You can tell from things like this how weird the world has become, and how captured by the algorithm and neoliberal pre-pod tendencies people have gotten.

It used to be not uncommon at all to be friends with people with very diverse jobs. My dad was barely social and he had friends in the 1980s who were: a schoolteacher, a doctor, a plumber, a tree trimmer, a natural gas delivery driver — and others that I am forgetting now.

This was a very, very common thing before the world got so stratified and algorithm-ized.

What strikes people as highly unusual and well-nigh impossible now was not very long ago just the way things used to be. In the contemporary environment, though, where you can’t fight the neoliberal algorithm and social class defines all, to many people having friends outside of work is literally unimaginable.

It has been strange indeed to watch this transition, and furthermore to watch people forget how the world once was (Janie herself is too young to remember this).