Sep 20

Bar Room

L.A. Affairs: Why I stood him up on our very first date.

This reminds me of all the social stuff that trips geeks and nerd types up (hello, this used to be me!). Everyone knows where stuff like buying drinks for a woman in a bar is leading, but at the same time everyone must pretend like they do not know. The minute you acknowledge that, on either side, you’ve lost! This is very hard for geeks and nerds because oftentimes they do truly just want to buy drinks for a woman at a bar, with no ulterior motive, and this is absolutely 100% impossible for normals to understand. On the other hand if a geek is straightforward about it and says, “I am buying you drinks because I want to take you home and have sex with you,” which everyone knows is what is happening (including the woman in question, no matter if she plays innocent), then that makes them horribly creepy and predatory.

This stuff is not taught anywhere and if you are not a natural at it, it takes a very long time to learn. I don’t generally pick up women at bars, but I did eventually learn this stuff through trial and much error. Those who are naturals at it assume everyone is just born that way (see Elevatorgate from years ago) like they were — when nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s a game I don’t like playing, but at least I know how to play. Many people truly do not and that’s seen as them just being assholes. A lot of the time, though, they just do not have the skills at all.

Sep 20

Traffic Manager

Alas, I cannot find the tweet, but my nomination for the worst tweet of all time is the one about you should call some 1-800 number if you saw any Asian woman with a white man because it was evidence of sex trafficking. Just the sheer level of insanity in that one, and the racism in a so-called “liberal” was stunning. Just…damn.

Sep 20


I think I’ve figured out where liberals are coming from with their over-broad definition of what constitutes “harassment” now. And it amounts to this: if it inconveniences capital, or causes a person to be unpredictable to the algorithm or the system, it’s harassment. This centers the interests of capital and the cult of productivity over any concerns about love or partners actually being good for one another or even any matters of deep love and affection. Capital does not care about love or affection; capital cares about predictability, compliance and control.

I know, I know, it seems obvious when you state it like that but I hadn’t quite connected all the threads that way until now, even though I had discussed many parts separately before.

Since liberals are just tools of capital, they must do nothing but parrot its priorities and demands. Thus doing anything but dating your “appropriate” algorithmic choice is harassment because it is illegible to the interests of capital.

Sep 20

They’re There

Y’all have heard of ebooks, right? I mean, damn.

Sep 19

Controlling Interest

If you think the liberal desire to take away everything from you and the rollback of general purpose computing are unconnected, you are wrong. They are all part of the same comprehensive project of control. Not sure how to write about that without sounding like a conspiracy theorist (because it’s not a conspiracy in the classical sense), but it is nevertheless true.

Sep 19

No Rena

It has been a tragedy, but a predictable one. Powerful corporations and the media (in the most general sense) have always despised general purpose computers and have been on a decades-long campaign to root them out. Now they have almost succeeded.

A large part of this has been by a very effective campaign to snooker the rubes by claiming it’s all been done for “security.” Even some of my very smart friends have fallen for this flimflam. (Sorry, friends, but if you believe they need to remove the ability to install what you like has anything to do with “security,” this is only true in the sense that they want to make the computer secure from you, the user.)

There was a brief time — maybe 15 years — when information became more widely available, computers were powerful and free of tampering and censorship, and there was no limit on the possibilities of what one could do with them. That world is gone now and not coming back. The great project of the last decade and now this one too is stuffing the information genie back in the bottle, and then burying the bottle under two miles of rubble.

Sep 19


I do think the trans movement as it is now is largely harmful to women, and is getting worse all the time. Luckily, most people will rightly reject this nonsense just as they reject biological males dominating women’s sports.

Sep 19


My favorite tennis match of all time. When Sharapova was playing uninjured, she was such a beast. The shot she hits about 18:55…what the fuck. There’s nothing better than watching two players so well-matched and so insanely good.