May 17


Well, fuck, Lynn Shelton died. She was only 54, and one of the most underrated directors out there.

I thought she’d be making movies for at least 20 more years. I recommend her entire oeuvre.

May 16

Way Bye

It’s nice in a way that we’ve having a preview of the “progressive” future of living in the pod, never traveling, and other ascetic horseshit.

Turns out, it’s terrible. Remote video-only conferences suck, not leaving the house is terrible, and their whole desired future is obviously a huge bust. Once this is done a lot of those ideas will have disappeared, never to be heard from again.

Good riddance.

May 16


This is true of math people as well. Most don’t realize they have a natural talent for it, pre-existing ability, and that something that takes them a day to understand might take someone like me months, years, or never.

This disconnect is odd, because math people think basically telling us to “try harder” will somehow make our comprehension coalesce.

Natural talent is not everything, but it can take you a long, long way.

For instance, can you learn to read a foreign language to a fairly ok level in a month? I can! I know because I’ve done it at least 10 times in my life. To most people that’s a fucking superpower but to me it’s just what I do. Seems easy.

So why can’t you do it? Just not trying hard enough, right? Try harder! Just, like, do it! Read that Norwegian, it’s easy! That’s what math people sound like to non-math folks.

The reason I can do it is because I just have a lot of natural capability and talent in that area by chance and accident. And I do not in math. And math people never seem able to understand this.

May 16


I agree, and I think this largely explains the current “progressive” pushback to the series, not any supposed lack of diversity. That’s just an excuse. What they really hate is its anti-authoritarianism and actual (instead of the current pretend) meritocracy. When I was a kid, I certainly knew better than most of the adults around me. Most of them were actively or passively harming me.

So I know these kids exist because I was one of them. Right now, we keep — well, used to keep — kids in what are essentially prisons, where they do nothing useful, are mostly tortured, learn little of note (or little at all), and contribute nothing to society.

Many people — including most progressives — want it to be this way. Harry Potter pushed back against that. That’s why kids loved it, even if they couldn’t fully articulate the appeal.

May 16

Corona Gonna

I fucking HATE wearing the mask. HATE it. I reliably do it but it decreases my mental acuity and cognitive abilities greatly. I literally cannot make decisions while wearing one. The CO2 buildup must be massive because I cannot think at all while wearing one.

For instance, I stood in front of some products in Publix for about 10 minutes and could not make any decision at all because of the mask. I ended up buying nothing because I could not even think about it.

If mask-wearing continues, that means I will not be able to participate in society at all. I am not the only one who has this problem, either.

May 15


That is correct. The greatest destruction of wealth in human history is under way right now. Some of the effects won’t become apparent for months or years, but all is in progress — or rather, de-progressing — at this very moment.

It’ll take 25-50 years to recover, if ever we do. With climate change looming, I have my doubts.

May 15

No Bro

I don’t know anything about Nazi Bronies, but I see all the time movements and such that the press claims were “started on 4Chan in 2015” when I know that the org in some form has been around since the 1980s, and sometimes since the 1960s.

The press in general is not very good at research, and especially on topics where people use a lot of code words and deliberate obfuscation. And where there’s not much about it on the internet.

May 15


I still feel bad about this one up this very day, but my story is the time I accidentally got someone fired because the company we were acquiring part of their business from sent us data they should not have. I was in charge of reviewing the data received and noticed there was much more than expected.

During a phone call to discuss the project, I mentioned that we seemed to have received much more data than expected, and could someone tell me what was all the other data we’d gotten?

The other company reviewed what had been sent and determined they’d provided other customers’ confidential data to us. Later, I found out that the very nice, very capable technical project lead from that other company had been fired for that mistake.

I don’t know for sure that they wouldn’t have noticed on their own, but it’s fair to say that I quite accidentally got her fired by mentioning that data during a meeting. Nevertheless, I needed to know what it was, and I didn’t think there’d be such terrible consequences for her.