Jan 07


Every day. Don’t you?

One time to get into Olive Garden, I swam 10 miles underwater, rode a crocodile onto shore, built a trebuchet by hand and catapulted myself onto the Olive Garden roof, then sawed through with a plasma cutter.

It’s all about the breadsticks.

Jan 07

Violence Is Sometimes The Answer

The Far-Right Told Us What It Had Planned. We Didn’t Listen. Wednesday wasn’t Trumpism’s “last gasp.” It was the manifestation of a long-held fantasy. And most perpetrators walked away, uncuffed, to fight another day.

Exactly. Storming a capitol is not like taking over a fucking Target. One is just vandalism. The other is a coup.

Those people should’ve been shot down the minute they passed the capitol doors. Anything else just invites the same thing again. Don’t like it, don’t attempt coups.

Jan 07

Couped You Not

A real coup in America is inevitable within a decade. Must get out of here before then as things will get very bad indeed.

The recent coup attempt was just an incompetent practice run; the next one will almost certainly succeed.

Jan 07


But you know they won’t do any of those things. Because just as with Obama, they don’t want to.

Of course with the “Go, team, go!” mentality, Dems and “liberals” will do nothing but make pitiful excuses the whole time for the failure and inaction — right up until they lose the mid-terms and thus the House in 2022, and the presidency to Nikki Haley or Trump again in 2024.

I guarantee it.

Jan 07

Know Feel

Yeah, funny how often Zeynep writes something, people spend months telling her how she’s stupid and wrong and then exactly what she said would happen happens.

I know the feeling, though she’s better than me. And I don’t say that about many people.

Jan 07


I take some solace in the fact that all the people who stormed the capitol looked like utter dipshits.

Jan 06


Prior SARS-CoV-2 infection is associated with protection against symptomatic reinfection.

Please note for the poor readers (most people): the study says “at least” six months, meaning that was the resolution of the study period, not that immunity only lasts six months.

My estimate given how similar past viruses work is significant (in the colloquial sense) symptomatic reinfection immunity in ~90% of people for 2-3 years after initial infection.

Jan 06

Tech Up

Genuine interest, but it isn’t my first interest. The pay, though, means I went to tech, and I am good at it. Have been playing with computers since I was four.

But I’d rather be and I’d be better at being a:

1) Writer

2) Photographer

3) Sniper

4) Journalist

5) Script doctor

But unfortunately all those don’t pay well and one is extremely ethically questionable.