Jan 14

A Good Hurtin’

Mostly agreed with this. The ways liberals want to hurt me supposedly for my own good is pushing me to be much more libertarian again. No, not alt-right or capital “L” Libertarian. Those people are loonies and don’t understand economics, sociology or really anything.

However, I’m far more worried about those who want to harm me to “help” me than those who just want to harm me. The latter I can fight and win. With the former, that is much harder to do.

Jan 14


I can now read newspaper-level German.

Italian next? Though I will need to get beyond newspaper-level to read Elena Ferrante in the original.

Jan 13



I’ve read entire books about causation that weren’t as good as this. For some reason, this is a very difficult thing for most people to grasp.

Jan 13

Longer Than

To clarify some statements I’ve made about Long Covid, I believe it’s real, but that it will actually be “long” for about 5-10% of people who have lingering symptoms.

That’s a lot, but not the world-ending apocalypse many are predicting. And Omicron basically won’t produce much Long Covid at all.

Jan 13

In The Wind

I don’t even like the original (or Bob Dylan), but that is lovely. I like that you can hear her breathing; makes it more human.