Nov 09

Blonde and Gray

After watching the fight choreography, editing and cinematography in Atomic Blonde, fights in other movies and TV shows just seem kind of sad and pointless.

Nov 09


I have this same problem with Microsoft Office on Mac and Windows.

By far my least favorite issue is the constant battle I have with locale – I’m not sure if the document creators local was set to EN-US or if my system config is not correct, but every time I try and force the document to EN-AU it seems to switch back seemingly on a per-section basis or something.

If I type in French, even if I type no English and paste nothing into the document, certain sections seemingly randomly switch to English thus putting damn red squiggles under nearly all my French words.

I don’t understand how this can work so poorly. If I say the document is in French, I mean it and I mean it for the whole document. I continue to mean it even if I do type one apparently (to MS Office) English word.

Nov 08

Smart and Evil

Google wants to kill URLs and HTTP, among other things, so they can control the web. It’s not surprising but what does bother me is just how many people buy their propaganda without a second thought. It is because many who do work for Google are smart that the company can get away with such nonsense.

Google is like a very erudite mugger. I could expound for hours on why it’s a good for society, for the world, for the very future of civilization, even, that you hand your wallet over to me forthwith. I could regale you with tales of the glories of voluntary redistribution, the thoughts of St. Louise de Marillac on the value of charity, quote Ecclesiastes on the futility of wealth, and I’d have you believing you owed me your wallet and your fealty if you let me bloviate on long enough.

That I can toss out so much knowledge and am well-spoken doesn’t mean what I am saying isn’t absolute horseshit. The same is true of Google and the statements of their apologists and propagandists. That they can summon a well-polished argument doesn’t make it true. It just means they went to schools that trained them to sell BS by the word.

But it works and they are going to win — some well-dressed, eloquent muggers will walk away with all our wallets.

Nov 08

Which Words

Which words have the progressives banned today? Aw, who gives a fuck. They seem to pick a new one about every day, and it’s just too tiresome to keep track of them all.

Nov 08


This story is good, but Neptune is not really very dense.

Neither can Neptune be the answer since the bodies aren’t close enough to the dense, blue giant.

The density of Neptune is 1.64 gr/cm3 while the density of earth is 5.51 gr/cm3. Neptune is denser than water, but our planet is roughly four times as dense as that distant blue marble.

Neptune is denser than Jupiter and Saturn, though. In fact, the density of Saturn is 0.687 gr/cm3, so it’s the only one of the gas/ice giant planets that’d float in a bathtub, if you had a really damn big bathtub. (Water’s density is 1 gr/cm3.)

Neptune’s gravity is only about 14% stronger than Earth’s, so if it had a surface to stand on you’d barely be able to tell the difference.

Nov 07


What. The. Fuck.

Ya’ll need me. Ya’ll really need me.

Nov 07


Throwing a punch for most people is a bad idea, even if it’s not that hard. Most people just aren’t very strong and if you don’t punch a lot, you’re just likely to make someone angry rather than hurt them all that much. And it’s very easy to hurt yourself punching something hard, especially with no training or experience.

But something most people can learn to do quickly and effectively is a stomp. This looks less violent to others, and it doesn’t appear to the person you want to harm like you’re about to attack someone, and it takes a fraction of the time to learn. Also, unlike a good punch, most people are strong enough to deliver this very effectively.

A stomp is very simple and in fact is shockingly effective. There’s a very good reason it’s banned in martial arts competitions! For fighting in public, a foot stomp or ankle stomp is what you’ll want to go with. Most of the time it’s what I’d use too, and I’m a very good puncher. So it’s not just for newbies.

Anyway, let’s discuss a good foot stomp. Approach the target. Lift your foot as high as possible (all of this is done quickly), then slam your shoe heel-first downward onto the target as quickly as possible while using your full body weight to exert maximum force. If it’s an ankle instead of a foot stomp, go for the side about two inches above the ankle bone and kind of slide down it after contact. If it’s a foot stomp (this one is easier), go for a little bit above the toes.

You can (and likely will) break someone’s ankle or foot if done correctly, even if you are a relatively small woman. I have ended a fight with a foot stomp against someone a good bit larger than me, so yes, they do work.

Nov 07

Watch It All

This person didn’t watch the entire movie.

The fade to black scene is not followed by the credits! (Spoilers follow.) There is a coda scene where Chris and Sarah are shown living a new life, somewhere else, where they seem happier. Sarah is back in college and her son is riding his bike around, seemingly having returned to his normal self.

Except she takes some pictures of him outside riding his bike and his face is distorted while all else is sharp — as (presumably and was implied) had happened before when she’d thought he was an impostor back in the countryside.

That still leaves open the question of her sanity and the impostorhood of her son. However, the movie ended on a quite different note than the reviewer claims because Sarah still thinks her son is an impostor, or that she’s crazy, or perhaps both, and I’m guessing from her look decides it just doesn’t matter.

As a side note, Seána Kerslake was really good in the film. I’d never seen her before in anything but will keep her name in my head.

Nov 07

Poddy Time, Not Excellent

I will not live in the pod and will not eat bugs. Amazing how much of this propaganda has sprouted up so very quickly. Interested to see what the next phase of it looks like.

Nov 07

Erasure Sure

Erasing history is changing the future. Control the interpretation of history, and you can determine people’s thoughts with little chance of them straying.