Apr 14

Superstition Not Done

Raised in a climate where words hold all power, like many are, it’s no surprise that many come to believe spells work. Alas power is not really that way.

Apr 14

No Und

Extremely poor understanding of risk and meta-risk.

Probably not anything more than that.

Apr 14


Ya’ll have not read your Nancy Cartwright and it shows.

Math worship is deeply weird.

Apr 13

Add ‘Er Some

Ah, this won’t matter to anyone. Most have the risk assessment capability of Kermit the Frog on Adderall.

Apr 13

No Inch

It’s a huge mistake to withdraw the J&J vaccine, for a variety of reasons.

I am trying very hard to have faith that there was a good reason for this decision, and the CDC/FDA did not withdraw one of the vaccines over such a small number of reported adverse reactions. Because if that’s truly all there is to the story, the harm they will do in giving fuel to anti-vax skepticism will outweigh any good they might do by studying these reactions.

I’d gladly take the J&J vaccine — the risks are so tiny. If nothing else, just reserve that one for men.

Can’t give the anti-vaxxers an inch. And this will probably cost an extra 20,000-40,000 lives, and possibly far more.

Apr 13


Jesus Christ what the fuck.

Approximately 90% of women in the US are under 5’7″.

So, guys, that means if you want to demonstrate that you are not a total pedo, you must be sure to pick one of the 10% of women who are 5’7″ and above.

Apr 13


The lockdown lifers are wailing, affronted at anyone having a good time. But they know no matter what, there is always another bed to hide under, always another mask to layer atop the other 50.