Oct 09


Just a friendly reminder that pretty competent war game simulations show that the most likely use of nuclear weapons is on one’s own soil as a last defense.

Think the first American Civil War killed a bunch of people? Wait till someone uses nukes “defensively” in the second one. I suspect that’s the most likely way nukes would be used, either in the US or Russia (or possibly Pakistan).

Oct 08

Ess Full

You know your workout was successful when you have trouble lifting your arms afterward. I hope that changes by tomorrow because there’s things I need to do with those arms then. It’d be easier with detachable arms, but I guess given that I would not have to work out at all.

Oct 08

It’s Contained

Now we have containers, which is a way for relative newbies in the computing industry to poorly compensate for 40 years of other bad computing decisions, fecklessly repeating the same mistakes of their elders — except on a container atop a virtual machine atop some “cloud” service atop a rickety server infiltrated by China whose security and performance you have absolutely no control over.


Oct 08

Adaptation and Utility

Consciousness is too expensive not to serve some adaptive purpose. It is probably not some epiphenomenal accident. However, that consciousness serves some purpose does not mean it is utilitarian in the sense that most people would mean. The peacock’s tale is a response to something evolutionarily (it is an example of Fisherian runaway), but it is not useful — in fact, it hampers the bird. Many times, I wonder if consciousness itself is not somewhere on this spectrum.

Oct 08


I don’t know what areas this deal covers, but that’s about $105 for each of the 86 million US iPhone users. Apple claims around 700 million iPhones are in use around the world. If that is the case and the deal covers the entire world, Google paid about $13 per iPhone user.

Oct 08


About 95% of those building distributed systems don’t need distributed systems. They just need — at most — a cluster. I’m all for doing things new-school when it makes sense. Most of the time, it doesn’t.

But if you want to make your app or infrastructure vastly more complex and slower, sure, Docker away. Get your Kubernetes on. And I won’t do that, and will have a better user experience and less downtime as I avoid all that complexity.

Oct 07

Standing Under

One way I’ve changed since I was younger is that back then if I were reading something and I didn’t understand it, I just could not go on until I made sense of it. I mean, anything. Even in fields that I knew nothing about. In some ways, this benefited me as I learned a great deal with my pure stubbornness but it also held me back. There’s finite time in life. I don’t need to know everything, even if I were capable of such a thing.

Now when I run across something complex that I don’t understand, I try to grasp it, and then if I can’t I evaluate if I actually have any real need to comprehend it or deep interest in the topic and then if the answer to these questions is “no,” I just move on. Admittedly, this is not all that common, but just not bothering trying to understand everything in the world makes more time for those things that really matter and that can actually improve my life.

Oct 07

CPU Speed

Ha. Do not miss the days when some games were unplayable when you upgraded your machine due to CPU speed mismatch. You whippersnappers out there probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but that used to be a thing. A thing that bit monkey bum.

Oct 07

Feelin’ It

I am feeling those deadlifts today. I knew I would. At this soreness level, it means I won’t be able to go again till Tuesday or Wednesday, which is fine. The deadlift is very demanding. Even some world-class lifters only train it once or twice a week.