Dec 17


Of the two times in life where I’ve had a gun pointed at me in anger, both times if I’d had a gun too I would’ve shot the person who was threatening me.

I probably would’ve killed them. They might’ve killed me too.

Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t have a gun. It only would’ve escalated the situation. I would either be dead or in jail now.

In situations like what occurred in Connecticut, having a gun doesn’t really help you that much, either. The school at Columbine had an armed security guard. It didn’t help. Arming teachers with guns is a fantastically bad idea as well – it only takes one gun accidentally put down on a desk for some seven-year-old to find the “toy” and kill himself and a few classmates.

Guns are not a panacea. Trust me, I know – I’ve been handling guns and carrying them professionally for many years (US Army, ‘94-‘99).

These are just random thoughts. There is no point, just the horror of what the US has become, how little we value community and how collectively evil and sick our entire society is at the moment.

Dec 17


You know, in Newtown, you had teachers diving in front of a gunman, taking bullets to protect the children in their charge – and Republican thugs claim they are paid too much.

Think about that for a minute.

Dec 17

could use 64GB

Where did all these idiots come from who claim that so few people need more than 4Gb of RAM? I was doing light (non-professional) photo editing of some photos my partner and I took last night, and I was using almost 16GB of RAM.

That was with no VMs running. Sometimes I have 3-4 running, and then I usually push 20GB of RAM. And I am not nearly the heaviest user I know.

But I guarantee any real graphic designer needs at the very least 8GB of RAM.

It seems since the tablet craze started that all kinds of idiots who only use their computers as toys are coming out of the woodwork telling us how we should really be using our machines.

Dec 15

gun fantasies

Most people just shouldn’t have guns. It’s that simple.

All of these fantasies most people have about defending themselves using a gun are just that – fantasies.

In a crisis, most people – including many well-trained people – are terrible shots who are just as likely to shoot someone innocent than who they are aiming at.

That’s even more true if the person they are intending to shoot has a gun aimed at them as well.

It’s an unusual breed of person – maybe one in a thousand – who can act rationally and shoot straight in a crisis. Some yuppie cowboy who has watched a few episodes of Justified is not going to be that person. They are as likely to accidentally (or even worse, intentionally) plug their wife or their kid

That said, there is no easy solution to the gun problems of America. There are too many people with guns, and attempting to take them all away would literally start another civil war.

But convincing people that owning a gun doesn’t make them into Clint Eastwood would be a good start.

Dec 15


Feels good getting rid of physical books.

So heavy, such a waste of fucking space. Using books as decoration to demonstrate your erudition is both far too heavy when you move a lot and actually not aesthetically very pleasing.

Though living in modern America with everyone shooting up everyone else, stacked right they are bulletproof. There’s that, I guess.

Dec 15


I’m constantly surprised by the shitty experiences people will subject themselves to interface-wise for the sake of just a little more convenience or supposed (usually false) simplicity.

Convenience isn’t worth that much to me, and simplicity – even when it’s actual simplicity, not just making things ten times harder with a bubble gum interface – will never trump power for me.

Mainly now I am thinking about Windows 8, and all those who now use only their phones to browse the internet.

I cannot even imagine subjecting myself to such torture.

Well, as I’ve observed before, the advantage to me is that I will be vastly, vastly more productive than these people as I use real tools that are both configurable and powerful, and in a corporate environment these people who’ve never seen (as they get older) a real computer and have never typed with more than two fingers will be totally lost. And slow.

No competition? Works for me. Keep using shitty phones and  Windows 8. I’ll be using real tools to. Get. Shit. Done.

Dec 13


And another one!

Safety Not Guaranteed was also far better than I dared hope, and is I think likely to join the ranks of my favorite movies.

Aubrey Plaza was perfect as a cynical but fundamentally deeply kind-hearted woman who desperately wants to believe what she’s being told, but is also touchingly afraid of being duped, of having the magic just be prestidigitation and lies.

The film is sometimes corny but always shimmeringly alive with deep heart and affection for its characters – it never lets us believe that they are anything but just as lost as we are. There’s no fate – just feeling your way out and doing the best possible with bad information and hampered dreams.

Whatever you were expecting from this movie, you won’t get it. Whatever you were hoping for, you just might.

Dec 13

en pointe

I agree with this.

Gina Carano is indeed completely bad-ass in that movie. And it’s also a lot of fun.

What’s more, the fight scenes are realistic as she is a real fighter. In one confrontation, she’s fighting a guy who is both bigger and just as well-trained as she is. She’s losing; fighting well, but still losing, just like reality 90% of the time when you are in that situation.

It’s only when some civilian steps in and helps her for a moment does she get the upper hand. And boy does she ever. Damn.

And there are no quick cuts designed to conceal actors who aren’t in reality very physical. You can see everything, and it’s all amazing. Carano is a ballerina of violence and watching her is like watching ice and plasma meeting in slow motion.

The best movie that I didn’t think would be very good that I’ve seen in the past year.

Dec 11

but gramma likes cat food

I know that Democrats who voted for Obama won’t like to hear it but if Romney had won, it’s extremely unlikely that Social Security and Medicare would’ve experienced any cuts as they are very likely to under Obama.

The reason? The Democrats would’ve fought Romney’s administration harder to prevent any such reductions, while they are likely to be cozened by Obama.

That’s one of the main reasons I refused to cast a vote for Obama.

And now just what I knew was going to happen is about to happen.

Don’t get me wrong — under Romney, other bad things would’ve happened. So-called Obamacare would’ve likely been repealed. More rights would’ve been curtailed (but probably not substantially more than under Obama).

The problem is of course with the entire system, not who happens to be the head of it at the time. That said, Obama is about to get his granny starvin’ on, and it won’t be pretty.