May 14

Night Gonna Happen

First really major mistake in the the show Into the Night regarding how an airliner works.

They extend the landing gear at 40,000 feet. Not possible! Landing gear would shear off, then immediately after a lot of other really bad things would start occurring. Plane would break apart. The reason is that at that altitude the aircraft must be going at least around 700km/h and the landing gear would shear off at above 400km/h. (On a 737, the maximum landing gear extended speed is 320 knots, for instance.)

Sure, the air is thinner up there, but you’re going so much faster (and must do so). No pilot would ever suggest that, much less do it.

May 13


I was for lockdown and social distancing but I don’t think spending the rest of eternity cowering at home, scared of the light, is or can be a viable strategy. Humans — even introverts — just aren’t built to operate that way long term and the economic consequences will lead to far more deaths in the years ahead.

It’s quite a bind we’ve gotten ourselves into by our incompetence, though. Either way, there will be massive economic destruction and mass death.

If we can fuck something up, we will. And have.

May 12

Omnes Terminos

Maybe the Pandemic Will Never End.

I’m pessimistic, but this is just pure dumbassery. All pandemics end. Either they burn through the population, are suppressed, alter genetically (1918 flu became much less deadly H1N1) or in the modern age, have a vaccine created.

This pandemic will end in 1-2 years no matter what we do. That’s just reality. The economic destruction, however, will likely last a generation.

May 12

My Projection Too

How Covid Will Play Out In America.

This is, roughly, what I expect as well. The second wave will be larger than the first and crest about December-January. Nothing else seems likely or possible, given how we’ve flubbed it all and show no sings of correcting anything. And the second wave will be worse numerically and economically than the first, hitting as it will in fall and winter.

This is about what I expected all along. I’ve never been so disappointed to not be disappointed.

If you can, buy some extra food. At some point in this time frame it’ll start becoming hard to get.

May 11

No Employ

Barry, why go easy on that dingus? Employment will probably not even be below 16% in November, much less 6%. How could anyone think something so absurd?

May 11

Universal Zoom

If the coronavirus collapses the house of cards that is university education, that would not be a bad thing. It’s not a good value for most even at $5,000 a year — but at $70K per year it’s robbery.

May 11


Fact about me: I have played several hundred chess games in my life, and never won a single one. Not even once.

The funniest loss was to a seven-year-old in a Cracker Barrel when I was sixteen or seventeen. I mean, I knew I’d lose but everyone else watching was shocked. I was in the chess club in high school in my successful attempt to be more social. By the way, I try to win all the matches. I’ve never deliberately lost. Just no talent.

Chess is like math for me. Have no idea what’s going on, nor why. Nor any hope of figuring it out. But I still had fun in the club.

May 11

Golding Silvering

My friend, they are indeed that stupid. Most cannot do a three-key keyboard shortcut with weeks of training.

So of course they do not understand literature, commentary, satire, authorship, abstraction, layers of meaning, ideas and their ecosystems, complex dynamic systems or even the existence thereof, or that the world can be any different than it is.

So no, most hardly understand anything at all.

May 11

Beating C

America is incapable of doing anything even remotely close to this, for an entire variety of reasons, practical and ideological — all self-inflicted.

We are so fucked, both from Covid-19 and climate change to come.