Oct 14


Most people really cannot understand that other people actually do like other things than they themselves do. Really cannot.

Oct 14

Big No

Ah, bullshit. Totally.

I love talks in the flesh. The experience of being there and listening to someone in person is so fucking totally different than some Zoom glitchy poor-audio squawkbox experience. I’m really tired already of this neo-puritan monastic busted-ass nonsense. Next, these mooks will be telling me that concerts are terrible and that drooling and watching YouTube is just as good. I think so.

I mean, what the fuck. What the hell is wrong with these people? Do they really love sitting on their asses at home so much, and conclude that everyone else is just pretending not to enjoy this cursed existence?

Need to get to some conferences soon because I enjoy them and because it pisses off the right people. And do more travel, too, for the same reasons.

I got no interest in Hamilton, but exactly:

Oct 14


Wow this person sounds vile and also mentally ill.

Glad I haven’t read any of her novels and now I deifnitely plan to avoid them. I think this is not satire? I don’t think it is but it’s just so hard to tell these days.

The whole jumbled jeremiad conflates all sorts of unrelated experiences and events that basically amount to: if someone finds it fun, it’s bad. Very, very bad. This matches the modern liberal anchorite ascetic tendencies perfectly, and the overarching desire to take away things from people. These neo-puritan urges are worrying because it leads to be atrocious decision-making that harms everyone and any possibility of a better future.

This is one of those “smart people” essays where the vocabulary is capacious but the actual content is lacking; it impresses simpletons but leaves anyone with a few brain cells to rub together wondering what all the fuss is about.

“We could just stay home and listen to Scarlatti….”

Oh shut up. Just shut up. You aren’t impressing anyone. And it’s not even good essay writing. What’s that phrase connected to, what does it have to do with anything that follows? The essay is an unstructured mess of lists of items the author personally hates, two dollar words that are unnecessary and add nothing, and has the repetitiveness of a 1950s pop song. If I were teaching English 101, I’d grade it an “F” apart from the content itself

My brain regrets that it has any part of this utter trash now encoded within it. Need a delete function.

Oct 13

It’s Z Time

Great thread by Zeynep. I like how she discusses yet again how when people say the WIV was so very high security, blah blah blah, that in fact their certification level was irrelevant because they were doing bat coronavirus research at BSL-2 (about the same BSL as a dentist office).

So much good info in that thread.

Oct 13


Ha. Me too. People were screeching all sorts of incomprehensible nonsense that she had the temerity to actually look at the data.

Oct 13

Coup Coup

A step-by-step guide to heading off the next coup attempt.

The next attempt will succeed. Enough Americans want it to, and not enough care if it does even if they are nominally opposed. It’ll make Facebook and the press loads of money, so what would stop it? There has to be some counervailing force and there just isn’t.

The next right-wing white minority authoritarian coup will absolutely be a complete success.

Oct 12


Lord, what’s going on with me? I’m starting to grow quite fond of German. I don’t need to start studying yet another language…or do I?

Maybe I’ve been possessed by Mark Twain.

Oct 12

Big B

The amount of times I’ve been declared a “genius” for checking if something is plugged in, or fully plugged in, or just changing out a cable — well it’s been a fucking lot.

People are strangely averse to trying the simple things. I always try the simple things because it has the biggest bang for the buck.