Jul 30

13 Cars

I knew a guy in North Florida who stole 13 cars in a single month. Last I heard, he was in jail for a very long time.

Jul 30

Descent and Decline

Traveling to many other countries feels like jumping 50 years into the future when you come from the US. It’s kind of shocking how bad we’ve let everything get when you see how it could be.

Jul 30

Large States

Most high blood pressure in children and teenagers is linked with unhealthy lifestyle.

One of the main reasons I absolutely loathe the Fat Acceptance movement is this. I saw a family today when we were out where every single member was fat. The adults, I couldn’t care less. But I felt really sad for the kids who had this inflicted on them with no choice in the matter. They’re fucked for life now because they grew up in such a household.

The Fat Acceptance movement needs to be destroyed. It is a terrorist organization.

Jul 30

Code Snitch

Very common tactic, not just against Black people, but any poor people in general.

Jul 30


I Miss The Programmable Web.

Security policies have essentially killed the user script and bookmarklet ecosystem. Most of the scripts you can find on the remaining sites like Greasy Fork only provide minor improvements.

FUCK YES. This was supposedly done for “security,” but really it was for ease of conning, snookering, and scamming the rubes. It’s all lies that these capabilities were removed to make things more secure. Well, true in a way, I guess: they were rooted out to make corporations and their scams more secure from you.

I was saddened by how even very many “smart” people bought into these obvious perfidies. Hell, the post to which I linked even buys into it even though it’s easily disproven.

Jul 29

Boomer Doomer

Yeah, funny how that worked out, huh?