Nov 07

Black Mass

The Environmental Impact Of Your Thanksgiving Dinner.

More propaganda. I see it everywhere now. The “progressives” won’t be content until they take away everything that makes life worth living. I guess that’s one solution to global climate change: mass suicide.

This is going to get worse, and given that propaganda works and works well, expect to see the more non-intellectual progs parroting this dreck relentlessly over the next few years.

Nov 07

Ban Fight

This is what is getting people banned from Twitter. The progressives brought this on themselves. You won’t be able to fight capitalist excess on an excessively capitalistic platform.

Nov 07

Obama Did Not Care

But according to Marcotte and Drum, Obamacare was perfect in every way, and any information about cost increases was all lies — and it had nothing at all to do with preserving and increasing insurance industry profit.

Nov 07

Band No Aid

I agreed with him on almost nothing politically, but I know why he was banned:

  • He was mostly anti-capitalist, which is the main reason anyone on Twitter gets banned.
  • He was not beholden to any particular ideology, therefore a threat.
  • AJAC didn’t tolerate dumbasses, though he never threatened anyone. He did the worst thing of all: ignored them.

Around 1/3 of the accounts I used to visit are now banned, mostly left-wingers. AJAC was mostly more on the right, but was largely anti-capitalist, as mentioned, so he had to go.

Nov 06

The Real Deal

Now that is how you do a pull-up. Perfect form, clears the bar even more than she actually needs to, full hang and not swinging around.

Getting to 11 pull-ups is not easy for anyone. Good fucking job.

Nov 06

Tomb Life

That guy is arrogantly clueless. Sounds like a just horrid human being. And I like what Liz says about efficiency.

That dipshit is one of those who wants us in the pods, slurping Caulerpa lentillifera out of glass bottles, with a single LED and if we’re lucky the door even unlocks. That would be most efficient, after all. I never thought that to battle climate change we’d have to face off against Boomer centrists, those attempting to force us into the pods, and right-wing troglodytes. Means there’s no chance of winning. Too many enemies, not enough time.

Nov 06


I can attest that later editions of Windows 10 are better than earlier ones. That’s not saying much, though. It’s like the fact that licking a cactus is better than licking molten steel. Both terrible, just one not quite as bad.

Windows 10 now feels like almost beta quality, whereas the first half-dozen versions felt like early alpha software.

Nov 06


What’s weird about being in IT infrastructure is that it’s one of the few roles where you have to know how to do your own job, but also have to know how to do a significant portion of many other jobs, too. Are there any other roles like that? Maybe forensic (but only forensic) accounting is the other one I can think of.

If that sounds arrogant, try the work that I do for a few years. You’ll see. I don’t of course mean being a complete expert in other fields, but we infrastructure people often have to know enough to attempt to figure out pretty specifically what the other person is doing in their role, and then making technology work as they expect it — often without them being able to explain anything particularly useful. (How do people do their jobs this way? I think people operate mostly on auto-pilot a lot more than I do.)

Nov 06


I’m glad I made an identity out of being a grumpy, fit know-it-all rather than being fat, stupid and loud. I might be unpleasant too, but you can get a whole lot more shit done with the former, whereas the latter just gets you a Tumblr site, depression and unemployment.