Jan 20

The Dative Case

Huh, finally found one that tops my date where the woman I went out with passed out/went to sleep from being on so many opioids mid-date, woke up about halfway through, and then a few minutes later told me she really liked being choked during sex and asked me to do that to her later.

Readers, we did not have sex of any type, choking or no. I made some excuse after I ate my t-bone and skedaddled. The steak was very good, though!

Jan 20

Do Live

We do live in interesting times indeed. It’s not so common as human experience goes that you get to exist in an era where a whole covey of ideologies is undergoing complete catastrophic gravitational collapse. The last time this occurred was in the 1600s or so. Next few decades are going to be something.

Jan 20


Hope you enabled your Active Directory recyle bin. It’s not enabled by default but it’s a lifesaver! Enabling that is first thing I do after I get AD running, and it turns a two-day hell process if you make this mistake into a two minute “Oops, I shouldn’t have done that,” then click a few buttons and all is well again.

Here’s how to enable it on Server 2016 and above. Highly recommended. This is why paying me big bucks is worth it. I know this (and many, many other things like it) exists and I will enable it when I set your infrastructure up. In the future, when some Jr. Sysadmin inevitably makes a mistake like this, your company has no downtime instead of 2-3 days of it. Makes paying me $100+ an hour a huge bargain.

Jan 20


It’s strange how even feminists consider women to be adults only when they are 28+, but consider men to be adults then they are 15-16. This contrast can be seen often when discussion of age differences in relationships come into play in regards to women and how these male high school students — who were very much children — were treated by feminists.

I barely even know who these people are in the tweet, but the dude in question is being accused of “grooming” someone he met when she was 20. A twenty year old woman is a full-ass adult in every country in the world. If she can’t make her own decisions, who can?

Why are “feminists” so very eager to remove women’s agency and treat them like children? I have to say I do not get it. Of course, it’s mostly about dating market competition elimintation and assortative mating prerferences, but we can’t talk about that.

Grooming! She’s obviously a 24-year-old child woman and he was grooming her the whole time in his nefarious scheme.

I suspect feminists wouldn’t like the world they think they are creating as much as they believe they would now.

All our ideologies are dead, worthless, destructive. All of them. What will be next?

Jan 20

The Reflex

I think one of the reasons I am an even worse contrarian now than I was when I was a kid is that I’ve lived nearly my whole life doing what people tell me I definitely should not do and succeeding in spades.

It’s hard, after all that, to not just reflexively do the opposite of what’s common “knowledge.” Of course, it’s better by far to examine and attempt to ratiocinate about each proffered option. Reflexive contrariness, though, has served me so well it’s often hard to avoid just defaulting to that method.

So if you want to know why I am the way I am, that’s a large part of it.

Jan 20

Tess of the Dumbassvilles


I know I’ve written about it to no end, but as implied, it is not yet ending — have you noticed how people will tell you that something is “impossible” here that literally every other developed country in the world has?

That continues to make my mind go tesseract in an attempt to comprehend that level of aggressive cluelessness.

Jan 20

Observe and Report

Agreed. The same is true of Lupita Nyong’o in Us and Florence Pugh in Midsommar. Along with Samara Weaving in Ready or Not all were better than any of the actual nominees, but because all were in horror films, none were noticed.

I watched quite a few parts of Ready or Not 4-5 times because Weaving nailed it so well. Before the real trauma starts, she’s both charming and a bit overbearing — and then you get a feel for where this emerges from and what it means to be her (and what her being means to her) when the action truly begins. It’s hard for a character to let the viewer know why she is the way she is without narration, but Weaving does so and feels like a real person even within the conventions of a horror-comedy. That is no easy task.

Jan 19

We’re All Missing

A brief review of Nobody Is Ever Missing by Catherine Lacey.

While I did enjoy this very short novel, it is not the sort of work I usually read. It’s a stream of consciousness that consists of what is essentially a long extended contemplation/whinge on the oppressiveness of simply being, told through sometimes-poetic string of run-on sentences by the narrator, Elyria. Though as noted I did like the work, if it had been any longer than it’s brief 150 pages or so I wouldn’t have continued. The narrator is extremely self-focused (though observant), more than a bit annoying, and repetitive.

I understand that this is intentional and that it is for effect. The effect is admirably and fully achieved and if the work had been even 20 pages longer I would not have continued onward. The narrator, as in most of these sorts of novels, learns nothing and is little-changed by her experiences and her extended whinge-fest.

Perhaps all this is uncomfortably like real life, which is of course part of the point of the novel. I understood the character and identified with her, even. She made sense to me. She’s well-drawn and seems like one of those people you see all the time, just mooning through life, barely existing, so much so that you’re unsure what motivates them to continue. They look and sound like they will soon deflate like a cheap supermarket balloon.

With nods to Camus and even David Foster Wallace, the work is an achievement by a clearly-talented writer, yet the narrator is so unpleasant and her worldview so hopeless that it’s like occupying the being of a depressive immersively. You at times wish the narrator would just get it over with and drown herself in the ocean.

However (non-spoiler alert), she never does, never learns anything nor changes, but rather continues to creep along the floor of life listlessly like that partially-deflated supermarket balloon.

Jan 19

Climate Grinch

Perfectly agreed. This is why I call 95%+ of progressives climate change deniers, too. If you “believe” it exists but are committed to changing exactly nothing to deal with it, you are worse than someone who disbelieves it altogether.

There will be no real consolation in the world proving how wrong they are because at the best it will be a vast human disaster that kills hundreds of millions to billions and at the worst, it’ll lead to complete human extinction.

Jan 19

The Point

The more I ponder it, the more I think the point of Mozilla’s decision-making over the past decade was to take away control from users. It had nothing at all to do with greater security — I think their deep desire was to remove control and would’ve done so even if it had worsened the security of Firefox (which, in many ways, it did).