May 10

Timing Problem

“You can’t time the market.”

Tell that to all the money I’ve made in the past couple of months. You can’t time the market. I can. I did.

May 10

Timed Phenom

And it doesn’t get any better. There are loads of people who can solve the equations for physical phenomena but have no real understanding of how any of it actually works. A former close friend of mine was this way. He could solve very complex equations about all sorts of things but had no ability at all to reason about any of it outside this framework. He looked like a genius inside this arena, but outside of it he was pretty much a dunce.

This is typical, I’ve found.

May 10

Real Resist

I think this is, largely, correct. The elites on both sides want this. The progressives desire a future like this because they are moving to ecofascism (live in the pod, eat bugs, don’t travel or go outside). The conservatives desire it as just a natural part of their ideology.

Who and what will resist?

May 10


Look at that goofus at the upper left walking around with a fake AT4. I’ve held but never fired a real AT4, more than this dippy cosplayer has ever done. And that’s all this is: cosplay. Else, why lug around a fake AT4?

However, the gun on his right hip is a very real one. It’s a Smith and Wesson Model 29 with an 8¾ inch barrel. Very accurate pistol. I’ve fired one — my dad’s. I could hit a gnat at 50 feet with that puppy.

Ugh. These people blend the worst of insecure, performative masculinity and cosplay. They are such banal evil that you just feel embarrassed for them.

May 10

False Di

The false choice, the false dichotomy, is used so often because it really works. I use it all the time to get my way because it’s so very effective.

May 09

Just Coy

It is kinda funny after years of libs telling sad and admittedly pitiful lonely men that no one “needs” social contact, love or sex, that these same libs are going nuts after being at home for only a few months.

The universe is rarely just, but it’s sometimes a good jokester.

May 09

Hunt It

Betty Gilpin in The Hunt. Do recommend. Movie is mostly crap, but Gilpin is all awesome.

This is only about the third-best scene in the film with her in it, but oh lord her facial expressions, her deliberation, her certitude, and the sheer physicality of it:

That’s after she realizes the dude driving the car has tricked her, betrayed her, and is taking her to be killed. Great.

May 09


That’s a really good question. I have mixed feelings about it. Women underestimate hugely the time and effort most men put into this task, and how much women force them to do to this to be considered, so I think most women will be against this.

Part of it is that liberals believe that “sex and a relationship is voluntary” or some such shit, which it is only in the most narrow and scientific of senses (in a way inapplicable to the real world). Think about it this way: general social connection is also voluntary, but most liberals believe (correctly) that solitary confinement is torture. Togetherness, sex or its lack is for most people extremely similar to solitary confinement. Thus, it is in fact torturous.

Why libs deny this I have some ideas about, but it’s too long to explore in this post. As to the original question I do think that mating/courtship is unpaid labor that mostly falls onto men but that it’s not quite as socially necessary as what women do.

It’d be impossible to organize, but I think it’d be amusing if men just stopped doing that labor for a few years. You’d see a lot of very weird behavior from women as in this area I don’t think they realize how much entitlement and expectation they have.

Of course, if women stopped doing all their unpaid labor society would basically grind to a halt, and pretty quickly too, so that should give an estimate as to which is more important, ultimately.