Pills and Potions

I usually like Ed’s writing, but this is fucking moronic.

It doesn’t take a grand conspiracy like this to murder Epstein, and this is never, ever, how these things work. Fucking christ, what a grave misunderstanding of how these events play out. Some commenter hinted at it, but here’s all it takes to off someone like Epstein.

First of all, it’s not clear he even hanged himself. More likely (as a commenter mentioned), someone slipped him a bunch of pills that would “help him” for his “mental state” (hint, hint) and he decided that it was his best option and took them. And died. Still not suicide in the traditional sense, but deniable, and takes only one or at most two people looking the other way accidentally or on purpose.

Shocking that people can be so painfully, pitifully naive.

There was no grand conspiracy in the sense that Ed implies must’ve occurred, but rather a few oblique suggestions on the phone from someone with power and money (or several someones), never mentioning Epstein by name, a few favors called in, and the pills appear at the right place at the right time.

How can you be so fucking clueless? Just how?