Aug 05


HBO Max Has Been Removing Content Without Warning for Weeks.

This is why you must pirate everything. Some of those shows and movies will never be seen again and will have no documented existence except in articles like these.

No one seems to much care, but living in a world where nothing is owned, where media and culture can just be disappeared like this, seems like a pretty terrible one to me.

Aug 05


Have you seen the Fat Acceptance movement?

Aug 03

Media Bros

Also most of those dudes have no women friends. It helps if you have women friends and every single one of them is incandescently enraged about their bodily autonomy being violated and their rights being taken away.

Aug 03


Don’t be crazy now. It was VERY IMPORTANT for liberals to tell you that the vaccines didn’t really work, you’d get Covid 5,000 times a month, and there was a 12,981,506% chance of you getting Long Covid. VERY IMPORTANT!

Aug 03


They aren’t nearly the majority, they are just very loud and very fanatical. But it only takes 10-20% of those types to really fuck up a society.

Aug 03

New Pure

I love that Amanda is blunt about this and stands firmly against the New Liberal Puritans. The New Puritans have done incalculable harm to our culture and were an important factor in Roe being overturned. They are also kind of mystifying — they seem to truly believe that sex is some sort of unusual and repugnant activity that people only engage in when forced to do so by incomprehensible, repellent urges.

It’s always a great thing to push back against those trying to return to Victorian societal norms.

Aug 03

Rev Beach

“No one knows us here. We can do whatever we want,” she said, and did just that. She was dancing on the beach in a blue bikini. I was watching, awed at her easy grace, her freedom. A few others were just as transfixed as I was. I didn’t mind. Who wouldn’t want to see her? She wasn’t my girlfriend (though we were more than “just friends”) and I’m not jealous or possessive anyway. She was the best of what was and what could be — and she wanted to spend her time with me.

I was 17. She was 16. It was 1993. We’d done an island drop onto a beach off Cedar Key, a pretty penny for me then — but worth every cent and more.

These lines from Mackenzie Porter’s song “These Days” brought this back, another lovely memory of my dead friend.

Every time you smell sunscreen
Baby, do you see me dancing on a ‘Bama beach?
Do you smile at the thought of it?

I do smile. I do.

I’m so glad I have that memory but also so angry that she’s dead. I will kill god in revenge.

Aug 03


Yeah. Absolute doofuses.

And agreed, a naval blockade with missile/naval artillery attacks on the island will be what happens. That’s the natural way to deal with a relatively-small island like Taiwan. An immediate amphibious invasion makes zero sense. Blockade, see what resistance you get from other players, then invasion in 3-6 months when interest wanes and Taiwan starts running out of food.

That’s most likely what’ll happen because that’s just the play.