Oct 01


I agree with the spirit of this, but if I didn’t use my car — and this is true for 90% of Americans — I’d have 4-6 fewer hours available in my day, and I’d also probably be dead in a few years as I would be run over by cars.

There is nowhere convenient to walk, and in Florida particularly, one would show up every day drenched in sweat to work. Most places have no work showers, nor are ever likely to have any, so biking or walking is just not an option in Florida unless it’s just a few hundred feet. There are also generally no sidewalks in many places in the US, and none are likely to be put in.

Currently, my commute by car to work is 10-12 minutes. The bus would take between 1.5 to 2 hours, and is not nearly frequent enough. This is the case in all but 3-4 metro areas in the United States (where only about 10% of the population lives). And most people can’t afford to live close to city centers or their jobs. This is only getting worse.

A friend of mine tried cycling for a year or so. He was hit by three cars and hospitalized once. He gave that up pretty quickly.

Not having to use a car is appealing. In fact, really appealing. But it is a fantasy and likely to remain so for a good while yet. This alteration of circumstances would require a huge number of sacrifices from most Americans and make their lives substantially worse in the short to medium term. The thing about human nature is that people tend not to make their lives substantially worse so that someone, someday might benefit (even if that someone is them).

And I know I am not going to spend 4+ hours a day on a bus or die on a bicycle so in 30 years someone can tell me or my partner that it was worth it, because I can tell you it won’t be.

Oct 01


For as much as many CS degree programs insist how much programming and math have to do with one another, which they do at the theoretical level, it’s remarkable how little they are related at the practical level.

My partner, who has a minor in math, also says that her math eduction was irrelevant to programming. She is a full-time developer, by the way, so she know of what she speaks.

Oct 01


The world is becoming dimwitted in ways I could hardly have imagined a decade ago. No, I am not talking about Trump. That stuff is expected. I mean events less predictable. For instance, people seem to prefer phones the size of the Gutenberg Bible (16 1/4 x 11 3/4 inches) and want e-readers the size of Teeny Ted from Turnip Town.

And how they vociferously insist that practices and activities that cause them great hardship and cost them enormous amounts of time are “more convenient,” largely because propaganda works and the acts are in fact “more convenient” — for corporations.

Oct 01


Every time I think about it, I find it increasingly bizarre and funny that liberals think that humans only evolve from the neck down. Just…what?

Oct 01

W & P

You only realize how weak and pitiful you’ve become when you attempt to lift weight less than half of what you used to lift quite easily…and can barely even budge them with the correct form.

Well, that’ll change.

Oct 01

Americans, Don’t Watch

Otherwise, watch this performance. Unbelievably, the eponymous singer is 57 years old in this video. She must’ve been drinking the blood of the young because damn she looks great and about 28. More importantly, she gives a great show and her voice sounds even better than it did in ’84.

Oh yes, why should Americans not watch? As she’s running around the stage hyperkinetically, her breasts actually move and jiggle. I know, crazy, right?

Oct 01


I think I have a particular dislike for Brett Kavanaugh because he reminds me of the type of dudes who bullied me a great deal in middle school. He speaks, acts, and has the same affronted air as they did when they were caught doing something wrong.

Oct 01


This reminds me of something that happened at my old job.

There, because I was invited to meetings a lot and many of them wasted my time, if one were doing so I’d often just get up and leave. One day, a guy I worked with came up to me and said, “I wish I could just get up and leave meetings like you do. They waste so much time.”

I said, “You can. There’s nothing special about me. One day I just decided to do it and did.”

I have a special aversion to people wasting my time and also go out of my way to avoid wasting other people’s time. It is extremely discourteous and all our time here is finite. Do not waste mine. I will get up and leave your meeting. Count on it.

Sep 30


I’m not surprised that in general people are against space exploration. Pretty much without fail, in all times and places, people have been against exploration if it were non-colonial in nature.

Except in rare cases like the Polynesians and their highly unusual culture, humans just really aren’t that curious or that enterprising in general.

Space exploration might be a dead end. Might be worthless, pointless, and without any merit at all. But the thing is…you don’t know until you go.