May 11


I assume she’s talking (at least partially) about the fall of Roe here, but this infantilization of women has been building from Dems and conservatives for a while now. A lot of PMC libs firmly believe women shouldn’t be considered adults until 35 or 40, and of course conservatives are completely fine with this.

Both sides are angling to treat all women like children until they are in their forties — and many women are mysteriously enough ok with this too.

May 11


Has Russia been beaten? This military expert says that moment is coming soon.

It’s hilarious that the caption of the photo in that article calls the Russian tank “unusable.” That’s one way of putting it. That thing is all kinds of fucked. Yes, it is a tank (journalists get this wrong 80% of the time), and it’s probably the T-72B, though it’s so blown all to hell I can’t tell for sure since the Russians have dozens of variants of that model.

May 10

Never Did

I never did this, but I understand why guys do it. I often would put a bit shorter than my actual height as it sorts out the useless chaff. Better fewer of those who are really into you than someone who is “meh” on you, or worse.

If guys cared about anything as much as many (not all) women cared about height, the dating world would be very weird. And even worse. The only thing I think comes close is that a lot of men do seem just as obsessed with breasts as many women are single-minded about height. I can’t understand either one.

May 10

Road Ripping

Yeah, the movie doesn’t hold together. But those action set pieces — gawdamn, they are tight. I watched this one again a few weeks ago and wished any contemporary movie had something like that. It helps that 70% of the effects there are practical — those bricks* really are falling, those cars really are bouncing as the road heaves, that water really is gushing into the sky.

*Could be fake, lightweight bricks, but it’s not CGI is my point.

May 10

Gel Us See

This reminds me of my extremely jealous girlfriend I had when I got out of the army. Back in the era when hugging in the workplace was still normal, a short (5’1″ or so) woman hugged me completely platonically for a major project I’d helped her with, leaving a little bit of lipstick on my collar. I didn’t notice it.

When I got home, my girlfriend sure did and tearfully accused me of cheating on her, then progressed to screaming, then asked how many of the girls at work I planned to sleep with before proceeding to kick me out. After I said, “As many as it takes until you get tired of screaming at me,” I went and stayed at a hotel. I should’ve broken up with her so much earlier, but she was also financially dependent on me and I was attempting to be nice, in part.

Hint: don’t be nice. It just makes your life miserable. Looking back, I never should’ve allowed her to behave the way she did to me. But you learn.