Jul 31


God that’s so fucking true.

Jul 31


Don’t really care about hip sway, hourglass figure, or long hair at all. I mean, it’s fine either way, but a lot of the things that are supposed to be feminine do nothing or nearly nothing for me. Physically, not being fat matters a lot to me. And no tattoos. I’d never date someone long-term with tattoos because they turn me off too much. I don’t really have an ideal type, though I prefer women on the taller-than-average side. Personality makes so much difference, though — this is all just broad generalization.

And for the most part I’d prefer having my tongue in or on someone’s vagina* than mouth. After all, most women don’t stuff food in their vaginas. So no, I don’t find vaginas gross at all. Quite the opposite, to say the least!

I was looking for photos of a more preferred figure and got bored, so instead enjoy this photo of two twin contortionists/gymnasts that I think is cute:

Their names are Julietta and Magdalena (not their real names). Bonus photo of them:

That said, I think they have pretty ideal female bodies (for my taste). Athletic, trim, no tattoos, and obviously confident. Confidence does in fact go a long way.

*Yes, I know anatomically where the vagina is. I’m using the colloquial phrasing here.

Jul 31


Great version and Lucy Schwartz is such a fun singer with an adorable stage personality. The Schwartz is with her.

Jul 31


It’s such a weird bit of canonical belief among libs now that weighing less than a damn fully-loaded tractor-trailer is impossible. Especially as within living memory encountering an obese person used to be pretty rare. How do you think so poorly?

What makes it even stranger is that there seems to be no impetus to interrogate this massive change and to understand what brought it about. It fucking sucks being the size of a Mack truck and people are just ok with it? I don’t understand.