Feb 13


Why people hate Wegovy.

This is not a bad piece, but she’s wrong about if being fat is a choice or not. Of course it’s a choice — it’s just a hard one. Those are the ones that usually matter most in life, anyway. When I hear people whining about hard choices, I kind of tune them out because so much of my life was defined by difficult choices I was forced to make.

That said, I’m glad the semaglutide drugs exist. They help people and that’s what matters.

Feb 11

What the Hegel

Literacy crisis in college students: Essay from a professor on students who don’t read.

No human being can read 30 pages of Hegel in one sitting, for example.

Just found out I am not human.

The article overall points the finger of culpability correctly, though: the smartphone. Rarely in human history has any device caused so much harm and destruction of intelligence so devastatingly quickly. They should not exist in their current form, or perhaps at all. My proposal would require obtaining an expensive and difficult-to-get license to be able to purchase a smartphone. And that no one under 18 should have one.

Feb 10

Phys Diz

Is it possible to attain a physique like Alan Ritchson from Reacher without steroids?

Yes, for a short time, but you must have the genetics to do so. Henry Cavill does not do any form of steroids and has a great physique — and also exceptional genes. Even without that genetic advantage, though, you can still look quite good. Hollywood bodies are never quite real, however, absent even steroids. For any shirtless scene in an action movie, the male leads are dehydrated and have usually done a quick workout beforehand to make their muscles blood-filled.

About a year ago, my muscles were most impressive-looking after I was quite sick and lost some weight from not eating. That was despite me being weaker than normal. This comment is also correct.

If you gave me a month, I could look extremely shredded and lean. But it’s not sustainable and in fact actors do not sustain it. They plan for it and back off it when it’s not required for a scene as it is not healthy. Remember that anything you see on a screen is not reality, nor is it meant to be; films and shows are the collective dreams of our society.

Feb 10

Owned By No One

(Almost) Every infrastructure decision I endorse or regret after 4 years running infrastructure at a startup.

I don’t use a lot of these tools where I work, but this is absolutely true.

Since the database is used by everyone, it becomes cared for by no one. Startups don’t have the luxury of a DBA, and everything owned by no one is owned by infrastructure eventually.

Anything that is too complex or doesn’t have an identified owner gets thrown over to infrastructure to manage and deal with. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. Often even if it has nothing at all to do with infrastructure (for instance, training). It’s such an annoying but incredibly-common aspect to working in my field.

Feb 09

Type Error

This is exactly right.

I think the reason a lot (not all) of older single women end up bitter and angry is because they are now experiencing what it’s like to be a man in dating.

A lot of women imagine they’d prefer to be invisible like 98% of men are their entire lives. However, when they actually have the experience of being disappeared they do not like it so well at all. Ask Norah Vincent — well, you could if she were still alive. Her project of dressing and acting as a man for 18 months contributed greatly to her suicide. She also mostly recanted her incorrect beliefs about men’s lives and experiences (which most feminists still hold).

Glad I’m not in that market now. Most women are utterly, hilariously undateable. Their over-inflated self-regard is only exceeded by their girth and unappealing personalities.

Feb 08

Yap Gears

It’s really creepy that there’s a large age gap between parents and kids. Huge power imbalance there, right? That shouldn’t be allowed at all. It’s just weird we condone that as a society.