Jun 16


I like it. If that were to happen in the US, the Fat Acceptance clowns would go apeshit.

That makes me like it even more.

Jun 16


On Inflation, Economics Has Some Explaining to Do.

Again, I was right and the economics establisment was wrong. Why? Well, it’s obvious that you can’t just pause an economy and then resume it, as we did with Covid, and expect no ill effects. It was always clear that any exogenous shock — and there are always exogenous shocks — would lead to non-transitory inflation.

There’s no model for this because it’s nearly impossible to plausibly model one-off events. That’s where deep systems thinking capabilities come in, and I have that.

Jun 16

It’s a Stretch

How do i help my girlfriend feel better about her stretch marks? She has a beautiful slender body but she feels insecure to wear some of her swim suits because of stretch marks. I tried to tell her that no one cares or notices but she’s still insecure about them.

I think this is one of the biggest divergences between what women think men care about and what they actually care about. Men do not give a single crap about stretch marks.

Or as a commenter said:

Was having sex with a woman back when I was in the army who said, “Sorry about my stretch marks” and I replied, “I don’t mind at all” when in reality I didn’t even see them or notice them. So of course I didn’t mind because I had no damn idea about any stretch marks that might or might not have been there.

Jun 15


Eh, none of this is really true. I do agree there is too much emphasis on stealth when most of it should now be on drones and the like, but rarely do adversaries have the latest equipment in all the right places, either. And stealth isn’t all or nothing — it’s a spectrum.

If it takes 10 seconds longer to get a missile lock, that’s 10 seconds more for you to get away. This is another clueless take by someone who knows little to nothing.

Jun 15


Hmm. What happened to the (always dubious) lib certitude that lockdowns lead to increased economic growth. Wait, that wasn’t true? But they had charts, charts I tell you!

Jun 15


The “whiny Fox News aggrieved white man NIMBY voice” is really annoying, but then again so is the liberal “I’m smarter than you and listen to this 30 minute lecture” NPR voice. Both make my skin crawl.