Jun 25


I have never laughed as hard at any TV show as when Nora Durst in The Leftovers is recounting how she ended up with her Wu-Tang Clan tattoo.

Fuck that is some great writing and acting.

Jun 25

Pert Ease

Yes, yes, yes! This is exactly what I’ve been trying to get at when I say I do not trust or rely on experts. Good insight.

Jun 25

Lose My Head

Was thinking earlier about how progressives seem to view all human relationships as predator/prey. Something I hadn’t considered before but that I believe plays a large part in that view is that nearly all relationships they experience with other entities are in fact this way: any interaction with the medical system, corporations, and with their workplace in fact consists of just this dynamic.

It’s natural, then, to apply this framework to relationships with other people. It might be invalid and a very weird thing to do but it makes sense considering that literally every other relation that people born after 1985 or so have known is essentially predator/prey. Why wouldn’t they perceive their own intimate relationships this way, and see it everywhere else they look?

You project what you experience, regardless of veracity.

Jun 24

Dork Ages

But there was no Dark Ages, yada yada…*makes bullshit academia noises*

Jun 24


Talking a lot lately with someone who uses Celsius and doesn’t know a thing about Fahrenheit, it has become more habit for me to use it again.

However, I still hate that scale. So inhuman.

Jun 24


Comparatively, the below hardly matters, though.

We are entering the first real phase of the Pandemic Depression. What’s happened in the last few months is just a mild preview.

Jun 24

World Gone HR

Lots of men are genuinely abusive. This is indisputable. However, the “progressives” channel this into the idea that anything that any man has done that was in some context abusive is by some weird transitive property abusive in every context. It’s HR-like in its lack of nuance and lack of comprehension of very diverse circumstances and situations.

But — and I hope I don’t need to say this but I guess I do — dating someone of a different race could be an abusive relationship or not. There is no way to tell from looking and it’s also none of your damn business. And I think that dating someone much younger (especially if they are under 22 or so) is somewhat more likely to be abusive, but again, it’s impossible to tell and also none of your business. (No one above the age of majority should be dating minors, near-age peers excepted.)

I strongly, strongly resist a world where HR hive-minds are in control of every interaction, destroying all nuance and possibility of something interesting and remarkable. That is what I am fighting against.

Jun 24

Let Me Begin

Was just thinking how when I was 19, I dated a 25-year-old half-Pakistani woman.

So not only was I being groomed and grooming her (somehow,) I was also a racist and a colonizer! The trifecta! Go me.