Jan 22

No Quarter

The problem with obese morons cosplaying as soldiers, but with real AR-15-derived weapons is that they are still dangerous. Sure, mostly to themselves, but to others too.

This is what an empire on a steep decline looks like.

Jan 22


I’m with Naomi Wu on this one. A decade ago, this would’ve sounded crazy to me. But she’s right. What feminism has become is disgusting. It’s harming women more than helping now, at least the dominant strain. White women’s feminism is actively evil at this point.

Jan 22


Centrists are fine with fascism if it advances corporate interests, just like in all history. No different now.

Jan 21

Econned Again

True. Learning economics makes you actively dumber. There is no other field where laypeople are reliably better than “experts.” None. It’s shocking when you learn this.

Jan 21

Just Wrong

So shut the fuck up, Kevin Drum and Noah Smith. You are just wrong. The necessities of life are far more expensive than they were 40+ years ago, and getting more so all the time.

BTW, Netflix and Instsagram aren’t substitutes or necessities. I lived 30+ years of my life without those and I did fine.

Jan 21

Statistics, Lies, Etc.

I think this story is, mostly, comforting lies that liberals want to believe. Having lived in a high-cost city (Seattle) and many not, I can tell you this is false. And the numbers do, too.

Monthly median housing costs in Houston in 2016 (the most recent year data was available) were $1,379, nearly $400 less than New York City. However, median transportation costs were $1,152, a figure 38 percent higher than for New Yorkers. In total, the study found, living in Houston was only $79 cheaper each month than New York.

Ha. No. What this is missing is that living in Houston increases your optionality — this is why people do it. This pat little lib-comforting analysis proves two things: jack and shit. Because in Houston, you can get a bigger (much, much bigger) house and far better car than the options available to you for the same price or at all in NYC. People don’t move to Houston because they are delusional and clueless about their own lives; they move there because it visibly and demonstrably improves them.

Of course, the “analysis” in the article comports perfectly with modern algae-slurping, concrete-box-living mode of progressive thought, which is why it exists.

Progressives just have to get away from the idea that those who don’t have the same preferences as they do are stupid. It has consequences. See one Trump, Donald, for a prominent example.

In addition, it’s not clear what the article means by “median housing costs” in NYC, but as of 2018, a one-bedroom apartment in NYC goes for $3,070, not the $1,7000 cited for NYC in the article.

Just read the comments on the article to show how bogus is the analysis. Here’s one quoted in full:

I live in a nice suburb about a 30 minute drive from downtown Houston with great schools. I make well under six figures, and I have a brand new car plus another one that’s a 2012. I also live in a very nice 1,000 sqft one bedroom apartment. I know Doctors and software engineers in NY. When they visit they cannot believe my lifestyle on 1/3 their salary. They live in shoeboxes (in some cases w/multiple roommates) and take puplic transportation. Granted I only have a high school diploma, but something isn’t adding up. The median cost may be similar (so they say) but what you get for that cost isn’t even close.

The Texas Monthly article is comparing apples to cherry pits and concluding, well, they’re about the same. Because math! But it’s just objectively garbage, the stats are wrong, the comparisons are atrocious and it’s basically propaganda.

Jan 21


Nate Boron is a worthless putz. Establishment is doing all possible to exclude and block Bernie now.

Jan 21


My partner and I go hiking a lot. Often, this entails traveling to rural areas far away from big cities. I truly don’t think most city and suburban dwellers do this often, and almost no one from the largest US cities does this very frequently if at all.

But once you travel 30 miles or so outside the suburban and exurban belt, there is often stark poverty everywhere. This is why Chris Arnade gets so much vitriol — he bothered to document all this dearth and destitution that the pundit class just “knew” was not true.

But it is true. There are millions and millions of people who live in far worse poverty than many people in the “star” cities care to know about, and all they’d have to do to see it is to drive about 30 miles away from where they currently are.