Jul 12

Scare Grail

The reason the fonts look like hot garbage in Microsoft’s Edge browser is as with MacOS Mojave entire, the fonts are anti-aliased grayscale only in Edge.

See how jaggy and blurry they are? That’s just how MacOS is going to look all over. When I have my MacBook Pro again, I will take some shots of MacOS Mojave beta to show you how horrific and crappy they look there as well.

What a fucking disappointment from Apple. Even they, like Mozilla and Microsoft, are going down the tubes. Computers are so much worse than they were 10 years ago.

Jul 12

Eye Hate You

Hey again ya’ll.

All I have to say about 5K is that if you aren’t using it, you hate your eyes and they hate you. There’s nothing wrong with hating your eyes I guess, but why do it if you don’t have to. Love your eyes. Respect your eyes. Give them the gift of 5K.

I can’t freakin’ wait until 8K is not $4,000, though. Then I plan to love my eyes at 8K.

Jul 12

For the Team

Hey ya’ll, I found out that Planar stealth-released a single-cable (Displayport 1.4) 5K monitor in the US. (Most other 5K monitors require two DP 1.2 cables and use an often-janky algo to untile and display properly.) There are no reviews at all, and no real marketing anywhere. Strange, but it’s a legit product.

It’s here.

I’m going to buy one to test it out. If I don’t like it, I will return it. This is due to the necessity of getting rid of Apple hardware and I’d like to stay with 5K if I can. If I can get it to work with Linux at 5K, that’ll be a damn fine thing.

Update: Holy fuck, it uses PDC, like the 5K iMac! I need to see this screen in person first but I think I might be in love!

Jul 11

Dual (no Spielberg)

It blows my fucking mind when people who do programming and such and don’t use (at least) dual monitors. How?

Having dual monitors (or more) increased my productivity so vastly much. I am literally 1/4 as fast at real work when I am stuck on a single display. It’s so agonizingly terrible that I just can’t comprehend how anyone can live with it who is doing any serious work. I don’t know how they get anything at all done.

This is no criticism of Alice; it obviously works for her and she is very successful. But fuck, I’d be unemployable if I had to use a single display as I’d be just worthless for work. Tasks that I can do in a day now would take me four days. My mind just does not and never will work that way. You can just do so much more, so much faster with dual monitors or more.

Jul 11

Ways and Means

People have always told me that I have a way with words. The reality is that they have a way with me; I am their vessel and they flow through me unbidden.

When I say that I often have no idea what will come out of my mouth, this is absolutely accurate. It took me a long time to develop an effective filter. I am not taciturn due to lack of but potential loquacity, but rather due to the need for restraint.

Jul 11


I understand that this is a thought experiment, but this is false dichotomy of a particularly pernicious type that liberals are especially enamored of. It is possible to have both of these things, especially since productivity has increased so vastly much since it took 6-12 weeks to get orders delivered.

In the liberal mind, one can only achieve one good thing if one is punished somewhere else — it’s kind of like a BDSM relationship with reality.

Yes, I frequently use Amazon Prime and like it. But that’s not why I am pushing back against this. I disagree with the implicit reasoning because this is how you get a worse, more impoverished world, not a better one. Too long to go into the reasons here, as I try to keep all posts to this blog five minutes of writing and under.

Regardless, properly fund the Postal Service again, make it a truly public entity again, and everyone could have Amazon — or anything at all — Prime, with a better use of resources and a better outcome for everyone altogether.

Done and done — no ridiculous false dichotomies anywhere.

Jul 10

Happened again

This was a good one. Met a person today in the course of business and he made some comment to the other people about, “Folks not that far out of their teen years” about me.

I said, “Dude, how old do you think I am?”

“I don’t know, 27?”

“No, try 42.”

Absolute incredulousness. I had to pull out my license; turns out he was 35 and I was his senior by over seven years.

In my younger years, I hated looking so young. Now that I am older I like it much better. When people figure out how much younger you look than your actual chrono age, they really kind of hate you a bit (and I am more than fine with that).

Jul 10

The Worsening

Every time I think about it, it just boggles my mind that computers are actually substantially worse and less usable than they were a decade ago.

Jul 09

Not Easyware

I know I’ve written this already, but I am getting rid of all my Apple hardware, except my iPhone. (As that ages, I will get rid of it, too.)

Without subpixel AA, there is no reason to have such expensive gear because the practical advantage of it is lost. Even at 5K resolution, sans subpixel AA the fonts look no better than they would on a monitor half that resolution. So bye-bye Apple hardware. I will use an OS where the fonts don’t look like dog vomit. Right now, the only choice left is Linux.

I dread selling this hardware but there’s no reason at all to have such premium gear when now I can get the exact same appearance (and better performance) on gear that literally costs 1/5 the price.

Fuck you, Apple.

Jul 09

It’s All Fucked

Literally everything in the computing world and on the internet works worse — far worse — than it did 10 years ago. Even something so simple as bookmark sync is basically non-functional these days because no on really wants you to bookmark anything — they want you to search.

I can no longer have decent fonts due to smartphones, I can’t have any privacy nor security, while at the same time I can’t get into roughly 25% of my accounts ever again because I can’t remember some phone number or don’t have access to some email address from a decade ago.

In a lot of ways, I regret getting into IT because this stuff is my life, not just a hobby or some casual interest.