Oct 12


I had no idea that Rookie was founded by a teenage girl, and intended for teenage girls*. Who cares. Either something is good or it’s not.

And in fact, it’s a great online magazine. I’ve been reading it for about a year now. I highly recommend it. Right now there are a spate of good pieces up there like this one and this one.

And oh yeah, there’s this fact.

At the time of this writing, a week after the Breaking Bad finale, it is the only Web magazine I’m aware of that has not published a single word about Walter White.

Fuck yeah.

*Even though now that I look, it says so in the tag line.

Oct 11


The shutdown will end because it is making corporations and powerful CEOs very nervous. The Republicans have lost control of major parts of their party for the first time in modern history, but that will not last – the CEOs have far more money and thus far more real power.

Anytime corporate profits are threatened – which they very much are by the catastrophic threat of default – the whining children, no matter how belligerent, will be locked back in their rooms for a bit.

Sad that the only thing causing some sense to break out is by some of the most venal, avaricious and corrupt (mostly) men in the world.

But that’s how it is.

Oct 10


I understand and appreciate why people like massages, but the idea of someone I don’t know and probably don’t like touching me makes me a bit stabby.

One of those human things that’s just not for me.

Oct 10


On a conference call today with a woman who has the strongest mid-Canadian accent I’ve ever heard. Usually I can’t tell by voice when someone is Canadian, but with her it’s completely obvious.

Such mellifluous long vowels. Sort-of similar to a Minnesota accent, just not as strong.

Oct 10

Tuned out

I upgraded to iOS 7 to see what it’s like.


It reminds me of OSes that I used during the late ‘80s, most of which are forgotten now. And all of which were terrible. It’s a great deal slower than iOS 6, too.

I do have to say that it’s my most favorite of the flat barely-readable fad OSes, but that’s not saying much, really. It’s like picking favorite tapeworms or something.

It is more colorful, and that’s pretty good. Nothing worse than a flat OS with walls of white and gray where you have no idea at all what to click on.

So as for horrible parasites, so far it’s my favorite. Great.

Oct 10


I’ve been writing too much negative material lately, even for me. Instead of all that, let’s watch Samantha Fish “Shake ‘Em On Down.”

She out-ZZ Tops ZZ Top, and with a cigar box guitar, too.

Oct 09

I’ve seen…most of it anyway

An older woman at work who is used to lording her age and supposed greater experience over everyone gets flustered when she says things around me and to me like, “You’ve probably never heard of it – it was before you were born.”

And I say things like, “No, I’ve actually seen The Graduate twice. Did you know that Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft who played ‘the older woman’ actually only differed a few years in age?”

Pretty much she has learned to never do this around me anymore, as much as she obviously enjoys doing it.

But she slipped up and did it to me with the movie Brian’s Song. She said something about the “movie about the football player from the ‘60s who died. It was way before your time; I’m sure you’ve never heard of it.”

I said, “Oh you mean Brian’s Song? Brian Piccolo? Yeah, I saw that when I was 10 or 11.”

The funny thing is she didn’t even know about the 2001 remake.

I may be bad at many things, but in trivia no matter what era it is from few people can hang. I don’t really enjoy lording knowledge over people, but she is both so arrogant and dismissive that I enjoy flustering her when I can. Which I do pretty much every time she insists on demonstrating her superiority supposedly granted by being older than everyone else.

Oct 09


Because of a project I’ve been working on, I can now look at a GPS coordinate and tell where it is to within about 50 miles. And I mean something like this: 34.984, -106.35

That’s in New Mexico, near Albuquerque. You probably needed to plug that into Google Maps to realize that. I however did not.

I’ve looked at around 8,000 GPS coordinates in the past months is why. My brain is now a little GPS computer.

Oct 09


Perhaps tattoos wouldn’t bother me so much if 99% of people didn’t get such trite unremarkable schlock tattooed on their bodies.

Oh, a butterfly. No one ever thought of that.

Tribal tattoo and a gun. Very original. You stand out from all the million other dudebros with the exact damn tattoo.

Having tattoos is a good sign I probably don’t need to talk to you. Yes, I am a biased discriminatory bastard, but only relating to things people have chosen to inflict on themselves.

Oct 08

More Hugo

After I found out last night that Hugo Schwyzer had severely injured a woman on September 27, 2013, in a DUI after he should’ve known to cut such shit out I really finally lost all sympathy for the sociopathic idiot.

I am debating whether to submit this to RateMyProfessors.com.

Hugo really knows how to touch his students. Like, really touch them. And he knows how to reveal your most inner secrets, behind his locked office door. Also, I must say that no matter how much I strayed he always found a way to lay down the learning. The hot, sweaty learning. I enjoyed having Professor Schwyzer. Enjoyed it with all my being.

Petty? Yes. Pointless? Yes. Funny? Also yes.

I have no sympathy at all for drunk/intoxicated drivers. Just none. I don’t care what illness he has or doesn’t have, etc. He should be nowhere near a car ever again, or a student for that matter.