Apr 16


But the quants tell us that this method is absolutely worthless, and anything that involves reading comprehension, verbal fluency and data synthesis is “fake.”

Apr 16


Dead on. That the main reason in my early years I created my own languages, with ideas no one had ever heard of (including me, till I thought of them). I wanted to secede from everything. It was ultimately a futile effort for a variety of reasons, but at least I recognized the problem and was fighting for some kind of escape.

Apr 16

Death Arrives

But sure, let’s halt vaccinations due to minuscule risk that we could fairly easily ameliorate. Makes total sense.

Apr 16

The Toll

Of the people I was closest with in late high school, just over 40% of them are dead now. A few of them I don’t know the status of.

Most of that is due to opioids. Some car accidents. Some suicide. This article got me thinking about that toll.

Apr 15

Eff All

Ha. Yep. Humans are so bad at assessing risk and following directions it’s amazing we have survived at all.

Apr 15

Non Det

Not this vapid shit again.

Ok, smart guy, the Schrodinger equation is deterministic. He’s correct, it is. So…tell me when this or that uranium atom is going to emit a photon. Go ahead, tell me. Can you? Of course not.

There is nothing — absolutely nothing — that could permit that to be foretold, not even in principle. Have that photon release detected, and that detection cause a macro event, you then have a macro non-deterministic event.

Also, see this. Very good.

Apr 15


Nope! That model is deterministic.

However, the universe probably is not. That paper is a bit dense, and I’m expanding on it some here, but either there is true quantum indeterminism or the many-worlds interpretation is true.

There aren’t any other plausible possibilities.