Sheety way to be

For the most part, liberals don’t listen — except to spreadsheets. If you actually listen to what people say and what they do, it makes perfect sense within their framework of comprehension. For instance, this.

The attitude comes when integration commissioners tell us, for example, that there isn’t a German culture outside of the German language.

As with American and other feminists supporting Islamic oppression of women (yeah, figure that out — I can’t), I am unable to think of a better way to get large numbers of people to vote for anything other than your antipode. Telling people that there is not a German culture — well, I cannot think of anything more destructive for everyone involved, and dangerous to the futures of the refugees along several axes.

Note: when you seem to give preferential treatment to large numbers of people who just show up out of the blue — no matter the reasons for it — and then ignore pre-existing complaints and grievances of native-born populations, you gonna get problems no matter the hue of the people who show up.

That’s not racism or xenophobia.

That’s human fucking nature.