ground-attack aircraft ever made, but it is not a dogfighter.)

Also in the same book the author has the A-10 using afterburners. The A-10 uses the General Electric TF34 engine which has zero afterburner capability.

The book, overall, isn’t bad but it’s full of clichés and it sacrifices accuracy for drama a bit too often.

Dec 01

Empire Of None

Oh, you don’t know “progressives,” then. A lot of them believe that dating anyone outside your race (if you are white) is “imperialism” and bad because of some notional power imbalance.

We used to call that belief “racism” but the progs have made racism great again by re-branding it as protection from harm and resisting imperialism.

Nov 30

The Facts

Yep! People pretend this isn’t true, but it is.

I’ll never be over six feet tall, but about getting fitter (and I knew this would happen), I’ve noticed a huge difference in how both men and women treat me after having gone from schlubby and fairly weak to definitely looking fit and strong. And it’s a huge difference. Men are more respectful and women pay far more attention to me.

Deny it all you want, but it is what it is.

Nov 30

Health Advice

In general, some good health advice is that if it makes the Fat Acceptance groups angry, it’s probably a good thing to do, or a decent goal.

Nov 30


People really don’t update their mental images of you very quickly. Was thinking about this related to an incident that happened after I’d been in the army a few years. I’d become literally three times as physically strong as when I joined up and looked totally different, but my pre-existing friends and acquaintances were the least likely to pick up on this.

Went over to a friend’s house in North Florida and his dad was working on his dump truck. His father was a professional dump truck driver. There was some part of the tail gate of the truck on the ground. It happened to be in front of me, and his dad mentioned that it needed to be moved, but said that he and my friend would do it because I couldn’t lift it.

At that time, I could deadlift 400+ pounds. I was far stronger than they both were, likely put together, though I had not been in high school at all 3+ years before.

Without a word, I picked up the tailgate part and moved it 20 feet without even a strain. It wasn’t even that heavy to me — probably weighed about 120 pounds.

The look on both of their faces was something you wish you had a camera for. Even after that, I’m not sure their image of me really got updated. Humans are strange.