Apr 05

Skin Subject

Saw some guy on Reddit say that women without tattoos are now highly valued on the dating market. I can believe it; the majority of men find tattoos on women unappealing, and if I were actively dating I’d spend a whole, whole lot more time, effort and money to find a woman whose skin was still clear of them.

If you’re a woman and you care about finding a quality man, staying slim and having no tattoos automatically means that you can in fact actually date those top 10% of guys who are the only ones most of you think you deserve. Slight snark aside, this would be a solid strategy for being with someone you might not have otherwise had a chance with.

Choose wisely.

Apr 05


I’m an Economist. Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

Wow this is such utter bullshit. Fucking clown. Idiot.

That’s because the currency that really matters is how many hours you have to work to afford your groceries, a small treat, or a home, and none of these real trade-offs have changed.

Now here’s my motherfucking rebuttal:

Really, housing is the major issue here. Economists love to obfuscate and directly lie about this aspect of the economy, but it only takes a really cursory examination of the facts to refute their absurd and factually baseless claims. (A sociological examination of why they feel they must do this is a project for another time.) They like to claim that if you compare square footage then people pay about the same as they used to because houses have gotten larger. Which, yes, they have gotten larger. BUT I CAN’T FUCKING JUST GO BUY 400SF IN 99.99% OF PLACES. FUCKKKKK.

I’m wondering how college-educated people can be so incredibly, inexplicably dumb. The economy is not actually doing great; not for most people. Housing being woefully unaffordable for the majority is now starting to have major consequences.

Economists are the paid jesters of the ruling class.

Apr 05

Fully Armed

I’ve been spending time working out too.

All natural, no tren, test or any of that other shit. Just a lot of time and effort.

Apr 05


Love their energy and the non-electronic drums here. Her shirt gets caught in the fan at 3:34! I was surprised but glad they still did their song choreography even in such a small studio. They both obviously spend time in the gym.

Apr 05


Challenge for everyone insisting that ATS doesn’t filter out resumes.

Like a lot of beliefs on Reddit that are taken as hard truths, the conviction that ATSes don’t auto-filter resumes is totally false. Most of them do. And yes, I do have firsthand knowledge of this. I’m glad the poster is pushing back on this idea because it’s so very wrong.

Where the disconnect of understanding occurs is that even a lot of people in HR don’t know how their ATSes are configured, and don’t realize that the filtering occurs before they see anything. They are convinced they are reviewing every resume, when in reality they are only reviewing resumes that haven’t been discarded by the ATS already as configured by the vendor and/or higher ups.

ATSes are very complex. Most of the HR people offering the contention that “Our ATS doesn’t filter anything!” don’t have any idea how their ATS functions or where to even check if filtering is occurring. And another part is just outright lying. Mostly, though, as usual in human affairs it’s just plain ol’ incompetence.