Sep 16

Dest U.

Losing COVID-19 immunity after six months after Pfizer vaccine.

This is not what this means. Antibodies are not the only component of immunity, nor even the most important. This is irresponsible and dangerous on the part of the university to release misinformation like this. The article does discuss “humoral immunity” but the headline does most of the damage — it’s all most people will read or understand. What a joke.

Our universities need to be destroyed and rebuilt from scratch.

Sep 15


I think the goal for many is indeed becoming social control and has little to nothing anymore to do with the pandemic. It’s the only way to make sense of what is happening in many areas. This is preparation for the pod life.

The time to resist is now. But we probably won’t. Not enough.

Sep 15

No Wallow

The people who expect us all to live like hermits in perpetuity because they want to wallow in their loserdom…dang, I wish I never knew about them. It’s too bad because I used to like some of those people and think they were intelligent.

Sep 15

Oil Slack

Why Is Slack Still So Terrible?

It is still indeed terrible. Just a piece of hot garbage.

One of the biggest annoyances with Slack is search. Sure, the ability to ctrl + f inside of conversations is nice, but the search is still terrible and doesn’t work properly. The global search is perhaps the worst of all, I struggle to find conversations I know I have had and usually end up resorting to scrolling through the history until I get what I need.

This in particular bedevils me every damn day. Search must be much, much harder than I understand because no one can make a search that works remotely well it seems.

Slack is like if MBAs redesigned email. It’s woefully bad and I hate using it every day.

Sep 15


It’s odd. I wish they’d just shut up and go away; go full hermit and not admonish the rest of us for not hiding under the bed with them.

Shit, we got things to do, concerts to attend, restaurants to eat at, friends to visit, places to go, stuff to see. Don’t have time for lockdown lifer bullshit.

Sep 15

What the Geck

One of our resident house geckos tonight was in the bathtub, I guess looking for water. I got it out of the tub and threw a bunch of water on the tile.

I hope it gets some hydration and nice bugs.

Sep 15


I’ve never seen Olivia play electric guitar before (she does in the second song). She’s so good she makes me like songs I otherwise would not care for by, I don’t know, her Olivia-ness. She sounds so much better live than she does on her album cuts. Just big fucking talent blaring out everywhere.

Not sure why they put her in front of a bunch of utility boxes in the first song, though.