Nov 17


This is great.

And below Lorde at 12 singing “Use Somebody” (audio only). Overnight successes? Yeah, there’s no such thing. Lorde was already a pro then. She was joining bands of her own accord (parents not pushing her as is the usual case) at ~10. Her precocity reminds me of myself, but she is way more talented than I am.

It also shows her present singing is very much a style (and one that I like). She has superb vocal control and a large range.

Nov 17


Now that I’ve realized that systemd is just a way for Red Hat to take over control of Linux indirectly (since it’s impossible to unseat Torvalds at this time), all makes a lot more sense.

Guess it’s a good thing I’m getting that Red Hat cert.

Nov 17


I’m not mathematically minded, so I solved this instantly.

I can’t fathom why it’d be hard for anyone? Of course I’m not mathematically minded, so that’s I assume why it was easy.

If it had been mathematical, I would’ve never solved it. Not in a thousand years.

Nov 17

It seems

It seems most people’s attitudes to prostitution and sex work stem from if they have any wolf_3_25-625x321visceral distaste for the work and/or sex. (Usually sex, I’d guess.)

It never seems to have a bit to do with the evidence, what the women (and some men) involved say, or what would actually help or even harm them.

I know, people hate anecdotes, but a close friend of mine when I was in the army had been a sex worker about a decade before I met her, and she was not the least regretful about what she’d done and in fact missed a lot of it – most specifically not having a 9-5 job.

She’d used the money she made to attend the University of Florida and to become a nurse practitioner. The last time I heard from her, she was making somewhere north of 100,000 a year, and that was back in the late 1990s.

She told me that she’d never been able to afford that degree without the work she did stripping and occasionally escorting.

So even though it shouldn’t be necessary, knowing someone pretty closely who had been a sex worker really served to make me re-evaluate a lot of the propaganda I’d heard about how evil it all was.

martin_goold__the_pool_of_london__i__pastel__43x57cm__1273582440I know, most people who hate sex work and sex workers will talk about how all that’s just anecdotal, these women who like the work don’t exist because no one actually likes sex work, blah blah blah, but no one likes working at fucking McDonald’s either, or Wal-Mart, so why the obsession with shaming and belittling sex workers alone? Why not go ahead with your bad selves and shame Wal-Mart workers, too?

Oh yeah, it’s sex phobia. That’s all it is.

I can assure you that this person did exist. Her name was Mary and because I was getting into photography in a big way then (and I was training to be a photojournalist) I have hundreds of photos of her – because she was a willing and enthusiastic subject and also very lovely.

Thanks, Mary, wherever you are now for making me appear to be a better photographer than I was! You got me an A on many assignments in those classes.

Nov 16

System D-tritus

For my next certification, I’m getting the Red Hat Certified Engineer.redhat

Since I don’t routinely work in the Red Hat world unlike the other exams I took, it is going to take a lot more studying and time than it did for the others. Don’t get me wrong,  I’ve used Linux and even RHEL, Fedora and other Red Hat-derived Linuxes over the years, but only rarely have I used it at work.

I’ve thus been learning about the latest Linux technologies, and especially systemd.

Jesus Christ, what a fucking mess.

These ignoramuses – typical of modern developers and UX/UI people – have destroyed all usefulness, all sense and just made a worthless system for little gain other than the things they are interested in.

Systemd, in other words, is terrible.

It’s vastly more complicated and fiddly to do everything. It’s a nightmare to configure a runlevel, it’s difficult to add a new service, and in general it’s just insecure. It is awesomely terrible and utterly foul. Only (as I’ve started to call them lately) a typical tech “genius moron” could have come up with something so cretinous.

Typical developer arrogance, in other words.

It kind of reminds me of Microsoft’s PowerShell philosophy, which seems to be, “Why do in 50 characters what you could do in 500 characters?”

The Debian maintainer of systemd recently resigned from the systemd project because he was getting death threats. While I obviously don’t condone death threats, I must admit that learning about systemd sent me into a blind rage of fury at such abysmal technology being grafted into Linux.

While I can learn systemd just like I did PowerShell, it’s an awful trade-off that makes Linux less Linux-like and will end up wasting millions and millions of developer and system admin person-hours on its utter crappiness.

Nov 16


What the hell is this?

I don’t get it when people act tough, I don’t understand it. To me, when you act tough you’re just saying, “Hey! I’ve been though a lot of horrible stuff in my life. And I survived it, and now I’m ready to attack anybody, like a Pit Bull.” — I want a demeanor that says, “I’ve never been through anything at all, and I’m just a Pug, riding a decorative pillow. Where will I go today, who knows? But, I shall be carried.”

That’s great. That’s great that you want that. The real world doesn’t work like that. Some people experience trauma. Are raped. Are beaten. Are in a war. Or, like me, are bullied for years.

I don’t talk about it much because I don’t really like the pervasive whining about trigger warnings and all that on the Left. It mostly seems like a way to show off and and to punish other people, rather than something intended to actually help anyone. Ninety percent of the “trigger warning” BS is signaling and nothing else.

49380491And I know enough has been written about the whole “trigger warning” insanity, but I am going to write some more in the context of the above asinine post.

The main problem with the concept is that everyone has really different perceptions and experiences and thus really different triggers.

I wouldn’t quite call what I am about to write about a trigger (in psychology, it is called “hypervigilance to threat”), but I was bullied a lot as a kid. I didn’t take it well and was a pretty fearless fighter so I used my fists a lot out of necessity.

As a result of this I was also ambushed a lot from behind by the kids I wouldn’t surrender to, or by those who wanted to get revenge on me. In the worst instance some little monster crept up behind me with a tree branch and bashed me in the back of the head with it.

To this day, I don’t like people being behind me. It’s taken me years to train myself not to reflexively punch someone if they sneak up where I can’t see them.

Relatedly, people notice that I don’t jump or startle when something that causes most people to jump happens. I am nearly impossible to scare. Since I was six or seven, I don’t think it has ever occurred.

It’s not that I am some hardass – this is also a result of bullying, and a bit of natural personality too I’d guess.

Reacting to bullies meant that they just tried to hurt you worse. I learned not to react, but to be ready to fight and wade in and get it done. Or lose, which I often did too. I don’t have a “fight or flight” response. I have a “fight and fight more” response. safety-300x225

This is not something I’m proud of. It’s just the result of how and where I grew up, being an utter misfit (in every sense of that word) where I was raised.

For years – years – I experienced and meted out violence daily. No exaggeration, from 4th to 9th grade I got into a fistfight at least once a week, sometimes in those periods as often as once every single day for months.

As I said, I am very stubborn.

Most of my reaction to having anyone sneak up behind me is due to the one aforementioned incident where a kid named Wayne who had bullied me for years finally got tired of me fighting back and not ceding power to him and slinked up behind me and struck me over the back of the head with a large tree branch.

It nearly knocked me out but I did manage to turn around and fight him to a draw before we were separated.

Nothing was done to him. I got in trouble for it, though, and experienced headaches for weeks afterward.

the-handA large part of my utter mistrust of authority comes from how little my teachers or other authority figures did about this behavior. In fact, bullies are often lionized or coddled because they are seen as dominant and even adults are attracted to that power.

And by the way, I am not acting tough. I am tough. I had to be. I grew up in a shithole, and I survived it and made it out and am now a successful adult. That takes toughness among other things.

My upbringing in part at least made me what I am. But I had no choice about any of that. It all just happened.

I won’t apologize for what I had to do to survive.

So fuck you, Ron Fuches and anyone else who posts that. I wish we could have all had the pleasant life of gamboling about on foofy clouds, never experiencing anything harmful or traumatic.

But that just ain’t what happened. And I’m not about to apologize for it.

Nov 15


I had to learn a little bit of vi to do something the other day. (Edit a Python file to install CentOS 7 on a MacBook Pro, specifically.)

What a terrible turd of a text editor. I already hate that part of my brain that knows anything about vi now.

I can’t wait to forget it all.

Nov 15

Next gen

Yeah, I know it’s Facebook and I had to unblock their domain to even read this, but this is interesting.

It’s really just an extension of a standard sort of design that I’ve been reading a lot about lately, but amped up to 11.

We were able to build our fabric using standard BGP4 as the only routing protocol. To keep things simple, we used only the minimum necessary protocol features.

It’s actually a really simple network design though I know it looks byzantine and complicated. It’s awesomely scalable; I’m impressed. I’ll likely never need something like that, or even to design something 1/100 that powerful, but it does give me some ideas that I can use in networks that I’ll likely build.

Nov 15

Punch up

I agree – this bothers me as well. It’s so much easier to punch down, and though unattractive imagesmen in society have done themselves no favors (GamerGate, etc.) they don’t really hold that much power. And since unattractive people are easy to hate, they make targets that are irresistible to just about anyone (the same is true of unattractive women, before anyone gets upset) including the Left, which really should know better.

But people are afraid of punching up, so they punch down. If you punch up – at the real people with power in society – they can and do punch back. Very hard. Sometimes hard enough to ruin your life forever, so I understand the fear. But there’s no victory to be had, or even any satisfaction, in punching down.

So punch up. This is why.

i really need people to stop talking about mras only in terms of fedoras/being bronys/how unkempt they are, etc. because there are dudes out here looking like hollister models who need to be held just as accountable for their creepy/misogynistic behavior

Some 27-year-old unemployed overweight dude in his mom’s basement yelling racial slurs in Halo v-chat and threatening Anita Sarkeesian on Twitter while certainly an asshole and while 517ed541257f9db933ba65ac2b401cf0also certainly supportive of and contributory to patriarchy has scarcely more power than the people he rails against (which goes together, actually). He’s already been abandoned by society and knows it. That’ s part of the reason he’s so angry.

To end the Halo-screaming dude, you should really be working on dismantling capitalism and the entire system of patriarchy and similar tasks like that, not making fun of some dude who while vile became that way for a reason. And definitely not descending further into the identity politics hellhole, because that’s what the elite wants you to do as it assures them– absolutely fucking guarantees – that nothing useful will ever get accomplished.

I have sympathy I guess for people like the apocryphal basement dweller because I could’ve easily been him, if not for a few lucky breaks and my absolute ridiculous stubbornness.

In the Left, it’s only cool to body-shame, fat-shame and otherwise police using tactics you’d otherwise never countenance as long as it’s directed towards people you hate. I can’t get on board with that. I don’t like being a hypocrite, and that’d make me one.

I don’t punch much these days (metaphorically or literally) but when I do, I always try to punch up.

Nov 15


I know it’s terrible to hear, but I would put absolutely no stock in any eyewitness reports about the Michael Brown shooting – either by bystanders (friendly or otherwise) or Darren Wilson himself.

I know supporters of both sides will crucify me for this, but eyewitness testimony is utterly unreliable, and not because people are lying.

Did Michael Brown have his hands up? Was he turned away from the cop or towards the cop? What did he actually do?

Without video, we don’t know. We’ll never know. No matter how many eyewitnesses you think you have, it doesn’t matter.

In reality, eyewitness testimony is about as reliable as what your cat thinks about quantum mechanics. I would put more stock in astrology than in eyewitness testimony, especially since evidence shows the more traumatic the event or unexpected, the less accurate the memory.