Dec 29


I didn’t write about it at the time because I was too busy with other things, but I think the best overall film performance of 2018 was Toni Colette in Hereditary.

It was in a horror movie, so it’d never be recognized by any awards bodies or anything like that, but Colette is outstanding as the self-tormented woman attempting to prevent a recurrence of the sins of the past…and failing.

The movie itself is good but her performance is perfect.

Dec 29


This is the longest shitpost in history.

I just don’t have the time or want to devote the effort to refuting all of it, but essentially it relies on a circular argument, obfuscated Kevin Drum-style very cleverly. That specious argument is that because health care costs more and takes up more of the economy, people pay more. Brilliant insight, bud. You didn’t really need a million graphs to show that.

I can’t believe I bothered to read all that to find some argument that, if stated in simpler terms, would not fool a five-year-old.

Meanwhile, my boss went to an urgent care facility for treatment for a small cut that was bleeding profusely and was charged $2,000 for a five-minute visit. He didn’t even see a doctor.

More seriously, this is a great example of how experts hoodwink you. In fact, it’s one of the best examples I’ve ever seen. The person who wrote this is obviously high IQ — definitely 130 or above. More probably in the 140-160 range. There are not many people who can hang with him and he knows it. This gives him power as the stuff he’s citing as evidence would be incomprehensible or impenetrable without great study to most people. And none of it is “wrong,” viewed alone. That is the danger of high-IQ experts — they can marshal an argument that is subtly twisted, just a bit sinuous and slanted, that it takes another high-IQ person to even understand what they’ve done and how. Well, I can hang and I can tell you that what he’s spewing is pure hooey.

This is what makes expertise particularly under corporate hegemony so very dangerous. Your life is essentially dominated by corporate propaganda subtly perverted from somewhat-valid science and research. Russian propaganda by comparison is obvious and heavy-handed.

There’s a lot else wrong with what he cites. For instance, it classifies health care consumption as some voluntary act rather than a necessity. And this might be true with another way all this is distorted, in that it’s mostly a portrayal of how the rich consume health care in the US. It doesn’t really consider inequality at all — in fact, it deliberately conceals it to get the numbers RCA was looking for.

Furthermore, health care is most likely a Giffen good that is strongly deflationary in nature to the economy as a whole. If you’re looking for why the economy is nearly deflationary despite massive QE and other efforts, health care is where you might want to start.

The RCA contention that the US consumes more healthcare because we are in reality secretly so super-rich is just asinine on its face. And on its ass. It’s just absurd. That’s why it’s obfuscated behind highly technical argumentation and a scad of graphs.

I waste my time reading all of this so you don’t have to.

Dec 28


Given corporate corruption and excepting atomic weapons, I think the smartphone is the most destructive invention of the past 100 years.

Dec 28

Never Head

I will never buy wireless headphones (hate them and would lose them in two days, tops) and will never use a smartphone without a headphone jack unless my job absolutely forces me to do so.

Plus, they sound like garbage.

Will explore probably a flip phone for my next phone purchase with some sort of GPS device for directions. All I really use a smartphone for anyway is Google Maps. I haven’t installed a single other (cr)app on one in many years because I find them all pretty worthless and limited.

Probably something like this. Smartphones are of no use to me; they are distraction and annoyance devices, brain viruses, and already I need to grab as much time to think as I can.

On balance, I think smartphones made the world worse.

Dec 28


That seems like about 80% of Democrats now.

And make no mistake: if you are pro-war for this reason, and I find out about it, I don’t care if you are my friend, I don’t care if you are my colleague. I do not care. I will call you a human shitstain, because you are, and all further relations are done. I don’t care what the consequences are.

Dec 28

Tome Time

When I was a kid checking out nearly every book the library had, sometimes I’d choose books that hadn’t been checked out by anyone since the 1940s or 1950s.

My record was a book that hadn’t been checked out since 1929 (I think, could’ve been 1925). I believe it was a biography of Charles Darwin, though the old memory is a bit hazy for things that occurred ca. 1986.

Dec 28


Now I’m not much of a programmer but I took a look at the Kubernetes code and holy shit, man, what a mess. What a damn mess.

Nested if statements galore, no modularity at all, it’s nearly incomprehensible outside of that (and I can generally read code pretty well), and yeah…it’s about what I expected.

Further evidence that they are solving problems poorly that were already solved or were nixed as being too complex. I’d be embarrassed to work on a project like this.

At least there are comments? I guess that’s the one good thing I can say about that unholy mess.

Dec 27


Hilariously, Twitter is now displaying in Russian for me:

Screen Shot 2018 12 27 at 1 45 23 PM

I did nothing to cause this on my computer or anywhere else. I have a US IP address.

It’s Putin! Gotta be.