Ex Spurts

This is great example of why you absolutely cannot trust experts.

This guy is using his expertise to obfuscate and to walk right up to the line of prevarication without quite crossing it. He claims the automated Boeing MCAS system just modifies pitch trim. But this if the system is working as expected (no sensor failure). This is where the dissimulating begins and it doesn’t stop there.

The point about “triply redundant” is another attempt (in an article full of examples) to use expertise to mislead. The system is not triply redundant as most would define that. It can behave unpredictably with only one sensor failure. Even Boeing has acknowledged this fact, and that pilots were not trained on the new system behavior.

I suspect this article was sponsored by Boeing. A long-time airline and aircraft manufacturer strategy has been to blame pilots for system failures. I said when the Lion Air 737 MAX 8 crashed that is what would happen, and here you can see it. Even if the article wasn’t directly sponsored by some Boeing entity, you can bet this dude is expecting (and will get) some sort of quid pro quo for this attempt to resuscitate the image of a badly-designed and dangerous system.

This is why I 100% do not trust experts.