Jun 18

Active V

Always wondered if Long Covid was persistent low-level infection that never got cleared. Seems like that might be the case.

Jun 17


Among the under-30 set, prudishness is at highs not seen since perhaps the Great Awakening in the 1730s and 1740s. It’s hard for people to acknowledge this because usually prudishness occurs because of some form of organized religion and this time, that is not the direct cause. I don’t quite understand what is, but it’s not that.

A friend of mine suggested our current age’s precarity as a cause, but I don’t quite buy that either as the evidence seems to indicate that typically people have more sex in times of precarity, because what does it matter what you do? There’s no future anyway.

The complete explanation remains a mystery.

Jun 17

Like Sex

A lot of people are taught — I was — that women don’t actually like sex at all, that they merely put up with it, and that if you attempt to have sex with a woman it is automatically harmful and degrading to her.

Many liberals have embraced this philosophy fully, but have also removed it out of the religious context in which it is typically embedded. That somehow makes it even worse because then it becomes an even deeper core belief.

On the other hand, this is also true:

Jun 17


Agreed. That’s life now. I somehow have not yet caught (symptomatic) Covid, but if I do, who gives a crap?

Jun 17


Friend of mine: I bet you didn’t know there is a tampon shortage.

Me: Yeah, I know.

Friend: Oh, never mind, all your friends are women. Of course you know.

Heh. She’s not wrong.

Jun 17

Just Gone

I’ve noticed that. Everyone assumes the market price or “value” of something decreasing means that the money goes somewhere, when nothing could be further from the truth. Nope, that money is just gone. Doesn’t exist anymore (if it ever did). Money has value only in trade, essentially. Otherwise, it’s just an idea — a fiction we tell one another — and is not conserved in any way. This is very difficult for physicists and engineer types to understand and accept.

Jun 16

Tot Up

Anyone who doesn’t get themselves or their child vaccinated is a fucking clown. For so many reasons. Just a total doofus.

Jun 16

Body Talking

Fat Acceptance Dipshit: It’s literally impossible to have a body like that. No one in the history of ever has had a body like that. It takes decades of effort, flawless genetics, and working out 37 hours a day.

Looking at random street photos from the 1970s: Everyone in the picture has a body like or better than the FA “impossible” body.

Jun 16


Hey now, I’ve used WMI filtering quite successfully in certain restricted scenarios. Sometimes it’s the right tool. But you really have to know what the fuck you are doing.