Sep 12


This is somethng I was very wrong about: years ago I thought that once climate change really started fucking places up, as it’s doing now, people would grasp its reality and change their minds and their behaviors.

I was utterly delusional. That’s not what people will do. What they will in fact do is to look for someone else on which to pin blame, still downplay the actuality and effects of climate change, and then live in denial until they die. This is the reality. They’d willingly sacrifice themselves and their own children rather than recognize any reality.

I hope evolution does better on the next round than this whole Homo sapiens thing. Total failure there.

Sep 11


There are sorts of freedom we don’t even have words for because of the collapse of all conceptions of freedom into the rubric of atomized individualism over the past 500 years.

Viewed this way (which is the most accurate), the anti-masker and the (pseudo)liberal fetishism of never going outside and mask-wearing even in environments where it makes no sense are all parts of the same corrupted whole, designed to obfuscate and obliterate the possibility of greater freedoms beyond.

The serpent feeds on itself in a room filled with sustenance, while denying its presence.

Sep 11

Amity No

On the one hand, I don’t like most dumb people. On the other hand, I don’t like most smart people.

Oh, wait, I am am a misanthrope. So that makes total sense.

Sep 11

Amp and Ren

Exactly. Climate change will be much like the pandemic — it will cause overlapping disasters that reinforce and amplify one another

The whole time, goofuses and dipshits will be saying, “No one could have known!”

Sep 11


To come back to this, it is very interesting to me how quickly so much is forgotten, then becomes “conspiracy theory.” In such an environment breeds monstrosities like QAnon.

Zeynep as usual is right. In February as my partner and I were stocking up our larder to prepare for what we knew was coming, we were being told by nearly all media sources that masks were superstition, that social distancing was racist, that the flu was far worse, and there was nothing to worry about.

People are forgetting all that now — many of them because they have no wish to examine how very wrong they were and why. As usual, we will learn nothing.

Sep 11

Listen Here

I remember. Most of you were wrong. Zeynep was right. I was right. Proof is on my fucking blog.

So nah.

Sep 11


To all you mooks who think Biden is going to in any way solve any of the current problems all I have is…lol.

Sep 11

What We Do

It’s failed states all the way down.

Why Rose Jusino is thinking of joining the military is exactly why I did, though her situation is far worse than mine was.

Sep 11

Hello Helo

I’ve seen army helo pilots do some amazing flying. I am not surprised at all. They practice difficult flying all the time in a way civilian pilots rarely get the chance to do, and many have seen actual combat. I used to love when I’d get to do a ridealong on helicopter missions in the army. So much fun.

When I was in, I also got to meet the very first woman Apache pilot. Wow, she was a cool lady. Glad I got to watch her fly.