Jan 03

Straw Poll

I ordered 900 plastic straws from Amazon just a few minutes ago. 500 are individually wrapped and 400 are loose.

Trying to work around the utterly moronic straw bans happening everywhere lately. I figure I use 3-4 plastic straws a week, and at that rate they should last a good while even if every restaurant bans them. The individually-wrapped ones are for keeping in the car or my bag so I can always have one. I would’ve ordered more but the plastic will start breaking down after about 10 years so it’s pointless.

What a waste of fucking time and money but I don’t like drinking without a straw, and any drink on the go really needs one.

Jan 03


Soon, I am going to take a week or so off from strength training. It’s necessary every few months to give your body time to completely recover and you’re usually stronger when you go back to it.

I’ll probably do one more hard deadlift session, one more vigorous chest/arms/back, and then take a week. It’ll be weird not working out but especially as one gets older that complete recovery time is important.

Jan 03

Could You Be More Wrong

You know, supposedly market timing is impossible. But it’s so impossible that I do it all the time. I sold all sorts of stocks before the latest market calamity. Evidence is right here.

I’m also short for the first time in a long time, and have been for weeks. Normally, I do not recommend shorting but I wanted a hedge and now I have a hedge to trim one day. (I don’t do options, these days.)

I think in general people should not try to time the market. You have to be a pretty fucking cool cucumber to do it. Once your emotions are in the market, your money’s gone. That’s not a problem for me, though. For most people, panicking is the order of the day and they will emerge poorer at the end of it all.

No, I don’t know when the market is going to bottom nor do I care. No one can sell at the exact top (though I came pretty damn close with many stocks) or buy at precisely the bottom. The important thing is to have capital available to latch onto opportunities when they present themselves. And they have been, and will more so in the future.

My advice in general is not to do what I do, as it probably won’t work. But it works for me.

Remember, most financial advice wants you to be anxious and is designed to make you be poorer and to keep money in the hands of investment advisor and financial types so they can fritter it away. When you mentally move past this propaganda, thinking clearly becomes easier.

Jan 03

Slow Metab

The “slow metabolism” excuse that Fat Acceptance people are always going on about annoys me. I have a slow metabolism, too! Still lost weight and kept it off.

For instance, I weigh almost 30% more than my partner and she consumes 20-30% more food than I do and continues to weigh much less than I do. So yep, I have a very slow metabolism indeed.

The optimum path in life is action rather than ceaseless carping. The complaining might be more fun but it don’t get a damn thing accomplished. (And I personally love complaining but I still get shit done.)

Jan 03

Tech Ranked

This is not a bad list. Some that I’d add to it:

  • Fourier Transform
  • Lithography
  • Bellows
  • Perspective painting
  • Needle
  • Nitrogen fertilizers
  • CAD (and related programs)
  • Assembly line
  • Modern statistical methods
  • Industrial/Factory robots
  • Glass
  • Selective breeding
  • Calculus
  • Balloon framing
  • Plastic
  • Information Theory
  • The turbine
  • Sodium benzoate
  • The loom
Jan 03


Elizabeth Warren looks pretty solid on climate change — at least her past views. On that basis, she has my support.

I don’t think she has a chance in hell in winning under any circumstances, but climate change is my single issue vote and on that alone I will support her if her views remain roughly the same and she wins the nomination.

The reason I don’t think she has a chance? She’s too professorly and just plain misogyny. And the Dem establishment will not want her to win.

Jan 02


Shit fire, I hate these clueless numpties. It makes me angry that “education” so often produces negative value and spits out endless cavalcades of people who are dumber than rocks because rocks never do anything actively stupid.

Government should own all or nearly all housing, in cities especially. Why are we even letting private corporations seeking only profit make decisions about how we live, and who can even afford to live?

I’m not in favor of rent control, either, because I am in favor of NO FUCKING RENT.

This doesn’t mean that I am full-on communist. There is a place for a cash economy and some forms of capitalism, but housing definitely is not that place.

Jan 02

Haley’s Presidential Comet

Nikki Haley ditches her Twitter account — and nearly 1.7 million followers — and the real question is why.

So since she’s definitely running, where’s all the Hillary die-hards who are here to tell me that we should vote for a woman because she’s a woman? Where all ya’ll at? Haley arguably has about as much experience as Hillary Clinton (state House Rep, governor of a medium-size state for six years, U.N. ambassador for ~2 years), so Hillary rules apply, right?

Ok, now that I’ve got that out of my system, Haley is not the worst of the likely Republican candidates, but that’s not saying much. She’s anti-abortion and in favor of lowering taxes but she doesn’t seem as willfully cruel as some of them. That’s about the nicest thing there is to say about her.

Jan 02

Hear It

It’s weird that people feel anxious or out of sorts without their smartphone. I feel relieved when I’ve misplaced it. Kind of like when I lost my hearing. I was glad it was gone.

Jan 02


So many people trading in the stock market and other similar markets are so worried about what will happen in the future while almost none are concerned with what’s really relevant, and that’s not doing something stupid now.

Avoiding immediate stupidity is far more important than an unknown and unknowable future.