May 14


You can definitely tell how poorly-socialized and childlike a lot of Gen Z and younger Millennials are. That one of the women refers to herself as an “underage 21 year old” is really telling, I think. She does seem to have a mental age of about 9 or 10 so she’s not wrong.

Unfortunately, many women call anyone they are not attracted to “creepy.” I hope I do not have to explain why this is a very bad thing.

At least Courtney (creator of the above video) seems sane and normal.

May 14

Later Inflator

This is the first article I’ve seen in the mainstream press showing that the inflation numbers are just lies.

Those numbers are also inaccurate regarding shelter, too: owners’ equivalent rent is basically garbage, and that’s 25% of CPI.

But hey, TVs are cheaper (because they are now fucking loaded with spyware!).

We can easily afford it, and because we can we haven’t changed what we buy much in the past three years; it’s therefore trivial to see that prices are much, much higher. What cost us $100 three years ago is now closer to $300. Hotel rooms that three years ago would’ve been $150 are now $260. Etc.

Inflation numbers have always been dubious but now they are purely fictional.

May 14

Coup de Main

This is exactly right. The fascists and reactionary “conservatives” are very diligently preparing for the next coup. Meanwhile, the Democrats play games.

The next coup will likely be successful. I give it an 80% chance. It’ll either be in 2024 or, more likely, 2028.

May 13

Write Down

Agreed. I’m a much better writer than any version of ChatGPT will ever be — but it doesn’t matter. Only other good writers can tell the difference. The average person has not the first clue.

To back that up, I see ChatGPT stuff all the time where someone asks it to “write like Steinbeck” or “write like Hemingway.” To me, the results never sound very Steinbeckian nor Heminway-esque. The fact, though, that it amazes others means that for them ChatGPT very much does get close enough. I can tell it’s not really Steinbeck or Hemingway in just a few words, though. It always sounds like a drunk sophomore in college trying to come up with a Steinbeck para on the fly, or if Hemingway had hired an inferior ghost writer while on yet another bender.

So, indeed, B+ stuff is good enough for most people. It fools them or pleases them and if getting fooled and/or pleased is the goal, that’s all that matters.

May 13


I wonder if there is some reason that those Russian aircraft crashed…like being hit by a big fucking missile?

(I know she knows what happened and is just being funny. Russia winning all over the place!)

May 13


This is one of my favorite songs and also one of my top five favorite covers. That lady has some pipes on her — especially to sing Mick Jagger’s part and Lisa Fisher’s too (which is fantastically hard).

That song is only getting more relevant again (alas for us all).

May 13

Summer II

This is also an excellent version:

It’s nice to see an older woman do it. I’d murder god to bring Big Mama Thornton back so she could sing this song, though.

May 13

Boys of Summer

Great fucking cover. She has the perfect voice for this song. “Boys of Summer” has some of my favorite lines from any song, by the way. This stanza:

“Out on the road today
I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac
A little voice inside my head said
‘Don’t look back, you can never look back'”

So much meaning and allusion in so little space. I’m no Don Henley fan, but he nailed it there.

May 13

Pass Peas

Passkeys may not be for you, but they are safe and easy—here’s why.

You can tell there’s a huge propaganda/PR push behind this now — there are articles everywhere — and when anyone objects, more are written. I hope it’s clear that like most things these days, this is all in an effort to gain more control of you and what you are allowed to do online.

It’s also to assist with tracking and the ability to essentially nuke you from the internet if you get unruly. Of course, “for your own good.” Just like with the Mozilla Firefox fiasco, I once again wonder, why do people fall for this shit? And so easily too?

May 12


Perhaps I’m an old clueless loser, but it’ll never not be weird to me to hear people say shit like, “It’s impossible to weigh less than an ocean liner! No one can control what food they put in their mouth. It’s genetic!” And such like that.

I just fundamentally do not understand.