Feb 16


Maybe there is a scam I’d fall for. Probably involving pizza. But that the woman below fell for that is fucking ludicrous. There is so much clown-level shit that the government never does, that never, ever happens, that should’ve been completely obviously wrong — and she went right along with it. Can people not think? Can people not consider for once second how ridiculous what scammers are asking sounds?

How can she be a financial journalist and fall for this? And how can she not know how investigations are conducted, how police and federal agents actually contact you (hint: you’re never told you’re being investigated; they just show up and arrest or serve your ass), or that no one from the government asks you for fucking money, especially in cash or gift cards?

That scam has so many red flags it looks like a mayday parade in China. It boggles the mind how little people think.

Feb 15

Wrong Way

Men, what is it that women seem to get wrong about you?

They think I lack confidence because I am quiet. However, I’m absurdly confident. Some even say arrogant. But I’d disagree with that assessment, because I say what I’m gonna do and then I do it. It’s not arrogant if you can actually do the thing. In my book, at least.

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, being quiet does not mean lack of mettle. In fact, most (but not all) of the loud, demonstrative, noisy dudes act that way to conceal their insecurities and fears. I simply do not have those so I do not need to do any of that extraneous crap. The extroverts make a lot of noise but do very little.

Women far more than men seem to think, “He’s aggressive, violent, and noisy, so confident!” When in reality, the opposite is usually true. Men know this but women are fooled by this display. I wonder why?

Feb 15


What event in your life still fucks with you to this day?

This is more general than the OP is looking for, but I still resent that even when they had money or that someone else would pay for it, my parents wouldn’t support or pay for anything I wanted to do if they weren’t also interested in it or thought I shouldn’t be into it. They didn’t give a whit what I was drawn to or cared about — or in the case of my dad, he hated it if he thought what I liked was unmanly and/or stupid.

Growing up in rural North Florida makes you stunted in many ways that you don’t realize until you get out in the world.

Feb 14


Men who don’t approach women, why?

I’m not at this stage of my life anymore thank fucking god, but I would not approach women because many of them go nuclear on your even if you’re nice and courteous, and make sure you, your friends, your friends’ friends, your neighbors and even your fucking cat know what a scumbag creep you are for daring to talk to someone.

Of course, if she finds you attractive it’s all good. But you can never know in advance since women are so passive in this area and give “hints” that no one but fucking Nostradamus could hope to decipher.

No, I’m not bitter…. 😉

Feb 14


What’s a ‘background’ sound from your childhood home that you didn’t realize you missed until you moved out?

I lived on the Santa Fe River in North Florida for a while as a kid. Mullet and sturgeon frequently do epic leaps out of the water there and make quite a splash. I got used to hearing that sound every so often. When I moved into town from living on the river, I really missed hearing the fish jump. To this day, that sound reminds me of happy times from my childhood of being on the river, fishing and exploring.

Feb 14


American Counterculture, Glimpsed Through Zines.

The zine I wrote in high school was called Yo’ Mama, followed by a short-lived one called toolshed. Yo’ Mama was an offensive humor zine that nearly got me expelled from school and toolshed was literary. No one read that one. Not really a market for it in rural North Florida.

Yo’ Mama actually broke even financially but I stopped publishing toolshed because I could not afford it.