Jan 16


Zeynep is the only sane person left in this country.

Also, fuck anti-vaxxers. Die choking.

Jan 15


Hmm, so it wasn’t true what the libs said that every single kid would die like 12 times due to Omicron? How possible?

Haha, what a bunch of fucking clowns. Fuck.

Jan 15

Another Lie

And just yesterday I saw some dipshit mook “expert” economist claiming that houses were only 15% more than a few decades ago, when adjusted for some completely fake factor I now forget. Economists who support the status quo love those kind of ersatz adjustments.

Another common way experts obviously lie while pretending they are dispensing the wisdom of the ages.

Jan 15

Male Attent

Male Attention is Worthless.

Oh, trust me, we know. The article has some good points, really, but a lot of women’s problems stem from the fact that 90% of women compete for the top 10% of men. That’s going to lead to a lot of bitterness and unhappiness, and a form of female incel that is becoming more common now.

The other is that a lot of men really are assholes, that is true. No objection there.

Jan 15

Allie Oops

Watched the first episode of Yellowjackets. When Allie gets the compound fracture during the scrimmage…dang, that was unexpected and brutal. I knew something was going to happen but not that.

It was dead on how she doesn’t react much at first and then starts screaming when she sees her bone protruding from her shin and starts feeling the pain.

Good first ep.

Jan 14

Very Bare

That is weird and bad. Many shelves are empty where I live, too.

Nothing more galling than some rich NYT fucker saying there are no shortages, and claiming Snopes has debunked this, but when I go to the damn supermarket the shelves are half-empty.

Dems gonna lose, lose, lose.

Jan 14


The tweets below of Angie’s (and the one she retweeted) really destroy the lib “virtue” model of the pandemic’s spread:

Love how clear-eyed she’s being about the issues involved and that she understands trade-offs, which most libs can’t even think about at all.

Jan 14

See Why

I now see why women 35-50 get so angry about age gap relationships.

It’s because if you’re an attractive, fit, successful man 40-50, young women 20-28 are in fact very drawn to you. Of course women older than that want to make it immoral! Those younger women are huge competition for them, especially if they’ve allowed themselves to get very obese (most of them), unattractive, and with zero libido. In other words, it has nothing to do with protection from harm and everything to do with protection from competition.

When I’m out in public without my partner these days, hoo boy, I’d be spoiled for choice if I cared. And it’s not usually older women making eyes at me; it’s invariably women 20-28 or so. (Sometimes younger, but I don’t pay them any attention at all.)

So, nothing to do with morality and everything to do with it sucks to be an older woman who has completely let herself go, and you’ve got younger hotties nipping at your heels and wanting your husband.