Before the horrible treatment of Sarah Kendzior, I’d discussed with my partner the fact that the left had nearly as much sexism inherent in it as the right, even if were often expressed differently and more subtly.

Then they went and unfortunately proved my point for me.

The fact is, so-called radicals and progressives are no less likely than others to use rape threats and other threats of violence to police, discipline, and silence women who write political commentary in the public sphere, especially if they depart from “approved” ideological party lines. 

The threats come about of course because Kendzior is adept at fighting hard against existing power structures rather than attempting to accommodate them as most of the left does. She is attacked because she is powerful and persuasive, and her gender is seen as a way for those with patriarchal power to seize the initiative back from someone who is making them all look like irresolute fools.