Dec 06

Cinema Spice

Agog that you’d presume to allow such proletarian simplisms to pass your lips.

As for me, last evening, I beheld le cinéma.

Dec 06

Sampling Like Run DMC

There’s not much math directly involved, but yes this is what it means, mostly. There are many programs running on a modern PC. Note that in the next phase of this post, I am simplifying greatly, and not using proper industry terms to make this more comprehensible. That said, programs operate in “time slices” that they request from the CPU (remember, eliding a lot here!*) The CPU has a clock speed, say 2.5Ghz. That means each second, it can do 2.5 billion things.**

There is no way to represent the complexity of what the CPU might be doing here in the task manager, or anywhere else. It simply occurs too quickly for human comprehension. Even 1/1000 as fast as modern computers operate would be too rapid.

In the task manager, and anywhere else, all that you see is sampled and “smudged,” meaning that some important events (like CPU spiking) that might happen for a few milliseconds show up for longer than that in the task manager so they can actually be visible. There’s more going on than this, too, but it’s all a hack to make the opaque and incomprehensible transparent and understandable. The amazing part is that it works well enough to be usable given the disparity between human and computer speed.

*This is not how a computer actually works. There are at least three layers between what I am saying here.

**A very, very extreme simplification in at least six different ways.

Dec 06

Propped Open

I thought this bit of “open borders” propaganda was probably wrong, and meant to research it, but never got around to it. Now I have my answer.

Dec 06

A Pose

“We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves.”

-Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Dec 06


To the people who prefer this to their taxes being slightly higher: what the fuck is wrong with ya’ll?

We have the worst possible system and so many people are eager to defend it.

Dec 06

Why Are You Hitting Yourself

This is a great thread. I run into similar problems fairly regularly.

I am constantly surprised by the preposterous efforts most people will undertake to avoid thinking even for a single second. I know, people attempt cognitive parsimony but in almost every case I’ve witnessed the effort expended not to think far exceeds that to attempt to cogitate. But no, they never, ever do.

It’s like watching a child that hurts itself to “get back” at you. It’s both a bit funny and more than a bit sad.

Dec 05


One of the most hilarious experiences I had as a kid when adults told me I was too young to understand something, and it was absurdly clear that they themselves had absolutely no understanding of it at all, but were just angry that I knew more than they did.

Dec 05

Triple Standards

See my post below for another way that gets weird. When someone acts like liberals don’t want them to act or look (like Grace in the Peloton ad), the libs claim the person is white.

When the person does behave how liberals think they should, like millionaire cop Kamala Harris, then she’s not white. They can magically transition from white to non-white in seconds (and back again) depending on how angry and/or pleased they make the “progressives” deciding all this.

Dec 05

White Out

According to modern progressives, all these people are white, because they all have straight hair and thus obviously embody whiteness: