Jun 23

Ivies of March

Yep. I’ve known Ivy League grads who couldn’t find their fucking Start menu in Windows…after using a computer for a decade or more, and who couldn’t figure out how to check the voicemail on their office phone. That’s, of course, after being shown how by members of my team a dozen plus times.

Jun 23

Prog Don’t Rock

Do progressives truly not realize that all relationships have power imbalances, that can have to do with age but not necessarily so? It’s not a very indicative indicator, in other words.

One of the very worst relationships I’ve ever seen was an older guy dating a younger woman. She treated him like garbage and controlled all his money. Let him do nothing. Fifteen year age gap and she was most definitely abusing him in every way possible. According to progressive orthodoxy, she was being “groomed” and “exploited,” but quite the opposite was actually happening. Not the only example I’ve seen of that, either!

And don’t get me started on the whole idea that dating outside your race is racism. Jesus fucking Christ that is fucking moronic.

Jun 23

Fire Sale

4 potential consequences of wearing masks.

This article is utter, utter bullshit. Does not match the science or at all, or even the precautionary principle. It is total and unrestricted garbage and those who wrote it should be fired.

This is a perfect example of fake quantification, misuse of science, and just unabated pure assclownery of the worst kind.

Jun 23


Jesus Christ, I am glad I figured out the below. That was puzzling me, and thus bothering me.

Now, I will go “groom” my seven-years-younger partner by giving her a nice kiss.

Jun 23

Let’s Prey On It

Things like this have started to convince me that “progressives” see pretty much all relationships as one of predator/prey:

If you examine all the “any age gap is evil” and “dating outside your race is racism” and such in that light, it starts to make more sense — and this predator/prey belief also matches up perfectly with the neoliberalistic mindset. Contextualized this way, applying as a lens this assumed adversarial nature of relationships, and the boring contract negotiation aspect that progressives seem to adore, it all begins to resolve into some sort of legible but fucked-up ideology.

When you apply this ideology, that every relationships is by nature adversarial, predator/prey, a contest to get the best de facto contract, the panic over someone not being exactly like someone else makes a whole lot more sense.

Progressive “morals” are some wacky bullshit.

Jun 22

Real #

This is about my guess, too. I thought 180,000 based on some numbers I was casually playing with. They did a real analysis, so 200,000 seems reasonable.

Jun 22

Hate All

Exactly. I’ll never endure much Internet hate because motherfuckers know for a fact that I will find them and be standing over their bed with a knife at 3AM, smiling.

This prevents a lot of that! And I have money. Hate all you want, IDGAF.