Apr 15


Matches the general prudishness of liberals at large. It used to be that conservatives were the huge prudes. In some ways they still are, but are being in many areas surpassed by libs. I think in general these days, liberals are more prudish than conservatives because their prudishness is more all-encompassing.

Apr 14

It Is Real

But…experts told me herd immunity (with vaccines or not) was impossible and we shouldn’t even try for it. And millions of dipshits were aping that on Twitter and elsewhere.

Figure that out. Because I can’t.

Apr 14

Cool and Fun

It’s cool and fun seeing PhD epidemiologists and virologists offering directly contradictory statements. Surely the normal folks out there will be able to choose the right one? No?

Apr 14


Fuck I cannot believe I have to defend Nate Silver from these “experts,” but I guess sometimes one has to do distasteful things because they are correct.

It’s certain that the media and “experts” amplifying absolutely minuscule risks will increase vaccine hesitancy. One doesn’t need 20 PhDs to determine this — just a semi-working brain. Even if it’s the right decision in most contexts, it still will do this.

Apr 14

Tulip Too

Maybe I just take such things for granted, but speculation requires excess currency as a matter of course. How else would it occur?