Jun 21


“It’s impossible to not weigh 400 pounds because the food companies told me to eat a lot” is not the winning argument that many Fat Acceptance types think it is.

Jun 21


Landmine Goes Click.

Jun 21


Getting massively hotter over the course of four years has really decreased my opinion of people, even as I reap the boons and benefits of being treated better and more respectfully everywhere. It just shouldn’t matter so much, especially in contexts where it’s completely irrelevant.

But it does. I like and hate that I can stroll into a place and get what I want so much more easily now. A lot of women act like giggly messes around me and help me even when I don’t want to be helped. At the same time, men treat me less like an annoyance and more like someone to kowtow to.

It’s not really right or fair, though. And it bothers me even as I benefit from it.

Jun 21

Shark in Latin

Oh shit, I’d totally forgotten about that. Before 9/11, things weren’t perfect, but they were better in many ways.

Jun 21

Being and Nothingness

What’s the worst thing about being a man?

I haven’t read any of the responses, but the worst part of being a man is that you are treated like a predator and dangerous by everyone. It’s impossible to have a normal interaction with anyone — particularly women — because you are seen as a default threat, and not worthy of respect or consideration because of that. Your every action is suspect, and your motivation for doing anything is questioned.

Women think they get too much attention? Try being given so much negative attention all the time. Society treats men as completely disposable and as a huge threat by default, no matter what you do or how you try to get around it.

Jun 20

De Jure

Modern libs be like: I’m sex positive! Positive it’s terrifying and a power imbalance is definitely involved and always a dealbreaker and should be illegal!

Jun 20

Hot Naked

Yes I know this is satire, but it gets at an important point: there are multiple types of power — not just the frankly absurd PMC lib notion of “power” — and being sexually desirable is indeed a huge one. One of the issues is that the only type of power the PMC libs can imagine is related to “will this further my career” and/or “what will HR think,” so anything else is utterly foreign to their apperception of life and how it works.

Jun 18


Ah yes, the classic: the lib who will cancel you very fucking hard if you insist that cancel culture is a real thing. See these tweets and such fairly commonly.

Jun 18

Up What Creak

The Hinges of History Creak.

Not a very insightful analysis. Yes, we are in times of change but the Russian military (sans nuclear weapons) is no threat at all to NATO. They’d be crushed in weeks if they moved against any NATO country. Days, more likely. The threat of China is overrated and overstated, as well (economically, militarily is a different matter).

This is just another boring example of linear extrapolation of recent trends and will work about as well as you’d expect, if you have a brain. It’s one of those “tough-minded” analyses that really says nothing new or even really analyzes anything. It’s crap, but it’s smart people crap so a lot of mooks will be snookered by it.

This is just light Russian-sponsored agitprop to attempt to blunt opposition. Easy to see through.