Not me

This is why I don’t really classify myself as a liberal.

I can’t even conceive of the mental self-deception and pusillanimousness necessary to write a piece of tripe like that.

I’m a firm believer that one cannot voluntarily make one’s self a slave, that no matter if one “consents” to oppression, that it is still oppression and should be treated as such.

Islam does not exist as a structure and practice that oppresses women? It takes some really fantastically stupid mental ju jitsu to get to the point of saying something like that. It reminds me of Margaret Thatcher claiming that “There is no such thing as society.”

One doesn’t need to be Muslim, Iranian or a woman to state unequivocally that a system that arrests a woman for showing her wrists is oppressive and horrifying.

The ridiculous extremes that many liberals go to avoid offending anyone, ever, boggles my mind.

I can never be part of any group of people that stands so weakly for so little.