Apr 04

Masking Tape

Got it in one. Anyway, masks have been proven to work. We were lied to about both sides of that — by the “experts.”

Apr 04


If you have a contract for a house now or are thinking of buying one, cancel any way you can and don’t buy.

Houses will probably be 20-40% cheaper in two years.

Apr 04

No Thought

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There is now something occurring that has never happened in history. There is no precedent, no model, no simulation. All of these opinions are absurd, invalid, ill-considered. The world has never been completely stalled with no major war, with highly-leveraged corporations, with JIT supply chains and enormously-complicated financial and sociocultural arrangements. Never. There is nothing even close.

I’ve spent a good portion of the last decade thinking about things like this and I don’t know what’s going to happen. These people certainly have no clue at all.

Apr 04


True. We’d probably die anyway. We have no technology that could counteract an asteroid. But even if we did, we’d probably still fail. There are just too many people who don’t care about the truth, complexity, or facts.

The aliens don’t need to invade. They just need to wait a bit.

Apr 04

Down There

Yup. Most people would do nearly anything for themselves and their kids to avoid being kicked down to the lower tiers. Even if they won’t admit it, they know it’s hell down there. And they’re right. I’ve been there; it is hell.

Apr 03

Masked Intruder

I think this is, largely, bullshit. This is after-the-fact ass-covering and not the way it happened at all.

The WHO (and others) stated that masks were completely ineffective. Period. That was the lie, and that most people knew was a lie.

Besides, good studies have shown that regular surgical masks do protect the wearer against infection, and at about the same rate as N95 masks.

So, the above is just…wrong, in several different ways.