Jan 26


It’s a general rule in virology that as a virus becomes more transmissible it also become more deadly, so I was surprised to read that this was not the case with SARS-Cov-2.

Well, turns out it is the case. Great.

Jan 25


Nice efficacy rate. Can’t wait to get the vaccine.

Jan 25

Lost Before

Ally, the Democrats don’t actually want to get anything done. That’s the crucial difference. They have no interest in governing and simply won’t do it.

And they are going to lose so, so catastrophically in 2022 and 2024 that the Repubs won’t even need a coup.

Jan 25

As Expected

So…things are going as expected? The plutes and most of the libs don’t actually like or want Dems in power. Then you have to do something, and everyone knows the Dems aren’t going to do that.

Jan 25

Flop Around

Oh my god.

This is an abomination. This is against nature and all that is sacred.

I love it.

Jan 25

Facts Straight

Tesla and Uber are fundamentally different entities. One is a scam and one is an actual company. Tesla’s stock is very severely overvalued though.

Also, Tesla has turned a profit for the past five straight quarters, though not purely on car sales. It should get there, though.

She’s not totally wrong, but it really helps to get one’s facts straight to make a better point. Intellectual rigor is important. Or at least, it should be. Also, she doesn’t understand at all how car companies are run. Then again, neither do most people, because they’ve never thought about how an extremely capital-dependent big-ticket-item business must be run and managed.

And it shows.

Jan 25


Moderna Is Working on Vaccine Booster for New Variant.

I suspect this will be just how things are for the next few decades.

Too bad half the fucking country has gone crazy, believing in stolen elections, that masks don’t work, and that the pandemic is a hoax. It’s cruel of me, but I hope most of those people get it and they suffer a lot. Most of them probably will, with the new variants out there.

No one deserves that, but they’ve sure earned it.

Jan 25

We’re Losing

Yeah, that’s shocking, isn’t it? Even knowing that we are complete failures, we still blunder in ways that are so incompetent they cross the border into parody.

We are a real-world nation-level Mr. Bean.