Jan 09

10 Years

As careers professionalize, many people quite capable of them get “credentialed” out.

I 100% believe that if I was born ten years later, I would not be working in this industry. Even with the benefit of knowing what my job was so I could take a direct path, and with people willing to help me succeed. If my portfolio from back then showed up on my desk today, I would not hire me.

Though I don’t do quite what she does, the same is true for me. If I were 10 years younger there’s just no way I’d be in IT. I never could’ve made it past the front gate of the credential scam.

Jan 09


Something I just realized that is very odd about progressive pseudo-thought structures culturally is that they believe nothing can be explained by genetics, except the inevitability of obesity.

Have to love the, uh, “logic” of that.

Jan 09

Sounds Arrogant Even To Me

The company where I currently work definitely appreciates me, so I am not complaining about that. I didn’t get made a CTO for nothing. However, I don’t think they really understand that they’d have to hire 4 or 5 people to replace me or how hard I have to work to keep up even with my own field.

Right now, I hold six different intermediate or professional-level certifications in different areas of technology, ranging from networking to security to cloud operations. These need to be renewed every so often, so I am constantly studying for certifications and exams. It’s never-ending, really. One day, I’ll get tired of it but haven’t yet.

And this is real knowledge, not just test peacocking. For instance, yesterday I worked on and completed a bit of combined t-sql and PowerShell that retrieves an xml feed from the web, parses it, and then inserts the data into a SQL table for later use. Note that this isn’t even an infrastructure task, but truly is light programming.

Today, I will be troubleshooting a broken site-to-site VPN connection. (I actually already know what’s wrong with it*. Convincing the other side of how they are misconfigured is always the hard part.)

Next week, I will be doing an Office365 email conversion. The week after, I will likely be advising on purchase and installation of physical and cloud infrastructure as well as doing most if not all of the implementation.

You get the idea! It sounds a little arrogant even to me, but if you can find someone else who can do all this, and as quickly as I do it, you better fucking hire them because I’ve met a few IT people better than me but hardly any as broadly knowledgeable or as blazing fast at troubleshooting.

*I know what’s wrong with it because I’ve done dozens and dozens of these, while most IT people haven’t, so I’ve seen every error and I can troubleshoot them almost instantly.

Jan 08

Or Something Like It

Goofy gobshites who say things like, “The universe seems fine-tuned for life” just make no sense.

Have you looked around the universe? It’s mostly filled with…nothing! It’s a lot of empty space and very little life or anything else.

Jan 08


I got in a road rage incident where someone nearly hit me (completely his fault), so I honked at him. Then he stopped ahead of me, got out of his car and started walking towards my vehicle. I pretty much leapt out of my car, ready to go, and said, “Well, come on then.”

He literally ran the other way, got in his car and drove away. What was he expecting? That I was going to sit in my car while he yelled at me and banged on the window? There’s no way he was intimidated by my actual physical presence, so I guess that was his expectation for that interaction.

It was hilarious. I wish I had it on video, but it was before smartphones.

Jan 08


Exactly. And that’s why it’s claimed that “cancel culture” doesn’t exist. It only works on gnats that can’t fight back, thus “progressives” can feel good about swatting tiny, harmless flies while the great crimes go unpunished.

After all, it’s a lot less risky to battle a house gecko than a 12-foot alligator.

Jan 08


People really do not seem to understand that if they destroy the natural world around them, annihilate the oceans, poison the water, we all will soon follow it into the grave.

How is this not clear? Do they really believe we can live on a place like Mars? Fucking copro-cranials.

Jan 08


Earth-size potentially habitable planet.

Not likely. A tidally-locked planet is probably not very habitable. Would be blazing hot on one side and frigid on the other. Also, if I remember correctly those type of small stars tend to have massive fucking flares that blow atmospheres off planets and into space.

There is a small possibility that there might be a habitable area in the “twilight zone” on or near the terminator, but most likely not.

We just need to get out there and take a look.