Sep 25


This was inevitable when hijabs and burqas started to become “feminist” in their minds. The rise of the New Puritans was always going to lead to this sort of retrograde insanity.

Sep 25


I know these protests are about more than just hijabs, but I do hope all the feminists who insisted on telling us how very feminist hijabs and burqas (et al.) were have had time to do some self-reflection. I know they won’t. But they should, dammit.

Hadis is what a real feminist looks like.

Sep 25


Anti-fun anti-travel libs love this, but of course it’s very bad for the regions and people involved.

Sep 25

New Puritans

And dumbass shitheels tell me that “nothing has changed” and that the New Puritans don’t exist and things haven’t been trending more prudish.


Sep 25

So Long Covid

I’m surprised the Covidians don’t get more enraged at Zeynep Tufekci, but I believe that’s mostly because what she writes is simply too complex for them to understand. She debunks and contextualizes all the poor and poorly-framed Long Covid studies but does it in a nuanced manner.

They aren’t looking for nuance. They want religious fervor and something from a mind like hers is just too difficult to integrate one way or the other.

Sep 25

Have Saved

That’s not really how it works.

Scientists: The vaccines have saved 20 million lives.

Liberals: The vaccines won’t save you. They don’t even work. They’re pointless. Everyone will get Covid 900 times and 392 trillion people will have Long Covid.

Come on now. That’s not how any virus in the history of ever has worked. Why would Covid-19 — a fairly ordinary but novel coronavirus — be any different? Great claims require extraordinary evidence.

Sep 24

Decision Point

This is very true in my field. Most people are afraid of deciding. But I make myself the decider. That’s how I am in high leadership roles with no four-year-degree and have been for quite a few years now.