Jul 30


I need to start a blog about how no one in the north really needs heat, as that’s just as stupid as the anti-AC push.

I think it’s because AC feels like a luxury, as it’s newer (because technologically, it’s harder to do) so that’s most of it, yeah? Novelty of a new tech takes 200 or so years to get rid of the pushback.

BTW, heating produces way, way more emissions than AC. So I don’t think anyone in the north actually needs heating. Turn that shit off, weaklings, and suck it the fuck up, you pansies!

Jul 30


Anyone who doesn’t think we need AC, try living in Florida with four computers running, at 92 degrees outside with 90% humidity.

I literally cannot think without AC in those conditions, and I need those computers for my job.

If you take my AC, I will fuck you up. Same with my meat. Without AC, I literally could not work.

Jul 30


Firefox is so hobbled now it’s like using one of the weirdo browsers from 1996, when the web was still fairly new.

How do people live with such horseshit garbage? Droolers, be gone!

Jul 30


Guilty as charged. I sometimes think, That’s not how DOS did it… and realizing I’m remembering some behavior from 1985.

Jul 29


It’s interesting how dating (“courting”) used to be explicitly transactional, but for a while — maybe 80 years or so — moved to a different model based on love and affinity, and is now back to explicitly transactional, at least among the top 20%.

This is a big change, even if it’s unrecognized. Because, most likely, no one wants to admit it’s back to transactional now.

Jul 29


These tactics and worse were used at Standing Rock under Obama. People have such shockingly short memories; this didn’t start with Trump nor will it end with him — even if a Democratic prez (especially Biden) is in office.

The system is rotten. Trump is only a minor symptom, not the cause. Yeah, he is escalating a bit, but so did Obama.

Jul 29

Not So QED

I’ve seen this. It’s bizarre. Many people approximately 40+ ask weirdo questions like this about random crap on the internet. Explaining Reddit to them is like discussing quantum electrodynamics.