Sep 13

Race To The

Exactly. The US is far less racist than most places, including (to progressives) paradisiacal Europe. Obama would’ve never been elected (the equivalent of) President in most Western European countries.

Not a chance in hell.

Sep 13


I can tell you it is in fact shocking to get out of the army, where you are often in real life or death situations, and then go to work in corporate America where so much inconsequential depends on so little of any importance. It took me a while to get socialized from mostly being able to say whatever I wanted to engage in the necessary corporate-speak!

I don’t wish I’d stayed in the army, but what a culture shock that was.

Sep 13

High Imm

As I was writing a friend earlier, the demonstrated failure of our elites and our society has made me much more supportive of high immigration to the US.

After all, what’s there to preserve? Unlike a lot of people who were against mass immigration, I have no interest in a white ethno-state. I’d be against mass immigration from North Africa for cultural reasons (because I actually care about women), but other than that, go crazy.

We should offer anyone from Hong Kong immediate asylum and then citizenship right away, of course. Probably Taiwan, too. What could this possibly hurt that is worth preserving? Nothing. Open the borders, let ’em all in. Fuck it.

Sep 12

Modern State

“They knew many things but had no idea why. And strangely this made them more, rather than less, certain that they were right.”

Anathem, by Neal Stephenson

Sep 12


This was first published in 1909 in actuality. I’ve read it; it’s short, worth reading, and extremely prescient.

It predicts modern liberalism quite well. Read it here for free.

Sep 12

Quarter Wit

That always bothered me when people watch movies and complain about those in the film doing stupid stuff.

Man, people do mad stupid shit in real life ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Are you an oblivious halfwit or what?

Sep 12


Right. We knew another pandemic was inevitable. Did nothing. We knew once this one flared, what it’s course would likely be. Did nothing. We knew climate change was going to lead to what’s happening now in the West and worse. Did nothing. We knew the financial crisis would throw millions out of their homes into precarity, often for life. Did nothing.

All of this was both predictable and preventable. Don’t fall for the “who could have known?” propaganda that occurs immediately after and for years following such disasters. Though I see that many of you already are.

Control your own mind — don’t let others do it for you.

Sep 12

Deny Err

Have been saying this for years. No one listened. 99%+ of people are climate change denialists. Human stupidity knows no bounds.