“The long-term effect of such a condition is that gatekeepers (producers/agents/publishers/editors/programmers/critics, etc.) become narrower and narrower in terms of what they are willing to present, living in a state of projected fear of ever presenting anything that could make someone uncomfortable. There is a dialogic relationship with the culture when consumers learn that uncomfortable = bad instead of expansive, they develop an equation of passivity with the art-going experience. In the end, the definition of what is ‘good’ becomes what does not challenge, and the entire endeavor of art-making is undermined.Profit-making institutions then become committed to producing what the Disney-funded design programs call ‘Imagineers,’ the craftsman version of Mouseketeers, workers trained to churn out acceptable product, while thinking of themselves as ‘artists.'”

-Sarah Schulman in The Gentrification of the Mind

Nov 26

Middle Movie

Welcome to the old days. But it used to be worse: adjusting rabbit ear antennas and a lot of the channels used to go off the air after midnight. Those weren’t the days.

Nov 26


I wonder if it’s because a recession is nigh that the Fat Acceptance/food consortium propaganda is ramping up about how it’s impossible to be anything but the size of a house, that nothing is effective against obesity, it’s impossible to control your own bodyweight, etc.

They do it because it works.

Nov 26

Close Shave

I had a dream that someone shaved off my beard and mustache against my will and then I called him a “smooth-philtrum pistachio brain.”

That’s a new one.

Nov 26


I’ve noticed that too. It’s extremely strange. This is something Aella is totally right about.

Nov 26

Part Tech

That’s a thought I’ve been having too. A lot of all that is just forms of cosplay and pretending. The truth is that biology is real and that we just do not have the tech yet to make fake meat, to truly transform a woman into a man or vice versa, nor to understand how to use CRISPR.

Our ambitions are far ahead of our capabilities. If that becomes untrue, a whole lot (but not all) of the so-called culture war will simply fade away.

Nov 25

Soc Anx

Heh. There also needs to be one for the “We just like taking away nice things” folks, because that’s also a large part of wanting “Covid” restrictions to last forever.

Nov 25

Live More Than a Little

I’ve been accused in the past of never having fun, of never being able to loosen up. And there is something to that. I’m always watchful. Always have my eyes a dozen places. Grow up like I did and you would be the same too.

However, the “completely safe” crowd seems far worse to me. Because of course there is nothing that is ever completely safe. It just does not — cannot — exist. I have a little sympathy for how this developed and worsened during the pandemic but those who are devotees of the weird safety cult really need to let it go.

Though I might be alert for zombie attacks and vigilant about space lasers frying our faces off, I still have a lot of fun in life and do what I want to do. Always have, always will. “Completely safe” means you just never do anything.