Sep 19

Going On

For me, the male Sally Rooney is Terry Pratchett. I bounced off Pratchett’s books as hard as I bounced off Rooney’s.

Whatever’s going on there in both cases is not for me.

Sep 18

Papered Over

Neo-ascetic prudery refracted through non-consequential but oblative-paralleling sacrifice of functionality, an atonement beckoning toward expiation of guilt.

Sep 18


Just did a quick calculation of the mortality rate (adjusted for age of course) for my friend/acquaintance group from when I was in school. It’s 700% higher than the national average.

Lower-class North Floridians die a lot. A whole lot.

Sep 18

Growing Nonsense

This is more degrowther claptrap.

Ideally, we would know precisely how much damage each ton of greenhouse gas emissions does to the environment (we don’t). We would know how much each dollar of economic output contributes to emissions, now and in the future. We would know how quickly the population and the economy will grow, including how rich we’ll all be in the future. Does it make sense for us to deprive ourselves today in order to make the planet more habitable for our great-great-grandchildren? If you answer yes, how much should we tighten our belts — a little or a lot?

We shouldn’t tighten our belts at all. This is not the way forward and it will fail utterly. This is just blue state scoldy people neo-ascetic nonsense. For some reason, the libs just love listing all the things they are going to be forced to take away from everyone. They really fucking love it to a disturbing level. But that is not going to work, and it won’t save the world. It won’t even help. They want to take away air travel, air conditioning, ease of traveling anywhere, vacations, decent food, plastic, cars, and the ability to see your friends. And they think that should be appealing to people. They think permanent lockdown should get people excited, but mainly it just makes most people want to destroy them utterly — as it should.

Instead, we must imagine a better world — one of easy travel due to great trains, abundant energy, food grown year-round nearly anywhere due to said abundant energy, flights available when needed but much less common due to those trains, more time spent with friends, more ability to work less and do more fun things like make art and have sex.

But no. All the fucking libs can imagine, all that really turns them on, is fantasizing about how much they will be forced by circumstances to deprive you of while they still have you working 60 hours a week at an even worse job than you have now. We need to break this tendency, and hard, before it kills billions and worsens the lives of billions more. The time is now.

Sep 18

The Bridge

Ahhhh…truly great trolling. Like the old days, before trolling came to mean “anything I disagree with.”

I’ve lived all over so I didn’t fall for it. But I see how people could. I love it.

Sep 18


Trump was right about the basics of a lot of things. He was also pretty incompetent and a bad manager, and inconsistent. He’s like a lot of people I’ve known: his instincts are good but he can’t follow through nor understand the system behind the obviously bad thing occurring.

That said, that puts Trump ahead of much of the policy establishment and many Dems, who have bad instincts and will defend terrible results and the systems behind them because it’s just how things are. The criticism that Biden took for the Afghanistan exit is a perfect example of this.

Like Obama, Trump could’ve been a good president. Neither was, but they both could’ve been.

Sep 18

So Free

I really hope in 2022 and 2024 someone does a good analysis of what effect the increased Covid deaths in “FREEDUMB!” ant-vax Trumpist areas ends up having on election outcomes. I do think it’ll be large enough to statistically tease out because the oldest anti-vax people are dying quite a lot, and older people tend to vote more.

Thus, in areas where voting has been relatively predictable and that are swing, there should be an observable difference.

Sep 17

It’s Basic

Army basic training was pretty easy for me because I had spent most of my life with people yelling at me, assaulting me, and treating me like garbage. I was prepared!

Much of basic training was an improvement compared to that. There, at least the food was decent and no one was attempting to stab me and the like.

Sep 17

Where The Sense At

Just as degrowth is nonsense, the liberal approach of taking away people’s rights to “protect” them is pretty evil. I don’t know how anyone can think like that.