Mar 30


Where’s #metoo at now?

That’s what I thought. People scoffed when I said what #metoo was really about. But I was right.

Mar 30


You dad is right. If the economy doesn’t re-open by June-ish, we are well and totally fucked.

Mar 30


I predict that when things go back to relatively normal (assuming they do), there is going to be a HUGE pushback against remote work by MBAs and managers. They do not like it — at all. It doesn’t matter that it’s vastly more productive. MBAs are mostly extroverts and like the power. As long as they control the workplace, it’ll never be widely allowed.

Mar 29

No Learning

The hidden (well, hidden to most) complexity is being brutally revealed. I wish I could say that people would learn some hard lessons out of all this, but they won’t. Mostly, they don’t learn. Just new people take their place over time.

Mar 29


Another of the few people who understands what is happening. How and why do most people think so linearly? It’s hard for me to do so at this point. I guess I have just trained myself that linear thinking is almost never useful outside of a classroom toy problem, though it is far easier. And of course it’s what is taught in school so it’s all the “educated” can handle.

If there were ever one case where that sort of reasoning is utterly useless, it’s right now.

You think you’re ready for what’s coming. But you’re not ready.

Mar 29

Not Progression

Yeah. What the fuck is up with that? Have seen many “progressives” claiming this. If the medical system lacks resources, triage choices will be made. Has nada to do with eugenics. That is fucking utterly moronic.

Ideologies dying all around us, too.

Mar 29


Naomi Wu bringing the heat. I see why people hate her; she’s a lot like me.

Mar 29

Not the Great Depression

In about three months or so if we don’t restart the economy, very bad things will happen. People are making analogies to the Great Depression but that’s not likely or valid; far more probable is that it’ll look like what happened to Russia in the 1990s and early 2000s. Russia had somewhere in the neighborhood of two million excess deaths as a result.

The resulting economic fall here will be far worse, and the sociological resiliency to handle it is also just not present. I’d say the excess deaths therefore will be minimum 20 million, and possibly as high as 40 million.

If you think this is sensationalism and idle speculation on my part, just wait. I’ll be right and you’ll be wrong. Though it won’t matter much. I’d rather be wrong.