I’m really glad my partner has a huge brain and thinks a lot. She’s smarter than me in many if not most areas. I’m also glad all my female friends think very big thoughts and in some areas in particular are very much smarter than I am. Because here’s the thing. I have trouble hanging around people who are roundly dumber than I am. It’s a flaw, perhaps. It’s something I haven’t been able to overcome, though.

But I love it when I’m struggling with some complex script and my partner comes over and punches it up and makes it work right in about 30 seconds. Shit, that saved me a load of time.

And I love it when my friend who is a scientist tells me something about science or her work that I didn’t know before.

I’m not intimidated by my brainy parter or my brilliant female friends. I’m inspired by them. My own thinking is amplified and propelled by them. I’d be far worse off without them.

Why are so many men so weak?