May 12


What’s the best food that you ever ate ?

“Best” is too broad, but one dish that returns to my mind frequently is some bread pudding we ordered at a café in Santee, South Carolina, a few years ago.

It’s surprising that it happened in America, really. Bread pudding can be boring, but this was fresh out of the oven, filled with various fruit, made with quality ingredients and cooked perfectly. The vanilla ice cream served on the side complemented it like they were made to be together. If I hadn’t already eaten a full meal before that, I would’ve ordered seconds. That bread pudding was shockingly good, the way only food that reminds you how damn good food can be ever is.

That was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life and demonstrates how you don’t know how something really tastes or how amazing it can be until you get a quality version of it.

May 12

Big Mar

Marshall McLuhan’s reputation is well-deserved. He saw much that was inevitable before it occurred and is still more correct and relevant than nearly all digital pundits today. That people still don’t comprehend what he was getting at, mostly, is too bad. Reading McLuhan and Baudrillard can get you 70% of the way to understanding what the hell is going on now and why — and that’s pretty impressive.

May 11

High Times

I’d never do that, but it can be a logical decision when you realize how many women are totally obsessed with height. At 5’5″ going to 6’0″, it means your dating pool goes from 10-15% of women to 80%+. And that’s massive.

May 11


I came up on the internet where there were absolutely no filters of any kind, so in some ways it’s kinda refreshing.

May 11


Was just thinking about that absolute dipshit who said there are no real videos anywhere on the internet of people dying.

And then thinking about how I spent part of the afternoon on various Ukraine/Russian war subreddits where I saw, I don’t know, maybe 3-4 dozen people killed. I don’t enjoy those videos but I like to see what miltech is up to these days. And those drones are brutally effective. Damn. War has really changed.

Relatedly, another sign the war effort is not going well for the Russians, no matter what clown-ass motherfucker Ian Welsh claims: in two different videos after a Russian soldier is injured in the trenches, each soldier in question commits suicide — one with his own grenade, and one with some AK-47 variant.

They know no help is coming, medical or otherwise, so once they are injured badly enough not to be able to walk anymore, they just end it. This is not what a winning war effort looks like.

May 10

W Shift

That has been a weird, recent shift. And it makes no goddamn sense because Kat is right — it’s often the very same people making both claims.