Jan 07

Getting Jumpy With It

I and a bunch of other folks that I jumped with once held the world record for the longest non-stop airborne operation in history. Nineteen hours in the air, 6,320 miles, two or three mid-air refuelings (I forgot how many), then the jump — from NC to Tashkent, Kazakhstan.

For all I know the world record still stands. Can’t find anything to confirm one way or another. That was one hell of a fucking jump, though.

Jan 07

Trudeau x 10

Most dril tweets don’t make me laugh but that one very much did. True Jack Handey-esque absurdism in compact form.

Jan 07

No Range

I won’t single anyone out (this time), but browsing Twitter you truly realize how absurdly stupid most people are outside of the one specific area they went to college to study.

Jan 07


It’s amazing how just a few more inches of muscle makes you look more imposing.

A woman I work with said she glanced across the parking lot this morning as I was walking in (I park far away) and thought, “Huh, who is that bruiser walking across the parking lot?” And then she realized it was me.

Ha. Absolutely no one would’ve described me as a “bruiser” a year ago. I don’t really think it’s that accurate, because I think a bruiser really needs to be over 200 pounds, but I sure am a lot different than I was then.

Jan 06

Cost Accounting

With the war in Iran looming, remember that what it’ll cost could’ve paid for Medicare for All four times over, and a complete conversion to renewable energy for the entire US — as well as free college for everyone.


Jan 06

Fight Throng

And we should send all those people to fight in Iran. Problem solved.